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Review #1, by jesse abedeen News Papers and wrestling.

19th December 2011:
great job so far be quick and upload the next chapter as fast as you can please i will appreciate it. merci beaucoup!!

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Review #2, by Yoooou News Papers and wrestling.

8th September 2010:
UPDATE THIS please please please!

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Review #3, by Hermione_Harry_Ron333 News Papers and wrestling.

15th February 2008:
Love it. Update soon. And I hope you get your other story up soon. What's it about? I might read it. Update soon and I love this story. :) 10/10

Author's Response: thank you! and it's about remus from when he gets bitten up through all 7 years of hogwarts =]

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Review #4, by mare12a News Papers and wrestling.

15th February 2008:
post more! this is a great story!

Author's Response: i have to write more first lol but thanks!

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Review #5, by dumbledorefluertwins Remus && Dumbledore's chat.

14th February 2008:
Seeing as James and Lily died when Harry was fifteen months old, that's pretty amazing that he had a picture of them together when he was sixteen months old. ;)

Other than that, really good, but watch your dialogue grammar. I advise getting a beta to sort that out.


Author's Response: i know, i always reread but seem to miss the grammar!
whoops..obviously i did not research lol

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Review #6, by mare12a Chapter 13

9th February 2008:
more! more! more! This is a really great story!

Author's Response: thanks!
i'm actually working on like 3 fanfics at once though, so if i dont update as soon sorry

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Review #7, by Carrie Potter Chapter 13

5th February 2008:
Your Great! Keep Writing.

Author's Response: thank you! and i am [keeping writing i mean..though i am pretty great lol]

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Review #8, by ProngsPadfootMoony Marauders Chapter 13

4th February 2008:
aleast its free thats all that matters love it. marauders rule.

Author's Response: tankies! =]

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Review #9, by pottyandweezlbe89 Chapter 13

4th February 2008:
love it ... bit of a slow chappy this one... but i'll take ur word 4 it when u say the nxt is better...
p.s. sorry i havnt reviewed i read stories on my PSP (playstaion portable) and hate 'typing' on as it takes for ever to type 1 word lol... any ways love it... keep going 10-10+

Author's Response: so what!? just cause it's a psp you can't review!? You're too good to review my stories now?! guess what buddy! i type up all of my stories on a psp and you don't see me complaing or not reviewing now, do you?! Stop being so lazy and review!!

lmao JUST KIDDING!!!! no worries..i know those things are a pain in the butt to type on! got ya though, didn't i? lol

yeah, this one was slow, sorry.

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Review #10, by MissLilyEvans Chapter 12

1st February 2008:
Aww..I love little Harry so much. I can see why he'd be so confused by what was going on. I hope he'll remember..something of Sirius..b/c I know Sirius has to love him a lot. Sirius..I love his character so much. I really do. I think that your doing a great job getting the characters reactions...Hagrid is so funny. I love Sirius so hope Harry trusts him, the poor little guy just doesn't understand what's going on. =]] He will..eventually.

Author's Response: lol i love little harry too! it's fun writing for him!

do you love sirius by any chance? lol
don't worry, harry will trust him. no worries.

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Review #11, by Carrie Potter Chapter 12

29th January 2008:
It's Great. Keep writting!

Author's Response: thank you =]

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Review #12, by Wicked Vixen (not logged in) Chapter 12

24th January 2008:
OMG. Update, please, update! I'd love to see Sirius, Remus and Harry live together. It's just so adorable!

Author's Response: thanks! and i will =]

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Review #13, by pottyandweezlbe89 Chapter 12

16th January 2008:
i loved this chapp... i'm so sorry for not reviewing. i read stories on my playstation portable (PSP) and cant stand 'typing' on it... *begs down for forgiveness* 10/10, 10/10, 10/10 no WAIT 100/100, 100/ wait 1000/1000, 1000/1000 NO WAIT... um? oh i dont know it's too good to rate lets just stick to 110% lol

Author's Response: lol its ok
was it really that good or are you just tyring to get on my good side? *suspicious eyes* lol j/k i forgive you!
and thank you very very much!! =]

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Review #14, by MissLilyEvans Chapter 11

13th January 2008:
now we get to see Harry's reaction. lol. I never caught on to why Fudge wouldn't be to blame..but yeah, i guess it makes're AU, so it really doesn't matter. You could have made it tie into the plot later or something. idk. Great work on this chapter. You had a couple of misspellings, but nothing major enough to be a problem.

Author's Response: darn, im not a good typer lol
i meant that it wasn't all fudge's fault because with peter sirius never would have went after him, been framed and gone to jail lol

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Review #15, by MissLilyEvans Chapter 10

13th January 2008:
Wow. I had thought I reviewed this chapter...but I guess not. I'm sorry. haha. Well...I think that it would be unfair if he didn't get his old job back. I think most people will be very apprehensive of Sirius, but then realize that he was innocent. Are they going to catch Peter? I hope so..that rat deserves...ahh..i can't say that.haha. Well..I'm glad that Sirius is out, does he get to clean up before he goes to see Harry..? I'm so sad for how much he had to go through, but that's how it is I guess. It sucks. Excellent Job, the emotions were real..and it made me feel as if I were there.

Author's Response: thank you very much!!!
yes he does get to clean up. i couldn't let him go see his godson looking like a hobo now, could i? lol
uhm i havent written the part about peter yet, im still debating what i'm going to do about him..

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Review #16, by Hermione_Harry_Ron333 Chapter 11

9th January 2008:
Loved it. Update soon. 10/10

Author's Response: thank you!!

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Review #17, by mare12a Chapter 11

9th January 2008:
post more now! your story is really good!

Author's Response: lol im going to post a chapter in a moment but it has to be aproved first..thank you!

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Review #18, by MissLilyEvans Chapter 9

24th December 2007:
This story is really good. lol. I just read it and I think that your story is very accurate for this kind of "what if" scenario. I wonder how Harry is going to react, they better clean him up before he meets Harry..and lol. I'm so excited to read the next chapter soon. Does he get his Auror license back? He should..i mean..he didn't do anything. i don't know that the public will take to his return greatly, but there is nothing that they can do. Hopefully they do though, or the majority of them that trust Dumbledore will...and those are the people that matter right? lol. i love Sirius!! and Remus. I am so happy that Harry has both of them now..and that now Sirius won't have to get a babysitter for when he transforms. when is Harry going to find out about that..when he's older no doubt. Wow..great job. I really really like this story. You should probably watch some of your spellings and whatnot, but other then that, terrific job!!!

Author's Response: wow thats a long review lol but thank you!!
i always mess stuff up when i type, im not good with the typos :\

i actually havent written much of this story yet because i kind of got bored with it and started another fanfic but i think i may go back to it sometime soon..

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Review #19, by mare12a Chapter 8

6th December 2007:
post more!!! this chapter was short!

Author's Response: i know, sorry lol
it takes forever to get validated though so it's not my fault lol

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Review #20, by J Chapter 8

5th December 2007:
Yay! Sirius is freed! Great job!

Author's Response: lol thanks =]

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Review #21, by mare12a Chapter 7

4th December 2007:
you need to post more! you left us with a cliffie! that is not fair!

Author's Response: lol sorry but all chapters have to be approved before they can be posted and it takes forever.
it could be worse. i could have only put chapter 7 and not included 8 :P

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Review #22, by werewolfs forever Chapter 7

4th December 2007:
great story !!
when are you updating
i want to know what happens to sirius, harry and remus

Author's Response: thank you =]

im about ot send in the next chapter buit it has to be validated

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Review #23, by Raeltsa Chapter 7

3rd December 2007:
Oh, a cliffhanger! How long until chapter eight?

Author's Response: im going to send it in in a minute but it has to be validated before it's posted, sorry.

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Review #24, by padfootgirl94 Chapter 6

24th November 2007:
awesome! i cant wait to find out if remus finds out that sirius is innocent

Author's Response: you'll have to wait and see ;)

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Review #25, by mizz92 Chapter 6

21st November 2007:
i hate to say this but i think a chapter is missing, i mean chapt 4 and then there is chapt 6. im confused lol.

Author's Response: yeah, uhm sorry about that..idk what happened is ent chapter 5 in and then chapter 6 and it took both (which it usually doesn't) and approved 6 first...chapter 5 is missing..sorry about that..ill try and fix it..but i dont really know how too...this is weird it's never happened before..

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