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Review #1, by jkrofanatic14 Death Amongst the Graveyard

26th October 2007:
Oh! That was an awesome battle scene! I can't believe that you killed Neville though. I really liked Neville. I'm sad that he wasn't the one that could finish off Bellatrix. I'm a bit suspicious of what Lucius is going to say to Voldemort when he shows him that Fenrir is dead.

personally, i'm not sure if I told you(I don't keep track that much on what I say in each and every review I give, because I give a lot of reviews) But I love dark Harry fics.

I was thinking that it would be cool if whenever someone casts the "avada kedavra" curse, they are automatically lured into the dark side because nobody on the light side would ever cast the curse, so they would never turn dark. That's just my input and I can COMPLETELY understand if you don't take that approach because a lot of people don't like dark Harry fics.

This is still completely all your story and you can do whatever you want with it, and I'll still read it and review every time. I just wanted to say that, and I wanted to warn you that I leave a lot of long reviews. Sometimes I'll make suggestions, some things that I really like, some things I don't like, etc...

But please continue, i want to know what happens next! 10/10


Author's Response: Actually, The Fallen Warrior takes on "Hogwarts" actaully, I've decided to have a murder there, and Its going to be much more flashier. (I'm still having Harry, Ron, and Hermione though), I've also planned eight more deaths for characters, and well, its a bit dark, and much more "R" rated. Its all written, just have to touch up on it, There will be "31" Chapters to "Fallen Warrior, and a spin-off of much larger proportions!

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Review #2, by jkrofanatic14 Chapter One- Revenge of the Dark Lord

17th October 2007:
WHAT! YOU HAD TO END IT RIGHT THERE! awe man! That was totally awesome! I hope that there is a sequel or another chapter or something. I loved how you wrote this. Before Deathly Hallows came out, I was all for SNAPE BEING EVIL, but now I'm glad that he was good, and it is quit obvious WHY he was good.
I loved your portrayal of his death. It was quit original, but I really want to know what happens with Harry and Voldemort.
I mostly like Harry and Voldemort showdowns, more then any other, but I still liked this!
Please update or make another story or what ever you're doing. This was totally fantastic! Definately earns a 10/10
(your fellow Harry Potter fan),

Author's Response: Thanks! Yeah there is much more coming, I am finished with the second chapter, and will post it very soon. It's a bit flashier, but all in all, Its my best. I've also got some more stories coming.

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