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Review #1, by RemusLoverTG The Cruelty Of Fate

29th April 2008:
I admire the way you described the guilt and what is happening. Your adjectives are...impressive and your vocabulary is profound!

(I give you a thumbs up! Good job!)

Author's Response: Thanks very much, but honestly, if you like this, you NEED to check out Dracana's account. That's where this whole style was based from. :) I was deliberately trying to write like her for this fic. Thanks again though. That's nice of you.

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Review #2, by Dracana The Cruelty Of Fate

7th November 2007:
Ah Rachel, the descriptions in this were really beautiful, and it's so nice to see your out-look on Reg. A really great story, and an enjoyable read.

Author's Response: Thanks again! I tried hard with them when I wrote this, and tried to get inspired by your writing. Really, I did! No matter what you do, leave this site forever, stay here on the ocassion, pop by, or never more, you will always be the Queen Of Description to me! xx

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Review #3, by GoCalgaryFlamesGo The Cruelty Of Fate

28th October 2007:
I absolutely did not pick this story because Regulus looks hot on the banner. Absolutely not. *shakes head emphatically* LOL

But I actually loved this story. Your description was so wonderful and I felt so bad for Regulus. I have nothing more to say other than fantastic job. :D

Author's Response: Lol. I love that!!!!! Thanks so much. He's a model by the way called, Boyd Hollbrook. LOL

Thank you, again so much. I like to write description now. I used to hate it.

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Review #4, by sunshinedreamr The Cruelty Of Fate

18th October 2007:
Simply amazing. I would like to take a part out of this and say, "I especially liked this part" -- but if I did that here I would have to copy and paste the whole story into this review. It was just that good. No, not good ... wonderful. Perfection at its best. I envy your writing style, lol. It takes a great writer to realize that writing stories is very similar to writing poetry, and I think you are one of those writers. Your words just flowed like water, and the emotions portrayed here were so powerful.

Beautifully written. But of course, I expected this would be awesome because I've read some of your other work before. I wish I could stay and read more, but unfortunately I have to go to class. You can expect to see more reviews from me soon, though.



Author's Response: Thank you so much for this wanderful review. I can't believe that it has nothing wrong with it. I am so pleased and equally as surprised. :) Oh wow. This is one of the most stirring, emotin-making tear-starting review I have ever recieved. I am so pleased, thank you. **Hugs**

Thanks so much! Oh wow. Thank you thank you!

10/10 for your review


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Review #5, by chiQs09 The Cruelty Of Fate

18th October 2007:
I've never read a Regulus Black story before, so I'm actually not sure about his character.
You captured his emotions in the beginning very well, like how I would have imagined him to be. I could sense some remorse within him. He felt disgusted about himself of having become a Death Eater, yet it had been his own choice. I like his encounter with Sirius in the castle. Regulus seemed to be a little insecure towards his 'handsome' and brave brother, though.
I see in Regulus as someone who sought belongingness and I think he found it when he let himself brand by the Dark Lord.
Lucius, too, seemed to be perfect in character, especially the way he talks.
Nice story. I love your description a lot. It has something calming in it, from the time on when he was outside Hogwarts until he fell aleep in his bed in the Slyth. common room.
So, good job.^_^

Author's Response: I am not usually a fan of reading them either, as I am more focused on my trio Hogwarts fics, but I love feedback. :) Thanks so much for this wanderful review. I didn't know what to do with his character really. I have never written a Regulus fic before, so was treading on thin ice, I know. Yeah, I know. I wanted him to feel remorse in this, as my friend (who this fic is for) loves the complexity of characters. Thanks for the comments on Sirius and Regulus's relationship. I had no idea what I was doing. Lol. I will remember that in the future.

Oh, excellent. Lucius in character, and you liked my description? Wow, boy am I surprised.

Thanks so much!!

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Review #6, by summerR The Cruelty Of Fate

15th October 2007:
Holy. Thats pretty all I can say. The description was so amazing, I dont think i have ever read something full of that much emotion, I felt so connected to Reglas. I loved it so much. I have nothing bad to say, I mean you are so descriptive about everything, everything in your story has a detail of sometype that makes it that much more unique. The style you write is so sweet! It is so diffrent and I like it alot.


Author's Response: Aw, thank you! **Huggles** That's really sweet of you to say so. My description- amazing? Wow. I am really really chuffed and surprised. I was honestly so worried about this fic before it came on here. I was thinking, 'Have I wrote the characters correctly?' and everything. So glad you thought I did. I might have to change my writing style for the future then. This isn't my usual style, but I am happy you liked it.

Wow for the review,


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Review #7, by morgana67 The Cruelty Of Fate

15th October 2007:
I can't express how awesome this is! The style you use is so fantastic.

At first, I selected this paragraph because I thought it was just amazing:
"Regulus clasped his hands around his throbbing wrist, the Dark Mark now clearly visible; staring up at him through glassy emerald eyes. He carried on walking, trying to disregard the image, but that solid fact was as prominent as his unchanging past. It would never leave him. He would be forever tied. Tied to the Dark Lord, tied to his beliefs, and tied to his choices." but then I realised that the witing style of the whole story is equally amazing.

So, this was the story you were writing as a birthday present (the one in the thread). Fantastic job, honestly and I love Regulus' hesitation, fear after the event, and his preoccupation with being accepted by his Slytherin friends... Incredible!

Also, I have reviewed your latest chapter of Luke as well and, as always, continue to enjoy it.

Keep it up! xx

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I love writing in this style. It is so not me, which is why it works. Lol. When I write like I do, I never am able to capture description, but when I take on the role of someone else who's much better then me, say you, or Majikat, I can. It is very strange, but I'm not complaning.

Oh, thanks, Morgana. That's really sweet. Yeah, I loved writing that, actually, and I hope that comes through in the language that I use in it. Oh wow. I am so happy you do, thank you!

Yeah, but she can't see it yet! **Cackles** Lol. I hope she likes it, I really do. Oh, thanks. Maybe I will try and write in this style again sometime?

I know! Have just replied.

As to keeping up with writing, "Don't worry. I will be."




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