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Review #1, by hanoverpretz01 The Underground Catacombs/The Secret of Lucius Malfoy

12th January 2008:
a little confusing but cute all the same
update soon

Author's Response: What do you mean a little confusing? I put two chapters into one but only cuz it takes forever to put them up on here.

I won't be putting anymore of this story or any of my stories on here any more cuz it takes forever for them to be put up on here. However you can go to: for this story or you can go to my new forum where I'll be posting my stories. P.S. If you go to my forum please sign up so that you can post.

Here is the website for my forum:

If you sign up at my forum you can ask me questions about what you found confusing and I'll answer them.

Anyone else whould sees this please feel free to join my forum too.


~Hellen Malfoy

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Review #2, by hanoverpretz01 The Secret of Hellen Potter

22nd November 2007:
really good update soon!

Author's Response: Yeah about that... um... I'm no longer posting my stories on this website because of the long time it takes to get it on the website. The stories of mine will be posted on another website.(Look on my home page of this site for the web address of the other web site I'm posting my stories on. It should be something like more)
Thanks for reading and reviewing my story.
Thanks for liking it too.

~Hellen Malfoy

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Review #3, by Katherine The Known and Unknown

10th November 2007:
...*Rubs temple* Alright, sweetheart.

If you're going to trash the plot of a series this much, it's better just to write an original story, in your own universe. Especially with the "personality" you've given the characters. As Harry is nowhere to be seen or heard, I'm assuming your Hellen has replaced him. Don't re-write a perfectly good series, for the love of God!

Your character is a Mary-Sue. There's just no getting around that. Having your pen-name be your character's name is rather vain...I'm assuming your name is Hellen, yes? That just makes it worse.

The "romance" in this story is also very crude. How old are you, twelve? Have you ever even kissed a boy? Why would Severus even consider kissing a girl young enough to be his daughter? Don't say it's because she's Lily's daughter.

Please, don't even consider trying to write a sex scene. It takes a level of maturity you seem not to have.

Well, looks like I've proved you right about the name Katherine: "only bitches have that name", eh?

Also, a 6'5" teenage girl, and nobody says a word? That's a highly abnormal height.

Author's Response: You know what don't read my story if your just going to trash it.

My name is not Hellen in real life. It's a name that I made up for my character.

About the sex scene, I'm keeping them simple because I want to keep it rated PG-13 not Mature for reads who are not allowed to read mature stories.

Also every person that I have met including you with the name Katherine seem to be very rude to put it nicely.

Lastly the issue you have with my characters hight. Why does it really matter to you. But for all my readers that don't leave rude reviews the answer is that in my mind many of the witches and wizards in the Harry Potter books are very tall. So that is how I write my characters.

There are many more things that I would like to write but I'm not going to waist my time with you, Katherine, any more. Have a good day!

~Hellen Malfoy

P.S. Katherine i would wish that you no longer review my story if you are going to leave rude comments. Thanks.

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Review #4, by hanoverpretz01 The Dark Lord's Request

1st November 2007:

Author's Response: In my story Hellen Potter takes place of Harry Potter. I knew that at some point someone would ask me this question and that is my answer.

Harry doesn't live in this story and never will live in this story. He isn't part of this story at all.

Thanks for the review. :)

~Hellen Malfoy

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Review #5, by Lexi XO Harry The Known and Unknown

1st November 2007:
OMG! I love this story! It is TOTALLY going into my favorites! Later, bye!

Author's Response: Thank you for your review!!

Chapter 3 should be up today or tomorrow hopefully.

The valadation box thing said that it takes five days and today is the fifth day so it should be up today if not then tomorrow most likely.


~Hellen Malfoy :)

P.S. People please keep the reviews up other wise I won't know if my story is good or not and then I might not write any more of my story. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO READS AND/OR REVIEWS MY STORY!!!

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Review #6, by hanoverpretz01 The Meeting of Katherine

27th October 2007:
keep writin

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I'll be putting up chapter 3 soon; I've been very stress over the last week and haven't had the time to put up the next chapter.
I'll try to put up chapter 3 this weekend.

Thank You for the review.

Please keep reading and reviewing,
~Hellen Malfoy

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Review #7, by death eater 99 The Known and Unknown

23rd October 2007:
wow i love it it is my favrot

Author's Response: Wow thanks!!!
I'm going to put the next chapter up soon. Thanks for reviewing no one ever reviews except the few reviews already on here.

~Hellen Malfoy

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Review #8, by Hellen Potter The Known and Unknown

18th October 2007:
Really good story. Please write more

Hellen Potter

Author's Response: Like I said below I'll have the second chapter up in the next few days.

Also I'll have the first chapter of my other story up soon too.

Keep reading this story

Thanks a lot,
Hellen Malfoy

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Review #9, by Hellen Malfoy The Known and Unknown

18th October 2007:
Hi me i'm board so I'm posting an review on my own story.

Sorry for spelling "thanks" wrong on my response

Now i would like to say a proper thanks to all that review my story


P.S. Sometimes I'll write comments in the review so always check the review for any of my updates!

Author's Response: Also to let anyone who reads my story is that I'm a very bad speller(even with spell check)

Thanks a million,

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Review #10, by Cassi Gold The Known and Unknown

18th October 2007:
Please write more!!! This is such a good story.. I want to know more about Katherine!

Author's Response: Um I have more of the story . The next chapter will be coming in the next few days but i'm at school and can't post it yet.

Thatns for the review,

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