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Review #1, by Shaken_Relationships What Peter Did

4th January 2008:
This was a great story. I loved how you voiced Peter, because people rarely do on this site. This is a very believeable story, I could see him being tricked by a girl who pretened to love him. You know how to give your readers the chills, and make them feel for whomever your writing about. This story makes me want to read more of yours, which is exactly what I plan on doing!!

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Review #2, by jameslily1313 What Peter Did

11th December 2007:
omg i practically cried at that!!! i was sooo sad!!! and if u find 1 of my special reviews u can c me rant bout how useless and evil pettigrew is but in this i feel sooo bad 4 him!!! hes like a diff person!!! its sooo kewl and yet odd!!! but not bad odd just, diff odd!!! 10/10 4 awsumness!!!

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Review #3, by harrypotterlover20 What Peter Did

10th November 2007:
wow this was amazing. i've never read a story that made you sympathize with Peter. of course i've only read a few stories that's contained Peter but regardless this is truly a really great story.

Author's Response: It was my one try and trying to humanize Peter hehe. I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #4, by xX mOoNdAnCe Xx What Peter Did

18th October 2007:
Ooh, that was very well done! I really liked it, the whole thing about him doing it for his love of Amelie, and her betrayal. It was intresting to see Peter portrayed in that kind of innocent light.

Well done,
Love xX mOoNdAnCe Xx

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Review #5, by GoCalgaryFlamesGo What Peter Did

15th October 2007:
Ok, I'm warning you know that I pretty much despise Peter...that aside, I'm going to try to be fair and unbaised as I review this.

I thought it was a pretty good story. You certainly captured Peter's thoughts well, and I could feel the emotional strugles he was going through. I liked how you portrayed him as conflicted, torn between his love and his friends.

The story jumped around in a few places, which was a little confusing, and occasionally it felt like you suddenly switched topics, but otherwise the flow of the story was ok.

My favorite line was Peter, what have you done?

On the whole, this was a pretty good story.

Author's Response: Its alright I understand. I'm not a huge fan either, but I just thought there was a story to be told about him hehe. I'm glad you did end up liking the story overall though. I'll definitely work on a more logical flow for future stories. Thanks for reviewing! You're amazing!

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Review #6, by AussieAnatomy627 What Peter Did

13th October 2007:
Wow, interesting view point.

Author's Response: Thanks =)

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Review #7, by WickedDreamz What Peter Did

13th October 2007:
This is so sad and well writen. I love how you make Peter sound almost perfectly innocent, even though what he did was horrible. Amelie sounds like a horrible person though! How could she do that?
This was very well writen and I was drawn into it. I wish there could be more!
Good work
- W -

Author's Response: Thanks very much! Yeah, this story was particularly hard to write considering I was trying to portray Peter, who we all know as only a horrible traitor, as human and innocent. I'm glad you liked it, and thanks for reviewing! =)

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