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Review #1, by insanitylaughs You Owe Me

28th August 2011:
I love these stories! I think it's fantastic that you don't try to normalize Luna, that you have Draco loving her exactly the way she is. Keep writing!

Author's Response: I didn't want to change Luna in any way and tried to keep her as IC as I possibly could as I think that is the brilliance of the character, that she's so unusual and uniquie and that's why I think she and Draco make the perfect couple!!

Thanks for taking the time to read and review. I'm really pleased that you enjoyed the story!!

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Review #2, by Belieber_lovesHP The Truth

18th March 2011:
Hey nice story! I love you! I mean, I love you as a great author and I love this story! You said "TO BE CONTINUED IN- Dark Memories- Luciusí Story" I can't wait to read this. :xx

Author's Response: I'll have to alter that last line, there isn't going to be a Lucius story, I wrote it and didn't like it and now I don't have the time to go back and re-write it all.

I'm glad you enjoyed this story in any event. Thanks for taking the time to review.

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Review #3, by Christina The Truth

19th November 2010:
I've been looking for the final installment of this trilogy and can't find it did you not post it?=( I loved these two parts and would really like to read the third.You're very talented =)

Author's Response: Sorry no, I didn't post it after. I completed it, but when I re-read it I really didn't like it, so I decided not to post it after all.

I'm realyl glad that you enjoyed the first two stories thank you for taking the time to read & being nice enough to leave a review!

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Review #4, by Immortal_life The Truth

31st August 2010:
I really like this! :) Well done! And btw you are an amazing author, seriosly you page is like a all you can read draco/luna buffet. You rock

Author's Response: lol, my page is rather like that. I love Draco/Luna so that explains it lol.

I'm really glad that you enjoyed the story. Thanks for taking the time to review.

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Review #5, by lovesiick The Truth

6th October 2009:
OH MAN! a good read. ive been reading your stories like non-stop
today (i was suppose to be doing my english honors hw but i didnt
want to just because i was distracted LOL). i was just wondering
though in lucius's side of the story, will there still be
draco/luna pairing or will it be focused on lucius?

Author's Response: Non-stop?? Wow! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed them so much as to want to read them non -stop!!

Lucius story is written but I don't really like it. I may start to post it and see how it goes though & it is Draco/Luna, it continues on from their relationship, although Lucius is in it of course.

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Review #6, by Meg The Truth

8th January 2009:
Wow... that is all I can say. Some people's imaginations are so brilliant. I have a terrible imagination. I can't write stories. I tried in english at school a couple of times, got an E both times. I've read both of the current dark memories stories so far and I cannot wait for the next one. And I'm definately going to read your other stories.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm thrilled you enjoyed them both, they were a little darker than my usual stuff so I'm glad you liked them.

Thanks for reacing and reviewing

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Review #7, by pinkypurple The Truth

24th December 2008:
loved it!:)
great sequel. keep it up

Author's Response: thank you very much, I'm thrilled you enjoyed the sequel as well!

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Review #8, by gemin The Truth

17th November 2008:
wow, that was beautiful. I could really feel the love for each other. I really loved your story with my whole heart. Thank you.

Author's Response: I'm so glad that you felt I managed to properly convey their feelings for each other, that was of course the most important part of the story.

I'm thrilled you enjoyed this story as much as the first one! Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review I really appreciate it!

I will respond to all of your review, it just might take me a while lol.

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Review #9, by gemin Revealed

17th November 2008:
oh my god, I'm tearing up. That is unbearably sweet. So very sweet.

Author's Response: I really enjoyed writing this side to Draco, I didn't want to make him too sappy, although I think I might have done lol.

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Review #10, by gemin Trust Me

17th November 2008:
I love sweet Draco. And I need to know what happens...Great Chapter!

Author's Response: I like sweet Draco too! It brings out a whole other Draco to write about lol.

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Review #11, by gemin Don't Do That

17th November 2008:
Oh no, I'm thinking Luna must have been abused in some way. I wonder...awesome chapter.

Author's Response: There's an explanation I promise lol. Thanks again for taking the time to comment on every chapter!!

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Review #12, by gemin Draco's Thoughts

17th November 2008:
This line was too good I had to copy and paste to tell you how much I loved it. "Luna was like a soft and gentle dream, she shimmered in the background of life. Her quiet, easy presence that he had been blind to before had calmed his troubled mind and restored peace to his memories. "
I love that Draco needs to see her straight after classes, his desperation about her is lovely.

Author's Response: That's one of my fave bits of this chapter actually, I just thought it rather summed Luna up, at Hogwarts anyway, the way people treat her.

I wanted to try to show a soft side to Draco, a side of him perhaps only those closest to him would ever see.

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Review #13, by gemin You Owe Me

17th November 2008:
Sooo good. So sweet. I can't wait to see what happens!

Author's Response: I was going for sweet,so I'm glad that came over ok lol

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Review #14, by SiriuslyCrack (NLI, because I am just lazy) The Truth

16th May 2008:
Awesome! I loved this story too. But you really need to pay attention to your spellings, dear. That's all the CC I can give you because you are great at descriptions and fantastic at conjuring up new plot bunnies. Thank you for writing such cute little 'Draluna's. I enjoyed both fics a lot. Keep up the good job! *huggles*

Author's Response: Any and all CC is welcome, thanks for that.

DM/LL is my ultmate pairing lol. thanks for reading both stories, I'm glad you enjoyed them.

Hope you manage to update The L Land again soon, I'm really enjoying it!

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Review #15, by ??? Trust Me

29th April 2008:

Author's Response: Lol, just a little bit of a cliffy lol

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Review #16, by ColorMeRavenclaw The Truth

15th February 2008:
Wow. That was really good. I like the "Draco's Girl" theme in this series. I'll be waiting for Lucius' Story.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Lucius' story will be up as soon as I can post it.

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Review #17, by TurquoiseAngel The Truth

6th February 2008:
WOW!...I'm so sad this is over..can't wait to read Lucius's version of this!

Author's Response: It is sad that Luna's part is over, but as you say Lucius is still to come lol.

I'll post him as soon as I can, but I have bunch of other stuff to deal with first lol.

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Review #18, by purplepunkpixie The Truth

3rd February 2008:
will Draco and Luna be in the third installment with Lucius???

Author's Response: Yes they will.

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Review #19, by purplepunkpixie The Truth

3rd February 2008:
omg i luved this chapter the best chapter of this installment

Author's Response: Really? I didn't think it was all that great to be honest. But I'm thrilled you thought so!!!! Thanks so much for sticking with this story to the end!!

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Review #20, by Sahara The Truth

3rd February 2008:
That was just...sad. I like it. Owh.. pls update the next chapter soon.

Author's Response: Yes it was sad, but I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Lucius story won't be added on to this one but it will be up as soon as I can post it.

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Review #21, by Isabella Black The Truth

2nd February 2008:
That was lovely! There were just a few grammatical errors (should be you're instead of your, in some places), but other than that I absolutely adored it. =) Wonderful work.

Author's Response: Lol, even now I still mix them up lol. Grammar is not my strong point so thanks for pointing that out. If you spot any more let me know!

Thanks for reviewing, I'm thrilled you enjoyed it!

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Review #22, by AC_rules The Truth

2nd February 2008:
excellent as always.
funny thing is I wrote a story about how luna's mum died two days ago, haven't put it up for validation yet.
anyway to the point whats next?

Author's Response: Do let me know when it's up! I'd like to read it!

I'm glad you liked it. This fic is now all over but I will post Lucius story as soon as I can. Pansy V Draco is waiting for validation at the moment.

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Review #23, by TurquoiseAngel Revealed

24th January 2008:
OMG!..I love this chap..can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: The final chapter is coming soon I hope you you like!

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Review #24, by penofjade Revealed

19th January 2008:
This was a very touching chapter, indeed! I'm very much looking forward to what happens next ^)__(^

Author's Response: I'm so glad you thought so, that's what I was aiming for.

I'll update this one again soon.

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Review #25, by hedwigville Revealed

17th January 2008:
so sweet...update!

Author's Response: Thank you. I will update this one soon

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