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Review #1, by Jedwardlover Chapter 1: Confrontations

3rd September 2010:
This is an amazing fanfic! You are brilliant!
I loved it

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Review #2, by lynn Dates and Pink Afros

7th June 2008:
lol what was funny you should read more to finish this story

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Review #3, by ihs Dates and Pink Afros

23rd April 2008:
nice story. i like it muchly

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Review #4, by megan1295 Dates and Pink Afros

3rd February 2008:
Funny. Hermione and George would make a cute couple...haha

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Review #5, by kikkymckikkik Dates and Pink Afros

9th January 2008:
i love the teaser for the next chapter lol, your story is one of my favs, please keep outing the chapters as fast as you can, i hate reading wip's because once i start a story i dont like to stop! but i adore hermione and george in this ff, so update again soon!

Author's Response: Hehe thank you. I shall update soon , I have nearly finished the next chapter so yeh I will put it in the queue soon XD

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Review #6, by Draco_is_my_Boi Dates and Pink Afros

9th January 2008:

Author's Response: Thank you XD

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Review #7, by lozzi_babe_heart Dates and Pink Afros

22nd December 2007:
Hey yeah this story is really awesome!!!
i hope you get over your writters block (for my sake lol).
but yeah it one of my fav pairings and you've written it really well!
so ten brownie points to you! lol

Author's Response: Brownies! Hehe sorry. thanks , I'm glad you like it 8)

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Review #8, by Green JellyBean Dates and Pink Afros

17th November 2007:
I love this story!! I like the teaser for the next chapter. Please update soon.

Author's Response: I'm glad to see you like the story. I'm working on the fourth chapter now but I've got writers block at the moment. Grrr


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Review #9, by XxxSirius4everxxX Chapter 1: Confrontations

25th October 2007:
I didnt think I would go for the whole George-Hermione thing, but I do actually like it. Good work xx Alex

Author's Response: Thank you! I am glad to hear it

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Review #10, by GoldenSnitch Chapter 1: Confrontations

19th October 2007:
Love this one, undate soon!!

Author's Response: writing the third chapter right now

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Review #11, by IcyBlueEyes Prolouge: The Falling Of a Friendship And the Starting Of A New One

19th October 2007:
Let me guess Ron? Great start! Keep updating!!

Author's Response: Glad to see you are enjoying the story so far

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Review #12, by gigi Chapter 1: Confrontations

18th October 2007:
Brilliant please finish it!

Author's Response: I am glad you are enjoying the story so far. I am just writing up the third chappie now

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Review #13, by len Prolouge: The Falling Of a Friendship And the Starting Of A New One

17th October 2007:
this story is ok..i was confused at some parts but otherwise interesting..please write more..

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #14, by GredANDForgeweasley! Prolouge: The Falling Of a Friendship And the Starting Of A New One

15th October 2007:
Hey, that was awesome!
Oh, and I would like to make you a banner! Just, e-mail me,
I want to make a great banner got your great story!

Author's Response: Why thank you very much!

And I would love for you to make me a banner!

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Review #15, by EllieMalfoy74 Prolouge: The Falling Of a Friendship And the Starting Of A New One

14th October 2007:
omg it was ron huh??well this is really good

Author's Response: Thanks and yes you got it right

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Review #16, by ilharrypotter Prolouge: The Falling Of a Friendship And the Starting Of A New One

14th October 2007:
Ron did it, Ron did it!

i think. probably. =] great chapter, its a good story.

Author's Response: Thank you very much and yes it was Ron who did it

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