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Review #1, by taiyuan Harry and the Future's Halloween

12th December 2007:
Thanks for that story... I really liked it, especially Snape being Harrys Dad.. and the time travel spell for Lily and Harry was just genial!
but adding Minerva and Dumbledore was somehow too much.. it fealt a bit comical..
also I would have wished for a conflict between James and Snape before an understandment..
But nevertheless.. great story!

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Review #2, by redflameeyes Harry and the Future's Halloween

22nd October 2007:
oh, severus being harry's dad REAlly creeps me out. im sorry. but it does. and as if james would be all 'severus is his dad too? oh, ok.' hed be grateful for snape looking after him, but probly thats it. i think this would have been good if james was harry's only dad, snape being his dad is just CREEPY. but this is still a great one!

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Review #3, by Marina Cartwright Harry and the Future's Halloween

10th October 2007:
Wow, what an interesting take on the story. It is very creative although I cannot see the characters like they are. (The concept is to big to wrap my head around.) LOL good job thou


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Review #4, by JamesBlackPower Harry and the Future's Halloween

9th October 2007:
This is an intersting sotry!!! quick question, you meant to add a few people that died? well i liked it! a tad confusing! but nonetheless good job!

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Review #5, by Hyperchick1120 Harry and the Future's Halloween

9th October 2007:
If you like I'd be happy to Beta any Ron/Hermione Lily/James, Harry/Ginny or Rose/Scorpius story you write. I might Beta other ships but it depends on what they are. I can beta for grammer and spelling but also for content if you'd like. Either PM me or e-mail me at Emmecj05@aaol.com.

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