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Review #1, by DemetersChild Teenage Dirtbag

7th June 2010:
I liked it! It made me giggle quite a few times, and generally just put a happy feeling in my heart.

Though, it looks like you posted up the revised version with your beta's notes? Because there are several places where it has one word/tense and then in parenthesis it has another.

In any case, I love this song. I'm about to write my own fanfic with it, using Lily and Snape, though. So we'll see how that turns out.

Yours Magically,


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Review #2, by mrssarahblack Teenage Dirtbag

20th November 2008:

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Review #3, by ilovesirius Teenage Dirtbag

22nd April 2008:
did sirius tell his cousin he loved her?

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Review #4, by gizmo_potter_weasley Teenage Dirtbag

6th November 2007:
good story and great song...uh did you know you mispelled evans toward the end of the story? just a little fyi for ya

Author's Response: thank you :]

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Review #5, by phoenixmember Teenage Dirtbag

25th October 2007:
i love this song...i also think your story is very cute!!

Author's Response: thank you :]

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Review #6, by eclipse Teenage Dirtbag

23rd October 2007:
In the last few sentences( is that how you spell it ) you spelled Evans wrong and in the books James is really confident about himself so I don't think he saw himself as a teenage dirtbag. Over all I didn't like the story so much, but maybe someone else thinks different.

Author's Response: Yea i didn't like the story that much either it was so unJames like, but i love the song and had to make a story about it. My other stories will be better and be more along the lines of the real story.

thanks for your comment :]

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