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Review #1, by wow Empty Chairs at Empty Tables

30th March 2007:
i love les miserables! this ws so depressing and i NEVER saw the ron thing coming!

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Review #2, by Star Potter Empty Chairs at Empty Tables

24th September 2005:
the second tyme I read this and I still you rock. Les Mis=LOVE and Harry Potter=LOVE and your beautiful combination makes me want to hug you. XD Rock on and keep writing. ~SP

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Review #3, by mmm_bacon Empty Chairs at Empty Tables

12th September 2005:
omg I'm actually crying this was so good yet soo sad-Jen

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Review #4, by Star Potter Empty Chairs at Empty Tables

17th August 2005:
That was so beautiful I can't describe it. I was hiding tears, unsuccessfully. Wow. Breif, but that might even be better than J.K. Rowling. Of course, it's Les Miserables plus Harry Potter, what more can you ask for? Your writing is impeckable!!! (izzat how you spell it?)

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Review #5, by buttermellow Empty Chairs at Empty Tables

19th July 2004:
gah! no ron/hermione. lol now i have to read it over. still a good story though. very very sad. and i loooove les miz! rock on!

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Review #6, by astronomylover Empty Chairs at Empty Tables

15th May 2004:
I really like this. I've seen Les Miserables and I really think you did a good job. Keep on writing!

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Review #7, by MeMyselfandI Empty Chairs at Empty Tables

21st January 2004:
I give it five stars. Very touching. I saw the play, and the words had a lasting effect on me. I was only confused in the end... I thought you were talking through Harry's eyes. Maybe you should mention during the flashback that Ron's best friend had dark hair and a lightning shaped scar on his forehead... Overall, really great sonfic.

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