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Review #1, by Heather A Hidden Secret

11th January 2014:
Are you still writing or is this story abandoned? Coz it's an
amazing story and I would love to see where it goes!!

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Review #2, by lynzy A Hidden Secret

12th March 2013:
Are you still writing or is this story abandoned. It is really great concept would to see it finished.

Author's Response: I haven't abandoned yet. I'm hoping to update it at some point. I really love this story and am too attached to it to abandon it, but I just haven't found the inspiration. Hopefully some day soon I can!

Until then, I hope you'll be a faithful reader and maybe one day there will be an update! Thanks so much for the review. :)

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Review #3, by MerlinsHorcrux A Hidden Secret

30th July 2012:
This is really good, any more chapters on the way?

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Review #4, by Guest A Hidden Secret

15th July 2012:
This story is so amazing!!! I hope you update soon! Please update! :)

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Review #5, by DawnRain The Stag and Its Caster

8th April 2012:
I'm not so sure about this... your writing is all right, but Hermione is out of character, and having everyone stutter out every word is very distracting.
You might also want to change "satan" to "satin" - totally different meanings. Just a typo, but it was pretty amusing.

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Review #6, by Miss_potter A Hidden Secret

1st February 2012:
this is actually a really good fanfic :) i see you haven't upddated in a while... but could you update soon? i really want to see where this is going :D

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Review #7, by QuidditchQuill A Hidden Secret

6th January 2012:
I thought Rylan could be without magic and be the extremely brave muggle who saved the wizarding world side by side with Harry. It would have taught a lesson that lesser people (rylan without magic) could be just as great.

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Review #8, by harrypottergurl11 A Hidden Secret

4th January 2012:
I really like this story. Please keep writing it. Keep up the great work.

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Review #9, by MagicalInk A Hidden Secret

26th December 2011:
Are you someday continuing this one? Because I really think it's worth it. It's really original and captivating, there are some great ideas that just CAN NOT be left there!
Why did he have to make a dark mark on his arm? And why does his scar bleed??
You're really talented and should totally come back to this story...Please?

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Review #10, by bandnerd218 A Hidden Secret

9th December 2011:
This is awesome! I can't wait for another update!

and was "Harry Freaking Potter" an AVPM reference or just a coincidence? :)

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Review #11, by Pandora Twilight Potter93 A Hidden Secret

5th December 2011:
Soo glad that you're back and doing this story again! Even better then before! Update real soon!!

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Review #12, by Michelle A Hidden Secret

12th November 2011:
Write more please I want to find out what Harrys reaction is when he finds out that he has a brother

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Review #13, by SunSation Gal 07 A Hidden Secret

10th November 2011:
Yeah, bad state was putting it mildly apparently. And he has a mark. Why does he have a mark? You better explain that soon, missy! :P And yay for H/G fluff! Those two are just too cute. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DRUE!

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Review #14, by SunSation Gal 07 The Stag and Its Caster

10th November 2011:
Yup yup, he's a Potter all right. And Remus is god father. Awww. :P And about time those two kissed, even though I still am a devote R/Hr shipper. :P But if ever there was someone else for her, it would be Rylan. And yay! Harry's back! In a bad state, but he's back! :P

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Review #15, by SunSation Gal 07 His Past

10th November 2011:
And on I go! I had forgotten just how good this story was! I'll say again, Lexi is adorable! Rylan and Hermione are making a connection and loved that flashback of Harry leaving. I've always loved Harry/Ginny. Just so cute!

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Review #16, by SunSation Gal 07 Rylan

10th November 2011:
Wow, I could have sworn that I had reviewed this story and just planned on catching up on it today only to find I had not reviewed it at all. So strange. Anyway, since I apparently haven't, you shall get some shiny new reviews of this story for your birthday! Though they shall be short since I have already read it. And Lexi, adorable! :P

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Review #17, by freaker A Hidden Secret

11th October 2011:
aw. 8::(.
more more more more more more!
isream you scream we all scream for more!

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Review #18, by jessica A Hidden Secret

18th August 2011:
hermione telling ron that she like Rylan a lot and that she love him so much. after the war they get marrey to each other.

Author's Response: Hahaha, okay, Jessica! Thanks for the review.

Hopefully I will pick this story up again sometime soon. Thank you for the review! :)

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Review #19, by elly264 A Hidden Secret

11th July 2010:
dude you need to update this and your other stories ASAP they are AWESOME :)

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Review #20, by harrypotterfan A Hidden Secret

14th June 2010:
you need to continue this story is really cool.

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Review #21, by Meg A Hidden Secret

15th November 2009:
are you coming back to this one?

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Review #22, by harry A Hidden Secret

14th August 2009:
when are you updating

Author's Response: Soon. I'm very sorry for the wait. I apologize.


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Review #23, by jessjesssx A Hidden Secret

12th August 2009:
aw, harry and ginny are so sweet. she really cares about him.
ive never really seen hermione and ron with anyone but each other, but i reckon hermione and rylan would be so cute together. its like love at first sight lol

and harry has a dark mark :O how? when? where? why? and um... who??
who tortured him aswell, ive been wondering about that. i mean, i no it was death eaters, but which death eaters?

oooh, you have such a good imagination, i wish i could come up with stuff like this haha

pwease update this story soon, its really good.

im so glad that harry has at least some family now. he and rylan will be so close.

10/10 :)


Author's Response: Haha, yes.

Thanks so much for your review, Jess! I hope to see you back when the updates come! :D


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Review #24, by sinwillys822 A Hidden Secret

1st June 2009:
i cant wait to read what he says about what mione found on his arm

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Review #25, by rainbowwolf1313 A Hidden Secret

21st February 2009:
Fabulous! I think this is the first time I've seen a story where Harry had a brother and I love it. I'm very curious to see the reason behind the Dark Mark on Harry's arm. I hope we see more of this story soon. 10/10

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