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Review #1, by emesias The Deaths

13th July 2012:
I love the potential for this story! I'd really like to pick this story up and complete it for you... if you allow me of course.

Feel free to send me a PM at the forums for emesias.

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Review #2, by rorpiusgirl Aiden the mystery

4th February 2012:
isnt that a twilight line??

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Review #3, by Kate The shocking secret

30th January 2012:
Really, stealing all your material from Twilight. Pathetic.

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Review #4, by TooLazyToLogIn Aiden the mystery

31st October 2011:
I had to stop reading at this point. The story is nice but it's simply not original enough for me personally. Some of your ideas are great but you kind of blew it with the Twilight rewrite bit. Stephanie Meyer got away with it because it was her idea.

Harry Potter is much more mature in context to its audience. This story also portrays Hermione as a Bella remake; feeble, pathetic and with no self-confidence. She takes a booster for Merlin's sake! Though, that idea would be a good one if Hermione wasn't such a ditz. The whole point of her character is to be intelligent. In this fic she most certainly is not.

The story is a bit rushed and you tend to jump from idea to idea often confusing me slightly. I don't mind the slight hurry but coupled with the flimsy idea hopping I tend to get annoyed, but that's just me. I'm far to pedantic.

Your writing style is developing nicely though. I've read some utterly terrible ones over the last few years. Props for not speaking like an ignorant teenager. Trust me when I say no one enjoys reading about how much "Lizzy just loooves the hotness of his ripped bod!" Bleh, I can feel bile rising.

I would continue reading if I had the patience but unfortunately it's not one of my strong suits. I'm positive that the story will progress wonderfully and I implore you to continue writing.

Sorry for the long review.

EB xx

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Review #5, by Dragoness101 Another Dream

17th February 2011:
HOW COULD YOU LEAVE THIS STORY HERE!!! I love this story, i hapent realised that it had been so long since you updated it. Will you please considure finishing it? :) 10/10

Author's Response: Oh dear... I didn't realized that anyone still cared about this story. Ill write an update right away.
~Goddess Faith

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Review #6, by vonnii Aiden the mystery

6th October 2010:
did you just quote twilight.:S

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Review #7, by Leah Another Dream

14th June 2010:
What she going to say??

I cant wait for the next chapter it is very intregiing

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Review #8, by Jordann Crazy Blindess

5th June 2010:
I want Hermione to get with Aiden! lol


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Review #9, by dramionewriter Aiden the mystery

3rd March 2010:
those last couple lines TOTALLY reminded me of twilight :) and even though i hate those books i like your story

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Review #10, by adien and hermoine Beautiful Dark

16th November 2009:
omg adien and hermoine should be together!!

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Review #11, by Emeralddutchess Aiden the mystery

2nd November 2009:
that was such a twilight scene remixed

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Review #12, by Jessabelle Another Dream

8th September 2009:
uh-oh...thas not good!

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Review #13, by Jessabelle The shocking secret

8th September 2009:
Yay! I like Aiden...though, I see some VERY noticeable similarities between Aiden "Lawless" (cute name by the way) and Edward Cullen. (: I don't think it's just a coincidence, but that is OK! Could you just give Hermione a little bit of Bella's lovable fearlessness? It would make this story SO much better, I hate reading about "easily scared" and "trembling from fear" little girlies, kay?

I also DO NOT like Blaise...(as couple material for 'Mione) maybe he would make a good friend to her though? And I am NOT interested in seeing more Fred. ): I don't like that pairing. Not at all.

(: Thanks for the update! It's all good so far!

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Review #14, by 0nightmare0 Another Dream

3rd September 2009:
i really like your story and i cant wait for the next chapter (:!

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Review #15, by safa Confusing night

2nd September 2009:
ok he a vampire?

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Review #16, by a_star Aiden the mystery

22nd August 2009:
I take it you're a fan of the Twilight Saga?

Loving the story so far :)

Star x

Author's Response: LoL, yes I was a Twilight Obsessed Maniac when I wrote that chapter. Glad you are liking it! Thanks!
~Goddess Faith

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Review #17, by Lala320 Another Dream

22nd August 2009:
Nice this is a awsome story HURRY AND WRITE FASTER!

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Review #18, by enchantedrose Another Dream

21st August 2009:
aw he proposed!!! if you happen to go over this chapter you messed up malichi/malachi's name a bunch. that's all I noticed though. Keep writing please!

Author's Response: LoL I actually couldn't remember how I spelled his name before! LoL and at the time my internet was being stupid and wouldn't let me long on. So I will try to go back and fix that asap. Thanks for reviewing and pointing that out. I will try to update soon! Thanks again!
~Goddess Faith

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Review #19, by dracoXmione Another Dream

18th August 2009:
Aweh! The ending was so unexpected! :P It's cute, plase continue. ^-^

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Review #20, by pure angel Another Dream

18th August 2009:
aww thats so cuuute

I hope she says yes

update soon


xoxo pure angel

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Review #21, by HarryPotterLover101 Aiden the mystery

14th August 2009:
what aiden said was sooo frm twilight! lol yu changed the last word but good tho (hes a vampire) :D

Author's Response: LoL. Yep, you got it. Thanks so much for reading!
~Goddess Faith

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Review #22, by Saphira113 The Deaths

14th August 2009:
I loved the Slitheeerrr…. At first I had trouble figuring out what it was, but when I did I laughed. Sorry :P it was just so funny

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Review #23, by draco4ever. Being Draco

8th August 2009:
its been likee 3 monthss. are you abandoning this story or whattt???

Author's Response: No, it just took forever to write the next chapter and then awhile for it to be valadated.
It is up now though.
~Goddess Faith

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Review #24, by kristaaa. Being Draco

8th August 2009:
update please!!!

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Review #25, by mieker holton Changing

21st July 2009:
it makes hermione seem selfish to get pink highlights and that

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