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Review #1, by Happy Rotter Dudley's Worst Memory

25th January 2008:
that is so awesome!


Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing ^^

It's great to hear you found it amusing ;)

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Review #2, by dedalus Dudley's Worst Memory

24th January 2008:
its so short and sucky. bad explanation of the worst day ever.

Author's Response: My dearest 'dedalus', I'm dissapointed with you, you calling that a flame? honestly now, that is so sad I'm laughing more than feeling the warming heat of your haterd.

If you are going to flame someone, at least do it properly, this is just pathetic. I mean I could write worse flames to myself without even trying. In fact I think my neighbours dog could write worse flames...Seriously, pick up your game, now you just get laughed at..

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Review #3, by alexourHERO Dudley's Worst Memory

24th January 2008:
Wow. That was just weird. I have nothing really to say because that was so weird. Was there supposed to be a real point to this story? Because i didnt get it. I gained nothing from reading this. Did Dudley have only ONE leg? Seriously? Come on dude! WHY WHY WHY WHY...CRAP STORY!

Author's Response: Ah my dear alexourHERO, I assume you haven't read much humour fics before? Because if you had you'd notice that sometimes fic's only point is to be funny and perhaps a little weird.

Thanks for commenting though, I've always thought that the sign of a good writer is the fact that flamers bother to target them. So thanks for the compliment and laugh for the day, I really needed it xD

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Review #4, by Golden Snitch Dudley's Worst Memory

24th January 2008:
Is there more to this? It is quite funny.

Author's Response: *laughs* thanks for reading and reviewing!

Currently I haven't planned more of the adventures of Little Dudders, but if the inspiration strikes I might as well write some more *grins* Glad to hear you found it funny ^^

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Review #5, by dancer Dudley's Worst Memory

18th December 2007:
too cute for words---here I was expecting something dark and horrible real nightmare stuff --and then I realized at the end that it would be traumatic in the extreme for "Dudders" not to get all the eclairsd, cream puffsd etc that his fat little hands could grab. Wonderful story. I really needed a laugh

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing!

I had quite a bit of fun while writing this; especially the contrast between the 'prologue' and the actual memory amused me.

Your review really touched me for some reason, being able to provide others with laughter when they needed it is something to aim for.

Thank you again for reading and reviewing.

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Review #6, by GoCalgaryFlamesGo Dudley's Worst Memory

30th November 2007:
D, I love it. It's so believably Duddley. And highly funny in a way that probably suggests that I'm a cruel, twisted person who delights in the suffering of small children.

I loved how easily you seemed to get into the head of a four year old Duddley - I really felt as if I was him, walking (tearing off) around the mall.

Favorite line: even better he knew Harry wouldn’t! In his four-year-old mind nothing was better than knowing he was special and Harry wasn’t. I love the already formed amnosity between the two :)

Great work D, this is awesome :) 100/10

Author's Response: Arya, my dear, thanks for reviewing for my dear Dudders*grins*

About how easily I got into his head...would that suggest that I was as horrible brat as a kid too? Or maybe I've been just spending too much time in stores watching how monster children boss their parents around *shiver* Tis a mystery we might never find out *snicker*

Your fav line is actually also my fav line. Something about it just screams Dudley so much I'm at awe that it has come out of my brain O.o

Thanks again Arya *glomp*

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Review #7, by lilyevans12 Dudley's Worst Memory

13th November 2007:

Author's Response: Thanks ;)

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Review #8, by AndrinaBlack Dudley's Worst Memory

25th October 2007:
Oh I really felt for Dudley in the end. :) I mean, that would be hard for any little kid, to wait for something and then not get it in the end. Though I'm not sure if that would have been that traumatising for Dudley, since his mum might have given him something good anyway after some whining. On the other hand, after a brief glimpse that might have looked so heavenly to him that nothing else, even if it was of the same kinds cakes and stuff, would seem as good.

I liked how you had him think about and having nightmares of those two events many years later. It was a really good beginning. Then you built it all up nicely as an ordinary day with all Dudley's habits and funny thoughts. Somehow however the whole shopping centre seemed more wonderful to me than the table with the sweets. You passed over it a bit quickly without letting Dudley really revel in the gloriousness of it. Though maybe the thing that he didn't get to see it too long before his mother called made him see it as something even better than it seemed.

Am I just contradicting myself all the time? :P Anyway, this was a delightful read as a whole and I like especially the imagery you use! As you have started writing Dudley now I might bug you to write another dudley story some time :P I've been wanting someone to write about his days in excile during DH. Please! *big puppy eyes*

Author's Response: First of all, I'm SO sorry it has taken me ages to respond to your lovely review Drina :( And secondly, thank you so much for taking the time to read and review this little piece ^^

It's great to hear you liked the build up for the story; I think it has been one of my better ideas of late *grins* And after re-reading this piece I truly agree with you that the mall scene should be longer I was rushing through it to get to the 'grande finale' :P

Another Dudders story, eh? *looks thoughtful* I might go for it depending what kind of ideas I'll get, but I think there's definitely something in there ;)

Thanks again Drina *hugs*

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Review #9, by Romina Stephanie Dudley's Worst Memory

23rd October 2007:
This must be the first time I read a one-shot, or a story actually, concentrating on Dudley. And I liked it. It flowed well, there were nice descriptions and you caught the scenery really well. Dudleys' portrayal as a four-year old was great; I liked the fact that he understood that he was going to get some presents. Such a spoiled baby-boy. As for the cream puff... Moahaha! Suit him right. It was just right for him to not get what he really wanted. Poor little boy. Note the sarcams. Well, I liked this one-shot. Everything from the portrayal to the length. Bra gjort! ;p

Author's Response: Hej Romina, och tack så mycket!

I'm very glad to hear you liked my Dudley story :P As a whole it was a pure experiment from my part, something light hearted to do...

I've never written anything from a child's perspective, so it's great to hear you found it convicing ;) as for the cream puff....what else might shatter Dudders' soul?

Thanks again for reading and reviewing!

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Review #10, by Hushabye_Mountain Dudley's Worst Memory

22nd October 2007:
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! If only reviews allowed sound, you'd hear me cracking up :D That was wonderful D! Haha, I loved that so much! Wasn't exactly what I had in mind when I set the challenge - it was far better :D

I did notice there were a few punctuation mistakes here and there though, just be careful of them :) Haha, I'm still chuckling here! It was wonderful D! Truly a masterpeice! I'm so glad you decided to enter this comp, the final result was incredible! At this rate you're coming first, depending on whether anyone else enters or not, you get to hold onto that position for a while longer hehe, 10/10, fav'd and added to my site - that was just far too good! :D Rock on D! Love, Kate xoxo

Author's Response: *beams*

Looks like I accomplished my mission right the way I wanted to *snicker*

The moment I read your challenge my mind just started working and this piece came together in less than an hour. So it's sufficent to say you inspired me to write this ;)

Thanks for pointing out the punctuation, it's my weakness...Need to find a good long time beta to fix all my booboos :P

aww, thanks for the vote of confidence...and even if I don't you can be sure I'll be coming to you to get a banner for this one ;)

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #11, by mraudbdyy Dudley's Worst Memory

22nd October 2007:


Nice work D. Excellent use of humour in this. Dudley was very in character - spoilt rotten and always making sure that he did better than Harry. And the nenish tarts, they made it in to the story! Woot! :P *loffs nenish tarts*

This one-shot had me in fits of giggles the whole way through. The writing style was excellent, very smooth and descriptive (especially the paragraph about the mountain pastries and cakes - I'm hungry now :P ).

My only question is, when Dudley was thinking about his hearty breakfast, he wasn't sure if it had been his mother or Harry who had made it. Harry? He was only four years old. I don't know of any four year olds who can cook bacon and eggs with sausages. :P

Just to be nitpicky, because I can't help myself. Ignoring the pleas of his mother he started marching with four-year-olds determination It sounds a little funny. Maybe: Ignoring the pleas of his mother he started marching with a four-year-old's determination

Great work D. Absolutely loved it. (And just for the record, this took me a grand total of 10mins - reading and reviewing - so I am getting faster! Just need to test out that form of yours now :P )

*hugs* Maddie

Author's Response: *snickers* Thanks for reading and reviewing, first of all :P

I'm very glad to hear you found this amusing, that was exactly what I was going for, humorous yet fully plausable Worst Memory for Dudley :P

and yeah I fully know what you are talking about with the 4-year-old Harry cooking breakfest...but let's just pretend it was old Dudley's brain fart until I get around to fix it :P

Also your suggestion to clarify the sentence there makes the perfect sense to me, thanks for pointing it out!

And you have indeed gotten supah! fast reviewer ;) Keep it up *snicker*

Thanks again!

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Review #12, by kyrandia Dudley's Worst Memory

22nd October 2007:

Author's Response: Thanks ;)

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Review #13, by Strangegirl6125 Dudley's Worst Memory

21st October 2007:
That would probably be Dudley's worst memory!
At first it sounds like something bad, but really it was because someone ate the last cream puff, LMAO!

Author's Response: Hehehe
I'm glad you find it amusing ;) Just felt really Dudley-ish horror, someone eating his food :P

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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