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Review #1, by Rainpixie Chapter nine, embarrassing moments

28th May 2013:
I love the Remus/Tonks storey line! Tonks beeping flirty and Remus being uncomfortable and embarrassed I'd exactly how I would imagine the early stages when she fell for him. I love it

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Review #2, by Rainpixie Chapter Five, Round Two

28th May 2013:
I wish Remus wasn't so uptight! I hope he gets a chance to redeem himself in later chapters.

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Review #3, by Rainpixie Chapter Three, The Tasks

28th May 2013:
Haha those are some truly horrible and hilarious tasks! I'm so glad I stumbled on this story. Tonks/Lupin stories are my favorite. It seems Sirius is already playing a different kind of game on that front!

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Review #4, by Kaizoku Zuko Chapter Three, The Tasks

5th May 2013:
OMG the tasks!!! My mum came running up the stairs because she heard a thud and she found me literally rolling on the floor laughing.
Bill's #2 task for Sirius is what did me in. This is bloody brilliant! I can't wait to finish reading this!

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Review #5, by Ali4077 Chapter Three, The Tasks

6th November 2010:
These tasks are pure genius :) I love it. Good work.

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Review #6, by Molewhisperer Chapter 18, The Last Laugh

1st August 2010:
I loved it soo much!!! The characters were perfect and each chapter made me grin like a lunatic. The tasks were really creative and I loved the Remus/Tonks parts too

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Review #7, by jesadora Chapter 18, The Last Laugh

8th November 2009:
really good storyt, i laughed all the way through

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Review #8, by Melissa Chapter Three, The Tasks

23rd September 2009:
i love this story SO much its HILARIOUS! thank you so much for writing it.its the funniest one ive ever read,And ive read about a hundred stories.i just LOVE this story.Thanx 4 taking the time to write it!!!

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Review #9, by Pingg1088 Chapter Five, Round Two

4th September 2009:
Thats fantastic i was in hysterics!

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Review #10, by chanelno9 Chapter 18, The Last Laugh

19th July 2009:
That was great. Although I would have loved it if Remus hadn't known about the task and got a little jealous =)

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Review #11, by Vera Chapter four, Round One

9th July 2009:
Super funny fic! I have been laughing for a long time. Especially at the "extra protein". I will continue reading with pleasure. I really want to know who will be the winner. Sorry for my English.

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Review #12, by Lee Chapter 18, The Last Laugh

11th May 2009:
WOW! This is the best and the funniest HP fic i have ever read! It is realy amazing and astounding. I love it!
One question. Can i translate it into russian and post at HogwartsnetRu ?

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Review #13, by sirius2 Chapter eight, Ode to Gilderoy Lockhart

18th April 2009:
Hey !
I couldn't be here at HPFF for nearly a year, but now that I am back, I am catching up !
And so here I am reading you again.

Great new chapter.
I am big fan of your humor writing ! I simply love it!

Made me realise why I used to be so hooked !
And I am getting the feelings back now.


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Review #14, by Cassie_Heart Chapter 18, The Last Laugh

25th January 2009:
IT WAS AWESOME! SO FUNNY AND SWEET! LOVE IT! great job one more time and please i do plan on reading some other stuff.

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Review #15, by Cassie_Heart Chapter fourteen, cold showers

24th January 2009:

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Review #16, by Cassie_Heart Chapter ten, Bucking broom ride

24th January 2009:
GO REMUS! GO REMUS! great job on the story

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Review #17, by Cassie_Heart Chapter 7, Doxys and Dementors

23rd January 2009:
YAY! SIRIUS IS WINNING! GO SIRIUS! GO SIRIUS! awesome job on the story.

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Review #18, by Cassie_Heart Chapter four, Round One

23rd January 2009:
GREAT JOB! I AM TOTALLY CRACKING UP! *rolling on the floor laughing my head off* I LOVE IT!

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Review #19, by Cassie_Heart Chapter Three, The Tasks

23rd January 2009:

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Review #20, by White__Roses Chapter One - Sirius is bored

18th December 2008:
I was thinking of this other fic last night, the Prank War, and I was thinking, 'that's got to be the funnyist fic i've ever read' but then I suddenly remembered THIS one. I read this a while ago, back when I was still a huge newbie to this site, and I thought that i must just be thinking that this is the funnyist ever, because I hadn't read much else. But I was completely wrong!!! This is tied for first place for most hilarious fic, (along with the Prank War) 'cause it never fails to make me laugh :D
and not just laugh, like bending over holding my sides laugh. This is so good.
and that's why I had to search for this and review again (my previous account got deleted in the Crash) and favorite it, of course :D

Author's Response: Thank you very much, especially for taking the time to come back and review again. I'll have to give this other fic a read! Cheers again!

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Review #21, by AnLu Chapter 18, The Last Laugh

10th November 2008:
I just read your story for the second time (I actually reviewed it before, but it was deleted when the page went down) and it just keeps getting better!!
I love how you write the characters and it is hands down the funniest fic I have ever read. Also Remus and Tonks are my favourite couple and you definitely do them justice.
Thank you so much for writing this and putting a smile on my face :-)

Author's Response: Thank you very much, I'm so glad you think I do the character's justice as I they're two of the best characters ever created I reckon! Thank you very much for reviewing, I appreciate it a lot. Cheers!

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Review #22, by blueknight7137 Chapter 18, The Last Laugh

22nd May 2008:
great story very funny

Author's Response: thank you, glad you enjoyed reading! Cheers.

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Review #23, by Whisper of the Heart Chapter 18, The Last Laugh

3rd April 2008:
I loved this story! Me and my friend were laughing our heads off at the insane things Tonks,Sirius,Bill and 'Dung were doing.I also liked the Remus/Tonks stuff too. Defiantly 10/10!

Author's Response: Cheers! Thank you very much, I'm glad you both enjoyed reading it! It was a very fun fic to write! Thanks for reviewing, much appreciated!

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Review #24, by ladymblack Chapter 18, The Last Laugh

3rd April 2008:
I just finished rereading OoTP, and had to come back and read this story because I missed Sirius so much! I saved it this time, since it's always a wonderful story for a laugh. Thought I'd review it one more time as well...lol.

Author's Response: Cheers! I'm glad you liked it so much, and Sirius is such a fantastic character, definitely one of my favourites from the series! Thank you once again for reviewing, much appreciated!

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Review #25, by mrs_remus_lupin Chapter 18, The Last Laugh

26th March 2008:
you have succeeded in writing a fantastic piece of fanfiction filled with humor, romance, and creativity! i really loved you story and the way everything came together in the end. you are an excellent writer and i will definately be checking out more of your stories! fantastic job and thanks for the great story!!

Author's Response: Thank you very much, I really think this story helped my writing a lot, trying to keep the romance low key and non intrusive whilst in my other fic it was the main point of the plot, so it was a challenge but one I enjoyed. I'm really glad you enjoyed it and thank you so much for taking the time to review, I really appreciate it, cheers!

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