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Reading Reviews for The Whomping Willow
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Review #1, by AmyB11 Puffskein Boxers

29th July 2011:
sequel? PLEASE that would be amazing :D

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Review #2, by JessicamadeyeMoody A Rude Awakening

1st October 2010:
Found this and I like it so far. :)
Who do you have as Sirius in the banner? He's so cute :D

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you like it!!
Teddy Geiger is Sirius in the banner, I'm 99% sure.

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Review #3, by abby Go Away Sirius

10th July 2010:
Goofy is also the name of a dog in Disney, and Sirius is the dog-star so it was also clever in that way as well.

Author's Response: lol, i never even thought of that. you rock.

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Review #4, by Lizzie Puffskein Boxers

8th September 2009:
I LOVED it. I never would have thought to do teenage Sirius stories.usually people just do Harry/Ginny or Ron/Hermione. But, that was AWESOME-Sirius is my favorite. :)

Author's Response: Yay! Sirius is my favorite too. There's just something about him, and I love writing about it. Thanks a bunch for reviewing, I really appreciate it.

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Review #5, by Tonks21094 Puffskein Boxers

26th August 2009:
Inloved it! What's the sequel gonna be called? Have you started on it yet? Please?

Author's Response: Um, I really need to update that author's note. Sorry, but I don't think there's going to be a sequel.
Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by MiaMarauder Quidditch

23rd August 2009:
Omg i love how u made tonks fall on remus ahah nice one

Author's Response: I'm just happy you knew it was Tonks!
Thanks a bunch!

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Review #7, by Kt Puffskein Boxers

15th July 2009:
Very cute. Gotta love the main character. :D

Author's Response: Hah, thanks. You rock for reviewing!

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Review #8, by Glide_with_a_Glissade Not Dead

10th July 2009:
no worries, it's clear she is subconciously in love with sirius but is making herself like tim.
nice writing you've done it really well

Author's Response: Glad it is, thanks. And thanks a bunch for reviewing!

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Review #9, by groteskq_fatality Puffskein Boxers

5th July 2009:
lmao. that was really cute. twas nice and refreshing. short and sweet. :D

Author's Response: Thanks.
(short and sweet)

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Review #10, by Rubba_duckie Puffskein Boxers

6th June 2009:
ohh it was like a l/j but a s/oc thatas cute!!
and i totally liked the her talking to berself thing, i totally do that and the little voice thing!!

Author's Response: Well thank you very much!

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Review #11, by hermionieforever Puffskein Boxers

27th May 2009:
adorable ending!
i loved it!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! I was def. going for adorable.
Thanks for reviewing a bunch!

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Review #12, by hermionieforever Not Dead

27th May 2009:
amber so should have said yes to sirius but anyway great chapter

Author's Response: Well, yes, she should've, but then this story would've been a lot shorter. :)
Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #13, by hermionieforever Quidditch

27th May 2009:
wonderful chapter!
i loved the sudden appearance of tonks (answer to your question)

Author's Response: Teehee, thanks, Tonks rocks.
And wow, thanks for the high rating!

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Review #14, by LynnBlack123 Puffskein Boxers

8th May 2009:
i loved the ending. ur story is great! thank you for finishing it. i hate reading a story and then end up leaving it becz an author doesnt update. thanks a bunch

Author's Response: Well, I'm glad you loved it! And you're welcome, I know exactly what you mean about unfinished stories. They're the worst.
Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #15, by vampire girl 1944 Finally

13th April 2009:
hehehe peter landed on amber!! ahahahahahahahaha
great chapter!
i love this story!


Author's Response: Hah, glad you liked that bit.
And I'm glad you love my story!
Thanks a bunch for reviewing!

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Review #16, by whisky Puffskein Boxers

7th April 2009:
love the story it is a super ending!!!

Author's Response: Aw, thanks a bunch. And thanks for reviewing!

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Review #17, by whisky Hogsmeade

7th April 2009:
who says that to someone? plz can u stop kissing that is so rude!

Author's Response: Hannah the rude person, that's who! Teehee.

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Review #18, by whisky Finally

6th April 2009:
all i have to say that is by ur authors note u spelled scene like seen-wrong way darling!

Author's Response: Well thanks for telling me.

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Review #19, by whisky Dancing

5th April 2009:
i thought ya know that sirius would see her when she stripped

Author's Response: Yes, yes he did. Teehee. I was gonna write a one-shot, and it was a song-fic, and I that scene was written so the song-fic would make sense.

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Review #20, by sirius_is_gourgous Quidditch

3rd April 2009:
why?WHY? everysingle story i read someone has to get crashed in the head wirh a bludger!! so annoying!!! but, great story anyways

Author's Response: Um, because it's fun to have your main character go unconscious? Because injuries help save a plot?
Besides, bludgers rock!
And thank you!

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Review #21, by sirius_is_gourgous A Chat

3rd April 2009:
ok, i just want to say that in the chapter before this one, she didnt give a very good excuse for y she couldnt go out with him. it was kinda lame- i mean dont wry this is not a dream? so who cares if he ruined the moood it was a matter of opinion!!

Author's Response: Well, it was more than that. She had inner turmoil going on and such. But thanks for reviewing, and telling me that.

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Review #22, by whisky Examining Myself

3rd April 2009:
she brushed him off so fast i almost feel bad!! :-( emphasis on almost

Author's Response: Well her crazy mother was bellowing! Thanks for the review!

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Review #23, by whisky A Rude Awakening

3rd April 2009:
great beggining cant wait to read the rest

Author's Response: Thanks a bunch!

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Review #24, by harrypotterfreak1414 Examining Myself

26th March 2009:
I like this story so far:)

Author's Response: Oh, thank you very much!

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Review #25, by aidygiz Quidditch

26th January 2009:
zomg! was that Tonks? cute with the whole crashing into remus thing. GO GRYFFINDOR! no! not a cliff hanger1

Author's Response: Yeah, it was Tonks! I love her. Muwhahah, yes, a cliffie!
Thanks for reviewing! You rock!

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