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Review #1, by Marcus White Just to Balance the Stars

2nd August 2011:
best. fan. fic. ever.
1 through ten 11

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked it! :)

And so sorry for the late response.



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Review #2, by hopelessromantic3 Just to Balance the Stars

7th November 2009:
heartbreaking... but brilliant. the best RL/NT one shot ive ever read!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm really flattered you think so! :)

And my sincerest apologies for not responding to your review sooner... I really appreciate it that you took time to leave one.

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Review #3, by Roxz80 Just to Balance the Stars

4th August 2009:
She broke a promise.

I dont care if she was mad about him dying.

She broke a promise. Did she even think about poor Teddy?

Good thing these characters dont actually exist.

Author's Response: Hehe, yeah... :D

Well, I don't think either of them thought about Teddy very much when they came to fight. They always knew if something were to happen to them, that he would have a lot of people around him that cared and loved him. However, it can never measure to a parent's love, but I guess neither of them thought about it that way...

Thank you once again for your review! ^_^

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Review #4, by Girldetective85 Just to Balance the Stars

15th October 2008:
This was another moving, poignant piece. I can really see why you chose Remus as your contribution to the eHPF collab - you seem to know and feel for his character inside out, and it makes your fics about him and Tonks so amazingly real and sympathetic. I love the idea of this "missing moment" about him, as we didn't hear much from him at the end of DH, did we? The descriptions of the Marauders were wonderful - I think you're going to be one of my favorite Marauder writers (and there are only two or three of those) because you somehow describe them the way people always imagine them, yet they always seem original. One of my favorite parts: "However, the image of her dark eyes rapidly welling with fresh tears remains burning in my memory and a fire explodes in my chest, finally offering me a reason to survive. Because this time, for the first time since this war lasts, I have something to come back to. I have someone to live for." So gorgeous and SO Remus.

I got teary at the conversation between him and Tonks when he begged her to stay behind with their son, so he could feel better about leaving and have someone to fight for. I got even tearier when he made her promise him that she would run and never look back, no matter what she heard - although I think he knew that Tonks was Tonks and she wouldn't keep that promise either. She will always run back to him. :( Love this part: "The light is blinding and beautiful and I swear I can see James grinning at me, Lilly smiling kindly from his embrace, as she always had, Sirius reaching out a hand and winking at me, even Albus standing behind them with that knowing little smile of his and mirth in his blue eyes. And I know I had somehow found home again." So incredibly poignant and touching that Remus accepted death - after all, he and Tonks would go together.

Amazingly beautiful writing, it blows my mind every single time. 10/10

Author's Response: Hello again!

It's so funny that this story currently has the most reviews when it's actually my least favorite of the ones I've written in this fandom... :D

It was written in the moment of desperation following the Remus/Tonks deaths in DH and, although there are parts I'm really satisfied with, there are so many things I would have written differently had I been writing it now.

Either way, I'm very glad you liked it. As you already know, I appreciate your opinion immensely. :)

I've always felt especially connected to Remus. I'm not quite sure why, but his life of isolation and constant putting up with prejudices and the gracefully tragic way he had been dealing with them have always fascinated me. I've spent a lot of time while constructing his background to fit with the character we know from canon.
Oh, and I love doing "missing moments" fics! I feel that JKR had left a lot of holes for us fanfic authors to fill, especially with the not-so-main characters.
Wow, I feel so flattered that you think I write the Marauders well! Especially because I know you don't like Marauder stories very much. I'm having a lot of trouble with a Marauder scene in the next chapter of "Golden Slumbers", so maybe this encouragement helps me out of the crisis... :D

Actually, the conversation between Remus and Tonks in the little corridor in the middle of the battle was actually the scene I've constructed the entire story around. The moment I read in DH that they were dead (and went back a couple of times to read it again because I couldn't believe JKR was doing this to me), I had an image of the two of them huddled up somewhere and Remus trying to reason with the tempered Tonks, trying to keep her out of harm's way and, eventually, sacrifice himself for her. To me, it was just the ultimate display of his love for her that he somehow never knew how to express properly.
Remus always struck me as a slightly philosophical, reflective kind of a person so writing him in first person wasn't as originally hard as I thought it would be. His accepting of death in such a calm, sensible manner just came naturally according to his character.

Thank you, once again, for this wonderful review. Your kind words make me smile every time I read them. Your reviews are one hell of a mood-booster.

*hugs you*

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Review #5, by DAC Just to Balance the Stars

1st June 2008:
That was heartwrenching..

Beautifully written, for I am crying like a little baby right now.

wonderfully done.

Author's Response: Sorry to make you cry, but if it makes you feel any better, I was bawling myself while writing it... ;)

I am glad you liked it none the less. Thank you for reading and reviewing, it is nice to know the work is appreciated.

Hugs! ^_^

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Review #6, by teria9901 Just to Balance the Stars

21st April 2008:
tearjerking..seriously poetry! i luv it. can u write a heaven sequal, ya no, continue the end. thnkx. !:0

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

I am very glad you liked it and I really appreciate the interest you have in it, but I don't think I'll write a sequel... At least not very soon, anyway...
I have intended this as a stand-alone fic that could also be a sort of a conclusion to another story I'm currently working on so it was kind of supposed to be the end...
However, if I ever decide to continue, I'll definitely let you know... ^^

Thanks again for your review! I appreciate it very much...

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Review #7, by FullMoon Just to Balance the Stars

17th April 2008:
I am shaking! That is no pathetic story! I completly agree with you--WHY LUPIN? He was so kind and nice and amazingly awesome... and then Tonks had to die too! But this story basically is the best one I've read of thier deaths! Don't be so modest!

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I am so very glad you liked my story so much!! And also very flattered you think it was so good...

Thanks again for taking time to review!

*Hugs you*

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Review #8, by Severus my hero Just to Balance the Stars

7th March 2008:
It was absolutely lovely, great story however I doubt Belatrix would have called Tonks a half breed as she was did not have any blood in her except human. Remus was perhaps half breed being a werewolf and all but not Tonks. At least that is what i perceive. Other wise the story is worth a 10/10. Good job.

Author's Response: Thank you for your wonderful review! I'm very glad you liked the story!
About Bella calling Tonks a half-breed, I kind of got the impression that the DE's were pretty much like the nacists during WW2 - to them, everyone who even married a Jew was Jewish himself in their eyes. Maybe I expressed myself a little clumsily in my story, though, but there's more to Bella hating Tonks than just marrying Remus. Her father was a Muggleborn and since DE's saw Muggles as someone "lower" than them, it would probably be a reason to consider Tonks having "impure blood" herself.
Anyway... I'm babbling... :p
Thanks again for taking time to review!

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Review #9, by Erinn Just to Balance the Stars

4th March 2008:
I loved it! it was so good!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #10, by Faerin the Reaper Just to Balance the Stars

19th February 2008:
I'm surprising myself by saying that was GREAT. Bloody brilliant. You actually seem smart. Good job, keep writing.

Author's Response: Thanks... I think... ^_^
No, really, I'm glad you liked the story... Thank you for taking time to review!

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Review #11, by muggrrl Just to Balance the Stars

13th November 2007:
Oh my gosh, that was gut wrenching! until now i haddnt like Remus but... wow. that was such a great story!
i feel like crying.
well done, thats prob the best fan fic iv ever read. or certainly in a while.

Author's Response: Awww.. Thank you... *blushes*

I'm glad you liked it even if you don't like Remus much. ^^

Thank you for your review!

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Review #12, by bythequill_moe Just to Balance the Stars

15th October 2007:
Wow, that was wonderful!
You say at the end that it was fairly long and pathetic BUT IT WASN'T. It was great! Don't be such a downer! :P
I really loved the part where Tonks promised Lupin to go back...:(
You made a great switch from Remus' POV to what happened after his death, it would've been too much of a cliff hanger if you had left us just with a dead Moony, you did that well!
Oh, and I think Rowling said that she didn't just kill the newlyweds because she had spared Arthur but also because she wanted to show that history could repeat itself but this time it was alright, something like that with using Teddy as a modern orphaned Harry Potter. But unlike Harry, Teddy grows up in a nice place, not abused etc.I'm not sure if that's clear but it makes sense to me.

Author's Response: well, I actually am rather satisfied on how it turned out in general, but I just have this little problem to be terribly nitpicky with my stories - every time I read it after publishing, I have this terrible urge to change so many things...
But there are still some parts I really like (I know it seems like bragging ;p) but that entire corridor scene and Remus sacrificing himself is just so dear to me probably because I started from this precise idea and than inserted a few scenes before and after to circle the story.. But I'm a horrible perfectionist and it irritates the hell out of me but I simply can't help it...
About that switch in the end, I was scared on how that would work out, but I really needed to add Tonks dying as well since it would feel incomplete without it even if the entire story is practically Lupin's POV. I'm glad you think it was okay... ^_^
Yeah, I heard that thing too, something like "closing the circle", it began with one orphaned child and ended with another (ironic enough, both children being from two best friends, and, I just noticed this, they have the same length name and a double letter before the 'y' in the end). It makes sense to me too, but I still don't like the fact that my Remus is dead... *wails in exasperation*
Thank you so much for your wonderful review!! *hugs you* ^^

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Review #13, by older harry potter fan Just to Balance the Stars

14th October 2007:
Very well done--brought tears to my eyes. This was a realistic interpretation of what Remus' and Tonks' last few moments might have been like. The way Remus comforted and encouraged Tonks and then sacrificed himself to protect her was so heartbreaking.

Remus has always been one of my favorite characters from the books and I too was so disappointed that JKR chose to kill him. I know some people were happy Remus died so he would finally be with the Marauders again and be free from his "furry little problem". I just hated to see Remus die when he had finally accepted himself and given himself permission to love and be loved by Tonks and Teddy.

One of my favorite lines was, "I swear I can see James grinning at me, Lily smiling kindly from his embrace, as she always had, Sirius reaching out a hand and winking at me, even Albus standing behind them with that knowing little smile of his and mirth in his blue eyes." Very poignant and well written! Great job!

Author's Response: Oh, wow...
Thank you so much for this wonderful review!
I actually started from that scene in the corridor with Remus and Tonks and Remus' sacrifice (I simply found it fitting for demonstrating his love since he was kinda... cold during DH) and than expanded the story around it so I have to say it has to be my favorite part of it... And yeah. I simply had to correct the injustice JKR made by not giving us insight in their deaths. I adore Remus and I seriously regret him dead. He should have stayed alive and happy with his family, no matter what anyone thinks.
I'm so glad you liked the story so much. Thanks again for your beautiful words!!
*hugs you* ^_^

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Review #14, by tonksloveswerewolves Just to Balance the Stars

14th October 2007:
you made me cry!!! God, and I thought my own story was sad! Yours is an enigma! 10/10 and I wish I could give you more!

Author's Response: Oh, I made myself cry while writing it which never happened to me before...
Thank you so much for reviewing. I'm so glad you liked it!! ^_^

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