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Review #1, by Courtney Prologue

13th July 2011:
I love it! You're writing is amazing and very detailed, I've read all your stories on here and I've loved them all! Keep writing please!

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Review #2, by 5tur3 Prologue

31st May 2009:
Oh, I really think you should spend more time on this one.. It might be something special.. I liked this, so please try to give it more time :)

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Review #3, by marie243 Prologue

26th January 2009:
I read this quite some time ago, but decided to read it again. I think it has so much potential for being a great story. I hope you decide to continue on with it.:)


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Review #4, by LunaNigra Prologue

14th December 2008:
Hej, I hope you'll update again some day...
I loved this chapter, how Draco is described, his relationship with his son, if you can call it that...

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Review #5, by Rachel Prologue

10th December 2008:
Omg im hooked! I love these kind of stories. Hurry and write the next chapter!

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Review #6, by Luna Miranda Prologue

1st October 2008:
Oh you are off to a great start with this story, i do hope you continue on it!

As always, even though it was short, you wrote it well and with feeling. Im looking forward to reading more!
~ M

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Review #7, by Weasleys Forever Prologue

13th April 2008:
Very well written as are all your works. Good teasing beginning. This just makes me want to keep reading.
Well done.

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Review #8, by dragoncrazy Prologue

13th February 2008:
This is a very intriguing premise. I am eager to see what you have coming up.

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Review #9, by bec Prologue

9th February 2008:
i like the entire attonement angle, so far this story is really good

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Review #10, by Krystle Lynne Prologue

6th February 2008:
Okay, I know that you just finished with "A New Life," so you have a little bit more time on your hands, because you still have "Proud and Prejudice," but I would love to see a post here. Your portrayal of Draco in this first chapter was different from "A New Life" but at the same time, he seems very human in the way he sees himself now. Great job, I look forward to reading more.

~Krystle Lynne~

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Review #11, by margarett Prologue

3rd February 2008:
this is really good!!!
please continue with it!!!

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Review #12, by herewego_again Prologue

1st February 2008:
okay, I know your other stories are more important
but please update this one when you can?

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Review #13, by real_life_sucks Prologue

8th November 2007:
"It was winners who wrote history, not losers."

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Review #14, by SnowyBella Prologue

19th October 2007:
Nice beginning. :-) I like the new take on Draco - an interesting view on his dramatic change in personality after the war. Though I know you said you might not update it soon, please try and update. ^_^ This looks like a great story!


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Review #15, by Twippy Prologue

18th October 2007:
I like it! Looking forward to reading more. :)

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