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Review #1, by padfoot88 No Broom, Just Ace Williams

20th June 2011:
No i was so disappointed when i saw that this hadn't been updated in like, 2 years! :( But still, i have to tell you how much i love this story and how much i love Chris! I'm dying to know what happened between her and Sirius...and Remus!?! It's all so confusing!! And suddenly Lilly hates her too!! I'm betting it's something to do with Sirius (as it always is), but i was also thinking maybe Lilly saw her go up to the boys dorm with Sirius and believes the rumours?!? It's just a guess but still possible? Anyway, i think Sirius needs to get his story straight, one minute he's sorry, the next he's calling her a slut, i really just don't know what to think. It's unlikely this will be updated, but still, I'll hope for the best!

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Review #2, by ALAEASBARL No Broom, Just Ace Williams

18th October 2009:
OMG! I love it! Please don't say you've abandonned it!

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Review #3, by moon_light No Broom, Just Ace Williams

13th August 2009:
are u alive??
r u going to keep this story?

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Review #4, by Moonlight Magic No Broom, Just Ace Williams

5th July 2009:
i really like this story : ) hope you update soon

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Review #5, by LilyFlower_x No Broom, Just Ace Williams

9th June 2009:
okay, i shall review, even though you still haven't updated!
its good story, one of my favourites in fact
:) so update and make meh happeh

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Review #6, by Dancing_by_Magic No Broom, Just Ace Williams

7th April 2009:

I really hope you update pronto!!! This is really neat!!!


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Review #7, by sreduaram No Broom, Just Ace Williams

13th March 2009:
it's quite pathetic of him that the only time sirius is nice to chris is when he's drunk :P
i'm so curious as to what happened. has it actually been mentioned and i'm just too think to notice?
it's such a good story! i read the 7 chapters in one sitting.
update soon! 10/10

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Review #8, by lolobell123 No Broom, Just Ace Williams

19th February 2009:
I've never reviewed on a story before but i'm making it my new years revolution.a couple of months later but thats not the point. i love this story so far. really good cliffhanger and i can't even guess what's going to happen next like you can with some stories :) luuurve it very much. please update soon
lauren xx

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Review #9, by Anu No Broom, Just Ace Williams

25th January 2009:
Wow. Suspenseful. I cannot WAIT for the next chapter. I would also LOVE and absolutely WORSHIP the recount of past events which caused Chris to be in this position. Really, I feel so bad for her...and I feel like I would be going insane and crying every second if I was in her position...even though I don't know what's really going on yet. Maybe I skipped an important chapter or'm going to recheck. Can't wait for chapter eight!


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Review #10, by AmberEyes No Broom, Just Ace Williams

19th January 2009:
it's really good so far! i cant wait to find out why lily's mad :)

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Review #11, by 65ashben No Broom, Just Ace Williams

13th January 2009:
Why is Lily angry at Chris? Another awesome chapter. I can't wait for more!!! :)

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Review #12, by Marauders lover No Broom, Just Ace Williams

11th January 2009:
omg that was soo good!! hahaha sirius and remus finally have atleast some freaking concern towrad chris! but wtf did chris do to lily! im sooo curious! last question haha when will we find out what did the marauders and lily do to make chris and them be more distance? but besides that your story is so awesome! u leav some clifhangers that make me die to read more! well i should stop babbling like an idiot! great chapter please write soon!! 1000/10

Author's Response: Oh I got a good laugh out of your review. SOON! You WILL know soon!!
Thanks for the comment! I love babbling people!! :)

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Review #13, by sweetnothings No Broom, Just Ace Williams

10th January 2009: very good, please update soon

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Review #14, by Gerrand mcguire No Broom, Just Ace Williams

8th January 2009:
you left me confused too!
update soon

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Review #15, by animagus012 No Broom, Just Ace Williams

7th January 2009:
Aw, I want to read the next chapter!
nice chapter but I really want to know what happens next!

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Review #16, by crazybibliophile No Broom, Just Ace Williams

7th January 2009:
Ha! Feel the guilt, Sirius! FEEL THE GUILT!

Oh no, he hasn't been spreading more rumours about her, has he? Cause after she helped him out, when she was hurt and he was a prat, that would be VERY unsportsmanly of him. But given that Lily's mad at her for some unkown reason... well it's probably something completely different, but then again most things that are wrong in Chris's life seem to have something to do with Sirius.

Seriously though, is Sirius bipolar or something?! One minute he's telling everyone how nasty and evil she is, verbally abusing her and generally being incredibly mean; and the next minute he's all sweet and drunk and profusely apologising! And Remus apologising, too?! What is WRONG with them?! If they're really sorry for whatever unknown trangression they committed agains her in the past, they should actively try to make amends... not just faff about doing nothing while the rest of the school happily continues to hate Chris's guts.

Uh... sorry. Didn't mean to rant. But they're so... hopeless!! And annoying! Anyway, it was a great chapter, the Hospital Wing stuff made me laugh. :) Keep up the updates!

Author's Response: Oh I love it!! I love rants!!! This made my day, for SURE! I am so glad you did this, you are amazing.

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Review #17, by Carolina No Broom, Just Ace Williams

7th January 2009:
Wtf did Chris do to make Lily mad? She doesnt think she's doing it to herself is she?! Or is she mad at the fact that Chris didn't say anything to report Ace?! Ah! I need to know! It's killing me.

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Review #18, by Xxmidnite mistressxX No Broom, Just Ace Williams

7th January 2009:
another amazing chapter
and we readers love quick updates =] x

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Review #19, by sarai No Broom, Just Ace Williams

7th January 2009:
1. OMG new chapter yay
2. wtf happend? Why is Lily mad at her? Why is this chapter so short? Where is Ginger? When are we finally going to find out wtf really happend with all of them??? hurry up please!

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Review #20, by godrinkpinesol No Broom, Just Ace Williams

7th January 2009:
NO! Please update! This story is so good. Can't wait to know what sirius and remus are thinking

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Review #21, by EileenPrince No Broom, Just Ace Williams

7th January 2009:
Shit, dude.

That is the most gnawing cliffhanger ever ;)
I am actually in love with this.
Normally I would be like, "Yahh, well, it's obvious, Chris has gone and [blank] and that's what's happened..." in any other fic, but the way you've written this is amazing! You've really left me hanging.

It's very well written, the witty insights are getting even better, and Chris is so appealing -- I can't help but love her!

Can't wait for more!

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Review #22, by crazy muggle Death By Ace

5th January 2009:
c'mon it's way past the darn story soon

Author's Response: I know! I'm sorry! But it's posted NOW!!

... I know, I'm so not punctual...

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Review #23, by animagus012 Fan-Bloody-Tastic

2nd January 2009:
nice chapter ,UPdate please

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Review #24, by animagus012 Death By Ace

27th December 2008:
I love your story!
whats up with Chris and Remus?
why don't you answer any reveiws?
why do i like maruder fics so much?
why did i read all your chapters but give one reveiw?
Oh,great chapter by the way

Author's Response: You know, you are probably the only reason that I have decided to start answering reviews. I couldn't really think of a reason not to, so I will!
I'm glad you love it! And your first answer WILL be answered... in due time! Hmm I love power :)
Hey! Why did you only give one review? Humph. So unloved... :P

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Review #25, by crazybibliophile Death By Ace

19th December 2008:
I'm torn between loving silly drunk Sirius and adorable helpful Remus, and hating them for doing something stupid which obviously got Chris in a lot of trouble.

But anyway.

Fantastic chapter once again... Chris is brilliant, and the thing with the ink was so funny! I'm glad she can't seem to be mean to Lily and Ginger, they're sweet.

But OMG! Evil Ace! Gah! I can't believe he attacked her in the middle of the corridor. Was he a bit drunk or something? And I can't believe she helped Sirius back to his dorm even when she was injured and he'd been a prat to her. Poor Chris. I'm glad Remus actually decided to help her though, that was nice of him.

So... yeah. Awesome chapter from an awesome story, update ASAP!

Author's Response: Ooo! I love long reviews!!! They make me very happy :)
Gah! Evil Ace! But of course, every story needs an antagonist. Sadly for Chris, there is more than one person against her... Poor poor Chris...

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