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Review #1, by R! In Fate's Hands

9th February 2010:
I just finished reading the story before this one and I have to say I LOVED them. You have a marvelous talent for depicting emotion and it keeps the story so wonderful! please please update!

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Review #2, by Caty In Fate's Hands

18th April 2009:
I like this story, and it could be interesting to see a second chapter :D

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Review #3, by Elvira Tatiana In Fate's Hands

20th March 2008:
I love this! Please don't abandon it haha please!

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Review #4, by DancingNeville In Fate's Hands

17th February 2008:
This story is amazing please contiune writing it

Author's Response: I will definitely try to do that for you. I'm glad that you're enjoying the story. Thank you so much for the review. I appreciate it.

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Review #5, by aporter47 In Fate's Hands

1st February 2008:
Just came across this story. What a great beginning. I really like how you portray Sirius...he has to be my favorite HP character and I was so sad when JK killed him! I'm still in denial, thanks for bringing him back! I've read some of your other stories and can't wait to see what you do with this one. Update soon!

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Review #6, by midnightwolf2192 In Fate's Hands

8th October 2007:

please update soon.


Author's Response: Wow! That's an awesome rating. I appreciate that. I'm glad that you're enjoying the story. Please continue to check back for updates. Thanks so much for the review.

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Review #7, by Dark Princess In Fate's Hands

6th October 2007:
Oh, this looks like it'll be very good, even with just this little part here. (And I'm definitely favouriting this, without a question.)

Firstly, I'll say that your characterisation of Sirius continues to be great, and as my favourite character, his characterisation means a lot in stories that I read.

I also like the idea that he didn't die in the Department of Mysteries, but I think such an event could have been gone into more, if that makes sense. It just seemed like one of those AU elements that happen because the author wants it to, but isn't really 'fleshed out', if you know what I mean. But then again, this is only the beginning, and such can be revealed in the later chapters and whatnot to make the 'saving Sirius from the Veil' bit not seem that way.

Harry overhearing that bit of conversation was a nice touch, and made the scene quite realistic, in a way. It was easy to visualise, in terms of the characters and the writing.

I would question some of Harry's character, though. He seems almost *too* calm, too ... well, too mature, in a way. Not all the way through, but particularly in his last line: "I just hope that one day you trust me enough, Sirius, to tell me what’s going on. After all…I trust you." It just seems a little too 'grown up' for Harry, with the way he's portrayed as being in canon, in my opinion.

Now, I did notice a few typos while reading, and the beta in me just couldn't let them go without at least mentioning them in this review:

Harry had supposed to have been back at Hogwarts I think this "had" here was meant to be a "was".

Neither one of them would becomes pawns in a game that the Voldemort would never win. This statement seems a bit confusing, and I think a part of that is the "neither" and "never" in the same statement. The "the" before "Voldemort" isn't needed either way, but the wording seems a bit awkward with the "neither"s and "never"s.

I think its time to get you back to Hogwarts This "its" should be "it's", with an apostrophe, as it's the contraction of "it" and "is".

Well, I think that's it, and I look forwards greatly to the next part.


Author's Response: Eeek! Megan, I'm so glad you decided to check this out. I have to get back and review your newest chapter on your Sirius story. As for your review...I love it as always. Yay for favoring. It hurt to make it so short but I didn't want to get into the next part in the first chapter. So that's why the 1st one is a little shorter. Yay for my Sirius being up to par. I want you to keep an eye on that. You know I need to keep Sirius in check. LOL! I couldn't have him die! It's Sirius! I love him too much. LOL! I will definitely be going into more detail as time goes on with what happened and why he didn't die. I just touched on it for now but I think Sirius is going to go through this moment in his life where he goes...'what just happened'. So I promise to touch more on that and not leave it so open ended. I'm glad you liked the part of Harry overhearing. It was an adult conversation and all of a's Harry. I never ever get Harry right. I need to really work on his characterization. So I will try my hardest in later chapters to get him right. And thanks for being a beta. I kinda probably went too briefly over this chapter for my own taste. I will try to go back and edit. As always, Megan, it is a joy to get one of your reviews. I miss them on 'Murder'. Thank you for taking the time and please continue to check back for updates. *hugs*

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Review #8, by Browneyes101 In Fate's Hands

6th October 2007:
Oh my, (speechless once again) the only thing I can say is: I can't wait. 10/10

Author's Response: Eyes, don't be speechless. I love it when you're not. LOL! I can't wait for this one either. This will definitely be a trip. Please continue to check back for updates. Thanks so much for the review.

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Review #9, by Cheeky Monkey In Fate's Hands

6th October 2007:
yay sequel :) kwl so far... xx

Author's Response: Yay for the sequel. Thanks for coming coming back, Cheeky, and checking up on it. Please continue to check back for updates. Thanks so much for the review.

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Review #10, by Girldetective85 In Fate's Hands

6th October 2007:
Hmm interesting! This is definitely a unique beginning. I wonder who Sirius's daughter could be? I have a little trouble believing that Harry (who looks like James and is exactly like James) is actually Sirius's son, but it's your story and it's an interesting 'maybe.' I'm glad Sirius avoided falling into the veil. You write very well, especially Dumbledore's dialogue. Sirius's love for Harry is believable. All in all, a good beginning!

Author's Response: Thank you for saying it was a unique beginning. This is definitely a sequel and if you want to learn a little bit more about Sirius's daughter, please check out my other story: I'm Not Listening. It does have the background to what's actually going on. As for Harry...there has been a charm placed upon him that makes his features appear to look like James. It will be explained a little bit more in future chapters, but is also explain in Listening a little. I'm glad you think my Dumbledore dialogue is good. I try to get my characters as canon as possible. Please continue to check back for updates. Thank you so much for your review.

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