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Review #1, by Yvonne Last Kiss

15th August 2011:
I havn't read this story in years and as i read it now, I still get choked up with emotion. Absolutely brilliant.

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Review #2, by Lee Cassidy Last Kiss

10th April 2011:
Brilliant ending! Wow, truly this was a fantastic piece, you kept it perfectly vague but with enough detail that I was so invested in it! Lovely work.

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Review #3, by wicKeDwitch1316 Last Kiss

14th December 2008:
Wow, this was like my hundredth time reading it and it still made me cry! Absolutely beautiful :)

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Review #4, by rosie_sirius93 Last Kiss

11th December 2008:
I absolutely loved it!!
I think I got the ending...she married Sirius right? And James was her 'friend' that didn't get the last kiss...
It was such a sweet story!

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Review #5, by brokenheart Last Kiss

1st June 2008:
Everytime I read this italways makes me cry


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Review #6, by SBSL Last Kiss

30th April 2008:
Whoa, that was James? I thought... but what? I think I got the ending, but. Sirius ended up getting Lily in the end? I really liked this story, and the way you never actually used a name was brilliant! Amazing job.

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Review #7, by gredandforge4ever Last Kiss

27th April 2008:
i really liked it but i was a little confused. did lily end up with james or sirius? i thought it was obvious it was james until the end when it said that "he pushed his glasses a little further up on his nose." and sirius doesn't have glasses. so who did she end up with?

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Review #8, by kirstie Last Kiss

13th April 2008:
omg omg omg. im still shocked, fglwfuly

i thought sirs was the best friend. it made more sense, i swabbed back and forth between the two but i made it sirius when lily was getting married, and had a baby. omg

it was a lovely story. very well written and im an still so "ahhh"



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Review #9, by GryffindorGirl29 Last Kiss

30th December 2007:
Oh, I think I get it. She ended up with Sirius, not James. And in the end she died with Sirius and James was left to look after Harry. I thought it was the other way around until you went with the 'And he pushed his glasses a little further upon his nose.'

Sorry I wasn't the first to review, I've been having a bit of computer trouble lately and it's still not fixed.

It was a great story, I think you captured James' feelings quite well, but I would have liked to hear a little more from Lily.


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Review #10, by anonymous Last Kiss

23rd December 2007:
wow. how sad?? i loved it- thank you for realizing sirius is a good guy too- him and lily would have made a great couple, just not the right one!

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Review #11, by severus_lover Last Kiss

11th December 2007:
WHOA!!! WTH? OMG ndkjsjhlsujlkjdsdjioujshkjhlksdlkjds.thats all i can say.i think i gasped so hard my mom might think im goin crazy. I SO WASNT EXPECTING THAT!!! that was brilliant and amazing. i am in some serious shock...WHAT...WHO...WHERE...WHEN man...i dont even know what to mind is blown. I noticed that you didnt call any names but i didnt pay it too much attention.when i saw that last sentece.i think my heart missed a beat and even at the end you still didnt call any names wow 10/10 all the way o_O im so sorry i could gush about this all night. Thank you for that Straight. to my favrites ye be headin

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Review #12, by RoseInWinter Last Kiss

11th December 2007:
Awww...I loved this! I was a little confused at first, but I got it. :D I love Sirius and Lily stories.

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Review #13, by GeorginaLily Last Kiss

18th November 2007:
Wow! omg! the story's brilliant, i simply love it...but who would've thought that the story ended this way...poor james. at first, before i read the part about the glasses, i really thought sirius was in love with lily but she married james, but what a twist! but i really feel so sorry for james...i have tears in my eyes now. you did a great job in writing, you know, so keep it up!

Author's Response: Hey, thanks so much for taking the time to review! I'm glad that you liked the story and that it had you confused for a while- that was the point. Yeah, I feel sad for James too, he's such a sweetheart! Poor James, indeed. I'm happy that I moved you and thanks so much for the compliments!

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Review #14, by maurdersdaughter Last Kiss

8th November 2007:
i got it. um. wow. really unexpected. ya, still in shock...

Author's Response: lol. The review amuses me. Really glad you understood, because I've been having a lot of confusion! Also, that's the best part (not seeing it coming) because it hits you like a train and has the same impact! lol, hope you get over the shock and thanks for reviewing!

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Review #15, by goblinzRfriendz Last Kiss

6th November 2007:
ok this was really good- but who was it? I'm guessing everyone thought it was Sirius in love with Lily, who married James. but then you threw in glassess. so if you could, write back and let me know cause i'll go crazy if i don't. but my guess id James is in love with Lily, who married Sirius, but that doesn't follow the books. so please, help a girl out.
- Katie

Author's Response: First off, I'm sorry it took me so long to reply! It's nice to know that you thought it was really good! Yeah, your guess was right! It was James who was in love with Lily who married Sirius. It doesn't follow the books, because it's AU. Thanks so much for reviewing, and I hope I cleared that up!

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Review #16, by Missy Last Kiss

28th October 2007:
No lying I am literally in tears right now and I dont think they will stop for a while. 10/10

Author's Response: I didn't mean for you to cry! Was it really that profound? Or sad? Whoa. I'm sorry I made you cry, but thanks for the 10 and for the review!

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Review #17, by glacialangel Last Kiss

28th October 2007:
WOW!!! I did not expect that at all! Utterly brillant. Seriously. My goodness. I'm in complete shock! At first I could have sworn it was Sirius that wanted Lily but jeez. I didn't expect it to be James that didn't get the girl. The story was very realistic. One of the most realistic ones I've read on the site. Beautifully written and definetly original. I still can't get over that ending! Definetely one of my favorites.

Author's Response: WHOA! You just inflated my ego a million times! I mean, I liked it, but I didnt think anyone would be so nice to me about it! Shocker, huh? I'm glad, that was the point. Thank you so much for complimenting my writing and telling me it was original. lol. And for declaring it one of your favourites. And for reviewing! Lol.

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Review #18, by TwoFighter Last Kiss

27th October 2007:
HAHA, I think I'm one of the first persons who thought from the beginning it was James! I don't know why but I was convinced that the best friend was James from the moment I read it. And then the son was born and he looked exactly like his father and Lily died, and then you got me confused!! lol. But then you mention the glasses and I was like: YEAH!! Told you it was James!! =D

Author's Response: I was waiting for someone like you! I knew as soon as I put the category as AU someone would figure it out from the beginning! Especially considering how I'm pretty sure that no matter how hard I tried, James' personality shone through! Glad I had you confused for a moment there! Thanks so much for reviewing and making my day!

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Review #19, by anonyMOOSE Last Kiss

25th October 2007:
Was James the "unrequited love" best friend while Sirius is the guy Lily marries? that was just slightly confusing. the "last kiss" scene{s} were really touching- it almost made me want to cry! The whole story was original and fantastic, I have never read any story like this one. I apperciated how you spent time capturing all the emotions and thoughts that occured. This is an extraordinary piece of writing! Fantastic!

Author's Response: Yeah, you got that right. It was confusing, lol, that was the point and I'm glad I managed to get it across. I'm glad you found those scenes touching, and I hope I didn't really make you cry. It's heart warming to hear that the story was original, that's what every author wants to hear! And I'm ecstatic that you thought that the writing was good! Thanks so much for leaving me a review!

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Review #20, by Slywolf9 Last Kiss

24th October 2007:
Ohmigosh. That was sad sad sadness to no end. Haha, see, this whole time I'd been envisioning the guy as Sirius, then you go and throw that at me, huh? Ho ho, you are a good one! IT WAS BRILLIANT! Honestly, I'm just.flabberghasted! Hahaha. I honestly thought it was brilliant, and ever so glad that you let me indulge in my little Sirius/Lily fantas,y, before I realized it was JAmes. Haha. Hm. Wonderful work here, I give you a

Author's Response: lol, you left my hanging! What did you give me? So you're a Sirius/Lily shipper? This entire story just proved me to be the opposite! I don't mind S/L though as long as she ends up with James in the end, but my story doesn't show that does it? Anyway, enough blabbing, I'm glad I had you fooled, because I spent so much time making sure there was no hint to the fact that it was James. I'm really happy you thought it was brilliant and thanks for reviewing!

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Review #21, by MagicalMiss Last Kiss

23rd October 2007:
oh my - what do i think? well, for one i am speechless as my mind tries to wrap itself around this little universe you have created... wow. so confusing, so brilliantly written. sweet, aw! ... can we have more?

Author's Response: This is so heartfelt. Thank you SO much! I can't believe that I can write well enough to render you speechless. The universe is a little complicated, lol. I'm really, really happy that you liked it and thought it was sweet. I don't think I can ever find it in myself to write a sequel, it's a one time thing. Maybe, it inspiration strikes. Thank you so much for leaving this review, it really made my day!

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Review #22, by padfootismygod15 Last Kiss

23rd October 2007:
i loved it... but am so confused! it was james she married right?

Author's Response: lol. so many reviews for my baby. It wasn't James she married, it was Sirius. The story was from James' point of view. Hope that cleared things up! I'm really glad you loved it and thanks for reviewing!

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Review #23, by JamesBlackPower Last Kiss

22nd October 2007:
This story was so good! I was so sure it was Sirius the whole time and then it turns out that James! OMG! IT was so freakin' good! 10/10 Great JOB!

Author's Response: AHA! Yes, someone I had fooled! lol. It was meant to be that way and I'm so glad that you liked it! I'm glad you thought it was worth a ten. And thanks for understanding! Oh, and for reviewing too. lol.

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Review #24, by hp_rocks Last Kiss

22nd October 2007:
I think i got it. It kinda shocked me, cuz i thought it was Sirius was the best friend, but it was James. wasnt it? and it was sirius that lily married. right? that sounds right, based on the story, but i'm not sure. it was really good though! 10/10!!!

Author's Response: That's exactly right! I'm glad you were shocked but not overly confused. Thanks for reading and reviewing and understanding!

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Review #25, by hazellily Last Kiss

22nd October 2007:
ok so is the husband Sirius? or james? i am so confused but i like the story given how you said glasses i am assuming that james is the one who was in love with her right!

Author's Response: The husband was Sirius, and yeah, because of the glasses thing, James was the one in unrequited love with her. lol. Got that right. You're meant to be confused, so I'm very happy. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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