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Review #1, by luvdraco87 The Compartment

31st October 2007:
i thought it was very well writen. i loved your idea on this story.
anyway, great story


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Review #2, by Joanne K The Compartment

16th October 2007:
Great story idea. It was very sweet reading about Remus remembering the past. There were a couple of spelling errors I picked up on:
'isles' should be 'aisles'
'fury' should be 'furry'
Also, I just wanted to point out that Sirius had already escaped from Azkaban at this point in time, that's why the Dementors came onto the train. Remus would have been fully aware of this.

Author's Response: are yes my spelling isnt that good so i fix them both up. too right. sirius had already escaped so i fix that up too. i totally forgot. lol thanks for the heads up. thanks for reviewing.

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