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Review #1, by is that how you spell it Adrenaline Rushes

15th April 2006:
you, person or vampire hoofed mammal or whatever, have got to finish this, or else! (mwahahahahahahaha)! ok, seeya

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Review #2, by GoldenGirl Adrenaline Rushes

24th June 2005:
Okay, erm, I dont think Hermione would just all of a sudden say "What the eff happened?..." I mean, seriously! Thats totally not Hermione... but good story anyways =D it didnt suck at all.

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Review #3, by Grey Lady Adrenaline Rushes

9th May 2005:
I'm looking forward to seeing where this story goes. Hermione deserves a few admirers for, what sounds like, her coming of age in the maturity/looks department. And more to the point -the guys finally noticing. Not quite sure of the Nelson crush? But then our Hermione has never been conventional. If it works...let it rock your boat?!? I'm intrigued by your 'shagadelic' Malfoy- sounds VERY interesting. I may have to practise drooling ever so quietly in the corner. Mind you, if you throw a super sexy Snape in for good measure...I'm definately coming back for more!! Keep going, though some of your grammar could do with a little polishing. Please don't take this as a fic-bash, I genuinely mean it as a constructive criticism. Good luck for more.

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Review #4, by Ministry_of_mayhem Adrenaline Rushes

11th December 2004:
so cool, infact it was so cool, i have put it on my fave storie list. hope to see another chapter soon. byexxx

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Review #5, by aurora Adrenaline Rushes

15th July 2004:
i like the story soo far, but it needs to have more things happen in it.

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Review #6, by Kayla Adrenaline Rushes

4th May 2003:
What do you mean the chapter sucked? IT was the best chapter ever!!! Keep up the hard work!!!

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Review #7, by in love with Harry Adrenaline Rushes

8th February 2003:
You should really keep writing- the beginging is perfect!

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Review #8, by vixen Adrenaline Rushes

1st January 2003:

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Review #9, by Aathiel Adrenaline Rushes

18th December 2002:
*puppy dog eyes* Malfoy... got... hunky... *drools heavily* AS IF HE WASN'T HUNKY ENOUGH ALREADY!!! *steals Malfoy and runs off into the distance with him*

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Review #10, by wH0#c@rE&% Adrenaline Rushes

15th December 2002:
you suck :p

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