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14th November 2010:
So I was just looking random words in the Search page for Next Generation, and the first one for 'Hero' was your story, so I decided to read it. Wow...sorry, but to be honest, I hadn't put much stock in this story. But I'm glad I read it. The turning point was this line:

'I no longer believe in the Crumple Horned Snorack.'

It's Snorkack, but anyway, my heart kinda broke at that moment. Luna, my beloved extraordinary dreamer, not believe the Crumple Horned Snorkack?

So I read on and on, and my heart felt a stab of pity at each new paragraph. Poor Luna. That's not how I believe she really turned out, but it's really believable, if not heart-tearing picture of what she had become.

I love the sentence after sentence with the same beginning, with a new paragraph for each sentence. If that didn't make sense, then like this:

'Didn't anyone care?

Didn't anyone care that the editor of the Quibbler was dead?

Didn't anyone care that his death had orphaned his daughter?

Didn't anyone feel the pain I felt?'

Okay, so you did this sequence only two or three times, but it really contributed to the flow of the story, and added depth. I absolutely loved it.

Overall, this was a beautiful portrait of one of my favorite Harry Potter characters.

-Anonymous Lurker

P.S. I believe this is more of a 'Post-Hogwarts' category then 'Next Generation'. Also, Luna did end up having two kids, Lorcan and Lysander. I don't know if you wrote this before the Family Tree came out. Either way, both thoughts didn't affect the story too much.

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