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Review #1, by wanted Padfoot but cant have it And He Was Gone

19th April 2006:
No no no no no no no *sob* no he cant die why. why did you have to make him die.*sad face*.............*happy face* o well other than that it was good. it almost made me cry. but you should have made more detait. ex:
Harry slowly opened his eyes to see ron pacing around his bed and hermione close by. they sudenly relized that he had woken up and rushed to his side.
" O....*sob*..... harry" hermione choked out
" harry ur going to be fine madam pomfree (sp?) is making -
" not.....going to make it......ron..take care of hermione.
hermione already crying started to cry more and ron trying to hold back the tears was unable to, seing the light leving his best friends eyes. harry then took one last look at the two people who had been by his side for almost 17 years as he closed his eyes for the last time. and they knew that inevitable had happened........ He was gone.
or somthin like that. otherwise good job!!!!!
the other Padfoot

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Review #2, by endofall And He Was Gone

27th July 2004:
wow that was really good! I think it should be longer! I found your pen name reading old reviews for my old fic! And I'm glad i clicked it!!! (my old pen name was MadisonFelton) heh! Anyways! Kudos!

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Review #3, by Fairy And He Was Gone

28th February 2004:
wicked sequal, sequal, sequal, sequal, sequal

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Review #4, by EnigmaticDaze And He Was Gone

16th February 2004:
Thats the poem from As Told By Ginger. I love that poem!

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Review #5, by baby_gurl And He Was Gone

4th October 2003:
i am starting a chant it goes like this: "sequal, sequal, sequal, sequal, sequal" P.S= this story is really good!!

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Review #6, by EmmalenaGranger And He Was Gone

11th August 2003:
Yes do write a sequal i am begging u Can u review mine Harry Potter and the Slave of the Dark Lord Lol Emmalena

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Review #7, by Anon And He Was Gone

21st July 2003:
not bad...

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