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Reading Reviews for Hagrid's Story
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Review #1, by peppersweet Hagrid's Story

29th December 2013:
Like almost every other reviewer you've had today, I'm here for day 3 of the 12 days of reviewing challenges at the forums, reviewing Hagrid-centric stories :p

I liked this! Hearing Hagrid's perspective of the final battle was really interesting. The way it was written made it seem as if he was telling this story retrospectively to a reporter or similar - like it was his post-war testimony. If I could make a criticism, it's that it seemed to move very quickly - it started out at a nice pace, following Harry through the forest and his "death" as Hagrid carried him back to Hogwarts, but Voldemort's death was glossed over very quickly. Hagrid also seemed very detached, but I think that added well to the post-war testimony feel I got from this.

One thing I really, really liked in this was the metaphors Hagrid comes up with to describe things, such as My face was working furiously, I could feel it ... like I had drunk a wrongly brewed Polyjuice Potion, my face morphing and changing and Green upon green, his eyes glowed like a Crandor Dragon's egg before hatching. These metaphors make your fic really special as they sound like something a wizard would conceivably say, comparing action to things they know and recognise from their world. This is something I've rarely seen in fan fiction and I have to commend you for it - you've totally immersed yourself in Hagrid's point of view here.

Altogether, good job! And merry (belated) Christmas :)

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Review #2, by Infinityx Hagrid's Story

29th December 2013:
Hello there! I'm here for day three of 12 days of reviewing challenge.

I really like your idea behind this story. It's really refreshing to read about the final battle from a different person's perspective. I love how you focused on a different aspect of the battle and not just the main characters in the beginning. Also, the thoughts that go through Hagrid's mind throughout the entire ordeal were well written. :)
I really like the descriptions you've given. The similes were a nice touch.

I feel like the story was really rushed though. All the events happen so fast and the emotion isn't brought out much because of the pace. You could have focused on the events more, with greater descriptions and more emphasis on Hagrid's thoughts and feelings. It also ends very abruptly.

But otherwise, it was a really interesting story. :)

- Erin

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Review #3, by Ardfrithwaldore Hagrid's Story

31st December 2007:
i liked your story it was basically how it went in the book you did a good job i like where you added a few parts like the lets see how 'trustworthy' the founders thought girls would be! that was funny!

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Review #4, by Ariana_Gryffindor Hagrid's Story

19th October 2007:
Thaks for your rview on my story, Will You Die For Me?
This one i just read of yours is really good and i like how it was from another person's angle not just harry's or voldemorts.

I think it would be alright to use Charlie a little bit in your story, just so long as if you could PLEASE disclaim her as my creation when you use her, if you do use her.

BW a question is your real name actually Steph or is it jut how you sign things???

Can'twait to read more

Author's Response: Hmmm ... maybe Charlie can be Steph's sister. Ty for the reveiw!

As for my name ... Steph isn't my real name, no, lol. It's Misha. 'Stephanie' is the name I get to use in French class. :D
U rock, Steph.

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Review #5, by pottyandweezlbe89 Hagrid's Story

15th October 2007:
loved it great work 100/100 coz 10/10 didnt feel like enough...please write more...

Author's Response: Ty, if i reported this thing it was an accident so srry. Ty!!!!! I LUV REVIEWS! (Dunno y, but they rock :D)
U rock, Steph.

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