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Review #1, by typewriter The Confrontation

14th July 2013:
I think this story had a really great premise! I loved the idea of a lover's quarrel (who wouldn't?) because it comes with passion and intensity. I will say that I wish Oliver had been able to add a bit more to the argument so it wasn't so one-sided, because passion needs to come out of two people not one. And I felt like your Hermione was a little OOC, like throwing the glass over the balcony at the end. Otherwise, I enjoyed it a lot. I think the mistakes are small and will be corrected just with a quick re-read. Take care!

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Review #2, by CarCrashHeart The Confrontation

13th November 2007:
wait, am I missing something?
who's Aidan?

Author's Response: Haha, darn, I thought I caught all of the corrections. When I first wrote this piece, the characters had different names. But it's suppose to be Oliver. I apologize for the confusion but thank you for pointing it out! =)

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Review #3, by CrimsonDesire06 The Confrontation

10th November 2007:
It was definitly good. A little advice from one writer to another though, maybe expand a bit more on it. For example, where were they other thanby the ocean. Fll in some of the gaps that might confuse some readers. Maybe describe what Oliver was wearing and what this party you mentiond was for. Was it during Hogwarts? How many years after Hogwarts was it? Just simple litte things like that. Hope you're not offended or anything by this comment. Keep up the good work though! ^_^

Author's Response: Thanks for the advice. I was kinda wanting to be mysterious in this one. It was more so based on the fact of Hermione's pain than anything else and the reason why I didn't focus on Oliver as much is because of that reason. He wasn't really suppose to be important .. at least not through her eyes and she was trying to ignore the facts. It's just a scene I came up with one night while thinking about some things. Didn't really wish to go into details lol, but thank you, I appreciate the help =)

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