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Review #1, by madelyn A vision and a vivid imagination

17th May 2008:
your story is great. i'm liking it a lot. it's really good, well-written.
do you know the name of the guy in the banner? i'm dying to know!
hope you update soon! keep the good work!

Author's Response: than you for the enthusiastic review. the guy in the banner is Kevin Zegers.

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Review #2, by Jimmbo A vision and a vivid imagination

11th May 2008:
again, really nice chapter although perhaps a little devoid of content, but then you're never sure until you¬īve read the whole story!

Author's Response: this is actually only half the original chapter two. there was more but i decided it works better latter in the story.

this chapter introduced some things that are going to be expanded later, it was important to put them in here and i didn't want to over shadow it with more action. but yes this chapter isn't that exiting.

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Review #3, by Jimmbo The End finds itís beginning.

11th May 2008:
Hey this is the first time that ive come accross your story and i loved this first chapter. the writing was fluid, detailed and looks professional. Well Done!

Author's Response: thanks, although i'm afraid the rest of it isn't going to live up to the impression this has given you of my writing skills. 'twas a fluke i'm sure.

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Review #4, by florenin2u The End finds itís beginning.

28th April 2008:
WOW... I mean, WOW! It's awesome, I absolutely love the beginning and believe me when I say that I'll be waiting for more. It's just amazing. Great comfort Sirius is... I would hug him, I don't know, talk to him, it's so unnerving. Where is the love???
I would like to hear her story whether it comes from her or from Regulus... and well, let's hope Regulus don't get too drunk.
Anyways, I have a story about Regulus too, the latest one. Well, honestly Regulus will appear in the next chapter, which is being edited. But if you wanna read it, I would really appreciate it, 'cos you could give me some advice.
If you happen to be interested in this my e-mail address is

so, let's see what you have in store for us
meanwhile 10/10

Author's Response: i love the beginning too. i spent like a week just writing that, Ha.
i wanted to really get across the felling that althow they are brothers they don't know how to be.

as for regulus getting too drunk, he gets just drunk enough, for what i will not say, but it's the main part of chapter two. which is like...oh, 75%-90% done but my writing tends to have a mind of it's own so we will see, I'm aiming to have it finished next weekend.

for such a positive review i shall have to take a look at your story as soon as i have time.

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Review #5, by xxxKrissyxxx The End finds itís beginning.

24th April 2008:
Update soon darling, cant wait to see what happens next! beautifully written, Im liking how you portrayed regulus so far!

Author's Response: well, i've redone this chappy and it's in the Q. but no2 is almost done.
thanks for the lovely review.

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Review #6, by Leent The End finds itís beginning.

18th April 2008:
Great start! Very interested to see how this all plays out. I think you have a great idea here. Like the name Joy Pennifold too...

Author's Response: thankyou, though i am planning to re-do this chapter in a few days to start when joy is dead.

to respond to your advice on the help boards, i totaly love the idea of him talking to her like she's really there in front of other people! i've already thought up tones of moments when it would work.

you really like the name "JOY"? i did at first but i've gone off it... i don't think it's appropriately pure-blood.

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Review #7, by Princess Di The End finds itís beginning.

15th January 2008:
Oh seems good, like very good, and no, I don't think that will be TOO confusing!

Author's Response: thank you, glad you think its good.

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