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Review #1, by RonaldIsMyFavorite Part 9

2nd November 2011:
This ending is really interesting... i like it :) nice story!

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Review #2, by pooh Part Four

15th November 2010:
i love this chapter and above all i love your story very much!

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Review #3, by anika Part 9

24th June 2010:
awesome story!
really great

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Review #4, by Charlies_Gal Part 9

13th January 2010:
This is definitly one of the most intoxicating fics that I have ever read. Wow I really loved it.


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Review #5, by shadowkitty22 Part 9

7th June 2009:

That was a great story. I felt like I was watching C.S.I. Hogwarts (even though I know they weren't at Hogwarts for any part of the story). You did a good job with the mystery and having dangerous events happen during the solving of the case. Granted, the killer did become obvious after a certain point in time but that even happens in murder mystery shows.

I also liked the fun you poked at slash fics by having it happen between Blaise and Draco. Although there's nothing wrong with slash fics, it's just funny that you had them think that it would be really odd, then they kissed and later figured out that Hermione was curious about the kiss she had witnessed. I wish you had gone a little further with the final scene only because I like them but your ending I believe was actually the better ending since it felt right.


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Review #6, by tashmash Part 9

24th April 2009:
YES! i love you! YES! YES! YES! and yes!

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Review #7, by Sheena Part 9

27th March 2009:
This story was amazing!
you write terrificly!
5 stars :]]

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Review #8, by TouchTheDark Part 9

10th February 2009:
wow, this story was amazing, i really got into it :)

i am a dramione shipper all the way, and i really loved this story, oh and the banner is just beautiful! Sorry if this sounds extremely cheeky, but do you make banners for other people, only ive got this story i want to upload, just put the first chapter up and i wanted a banner for it, i understand if you dont want to do it, i was just wondering, as ive fell in love with your banner aha. jus message me back or something if you want to do it :)

thankyou xx

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Review #9, by Slythindor4Life Part 9

28th May 2008:
I think there may have been a grammer thing toward the beginning but i really liked it. It had the perfect amount of suspense and the threesome was hilarious, but. fitting. :-)

Author's Response: Thanks, hon!

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Review #10, by harrys_angels Part 9

22nd May 2008:
Bravo, nice little threesome at the end there. I hope you write more cases and add them to your colection. :D


Author's Response: Haha. Well, I have three fics on the go, so we'll have to see. But it's a definite possibility that I'm rather fond of, so I'm not putting it off the table.

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Review #11, by harrys_angels Chapter 8

22nd May 2008:
Hey dahl im back. Nice chappy. wowee what a long one to, but i was qute good. I loved the office acion scene, and the ending very cute and funny.


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Review #12, by Diva Part 5

20th May 2008:
Congrats! this is a great story - nicely written, catchy plot, I'm loving it!

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Review #13, by Silver_Lion Chapter One

20th May 2008:
lol! omg very good so far

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Review #14, by baillierulz Part 9

9th May 2008:
oh my god!!
this story is so effing hilarious! i practically wet my pants reading the last part!!!
oooh, threesome! lol. i wouldn't have expected anything less from this story, which is one of the most original, un-cliched stories ever.. (lol, when do you ever get blaise/draco, draco/hermione and blaise/hermione at the SAME time??)
but the thing is, i never guessed it would work out like this!!! (for one, i love that draco/hermione are well, 'partly' together) but i love how it's also blaise/hermione (which i don't mind, either)


(oh, & what i love is that this fic is short and sweet, and that you've managed to create a really fantastic story with only 9 chapters...)

Author's Response: I'm trying to figure out exactly what to say to this review...but I'm not a Hallmark card. =)

So...thanks so much! Reading your comments was always a delight and I'm just so happy that you liked this fic. D/Hr/B is my OT3 (One True Threesome) and I'm happy I finally got around to writing and completing a fic about them. =)

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Review #15, by Ms.Know-It-All Part 9

9th May 2008:
Whoa! that's what I call a great ending!

Author's Response: *glomps* Thanks!

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Review #16, by pink_rook Part 9

8th May 2008:
Terrific, you are, Didi. Terrifantastic. :]

Case Closed.

Great ending: reminds me of Cold Case and Criminal Minds put together. But better.

I know you're already writing something else, so this will sound weird: please, keep writing. You make the world a better (and less mis-spelled) place. :]

Author's Response: Tee haw. I'm going to post Happy Endings on here...possibly. I should. YOU'RE IN IT. Bwahaha!

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Review #17, by SlytherinxSin Part 9

7th May 2008:
haha, i love the twist at the end!
i thought you would make it hermione/blaise!

having all three of them dig each other is awesome.

Author's Response: Tee haw! I've only ever read one D/Hr/B that I kinda liked. The rest are all so angsty and blah, so I decided to have fun with this one. I love D/Hr/B. =)

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Review #18, by sammieoxox Part 9

7th May 2008:
OMG THREESOME!! gosh what an ending
ahhh, that was. a bit funny to read actually
cause of the convo before hand about the curiosity of things .. lmfao -- awsome ending note

"But it didnit matter, really. Nothing else mattered. Blaise was right. This moment was all that mattered now. Case closed. "

BTW .. you forgot to classify the story as COMPLETE

Author's Response: Fixed! And I guess since it's over 50000 words (!!!) it's also a Novel. Holy wow, I wrote my first official novel.

Thanks so much for reading and commenting! I'm so glad that you liked it. D/Hr/B is such a guilty pleasure.

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Review #19, by jenrabbit Part Three

7th May 2008:
Dang, Have I really been with this story that long? Don't answer that.
This is a review for the last chapter, since it'll only let me review once per chapter, it's stupid, I know, yata yata.
Anywhoo, didn't see that one comin, good chapter though. I hate it that it's over, it was a good story. I'll have to go check out your othr fics sometime.
The storms over, in case you were wonderin, doubt you were, but whatever.
I loved this story oober bunches, it was totaly a 10/10!!! You're an excelent author!!!

Author's Response: Kinda figured the storm was over, but I'm glad everything's okay. =) You've stuck with me on this story from the beginning, and you actually waited out the long hiatuses between updates - and the chapter six update was a killer. So I really can't thank you enough for being such a loyal reader, and you always have such positive comments for me. Readers like you are why I keep posting, so thank you so much. =)

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Review #20, by jenrabbit Part 9

7th May 2008:
Yay, possible oneshot sequals-ish-thing-ma-bobs, thought I'd get that out of my system. And now I'm gonna go back and actually read the chapter. ;-P
I'm sure it's excelent, what I've read is. But there's a storm brewin, and I can't finish the chapter cause I gotta go ahead and shut down. I'll be back later.

Author's Response: Haha, we'll have to see about the sequels. I do have three unfinished projects that I'm working on, but if I need a break from them I may write a one-shot of Hermione or Blaise on a case. Or how Draco's adjusting to his new position in Muggle Relations...=)

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Review #21, by RebelYellNiki Part 9

7th May 2008:
I so did not see that coming. (blushes) lol

You have written a terrific story - suspenseful and laugh-out-loud funny.

I really hope you do a follow-up to this. I will miss checking for updates on this one. :(

Author's Response: I can't guarentee a follow-up since I have a new Marauders story I'm working on and an epic project in the planning stages with a friend; I also have my third-gen trilogy to complete. But if I ever need to write a one-shot, I might do one of Hermione or Blaise on a case. Thanks so much for reading and checking back in. It means a lot. =)

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Review #22, by pink_rook Chapter 8

5th May 2008:
This story keeps me on the edge of my seat. Great job, Didi.

As in for your problem with the forums: did you register there? You need to create a s/n and login to view all the stuff.

It took me three days to figure out! Haha. :]

Author's Response: Yup, I've registered. I'm just banned. For no apparent reason. I love life. =)

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Review #23, by harrypotterfreak1414 Chapter 8

1st May 2008:
Brilliant!!! It's halarious! A little wierd but really, really good writing. keep writing after this story is finished, you are an amazing writer:)

Author's Response: LOL, thanks. =) I hope you enjoy the last chapter, when it's up.

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Review #24, by sammieoxox Chapter 8

28th April 2008:
haha niice that is soo classic
witht he guys.. KISSINGG !
yum* lol

now that.. was funny ;)

Author's Response: Lawlz, thanks. =)

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Review #25, by jenrabbit Chapter 8

27th April 2008:
Okay, so that was, diffrent. Loved the speedy update, but now that they've got this case wrapped up, does that mean the story's wrappin up also?
Is the next chapter the last one?
Please, no, I've had so much fun with this fic, pleaz, keep it goin, or write a sequal, or SUMTHIN!
loved it, btw, totaly a 10/10!!! update, Update, UPDATE!

Author's Response: Yup! Only one chapter left, and it's almost complete.
I've had a lot of fun writing this; I quite like the mystery genre, really. As of now, there's no sequel in the works. I have my Scar Tissue trilogy to finish and an "epic" project in the planning stages with a friend/co-writer, so they will be my priorities. However, I MIGHT do a few one-shots with Hermione on a case or something.
A direct sequel is unlikely, but possible. =)

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