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Review #1, by Anne Fairytale Metaphors

8th July 2013:
I've reread this story a bunch of times and even years later I really hope you finish this up or write another chapter one day!

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Review #2, by remi Beneath the Surface

15th March 2012:
Team johnny
Team teddy
Team marauders
Victoire weasley
Teddy lupin
Violet and lucas

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Review #3, by Helen Fairytale Metaphors

9th October 2011:
Please continue! This story is amazing, and I want MORE!

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Review #4, by angiedotdotla Fairytale Metaphors

29th June 2011:

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Review #5, by Ritta Fairytale Metaphors

25th June 2011:
and the next chapter is when?

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Review #6, by hermione119 Ravenclaw's Revenge

5th June 2011:
I so love be frank the first two chps were boring it seemed like mean girls all ovr again.but now it's bloody awesome.pls get Vic n Ted together.u noe it literally hurts whn u hav thm apart lyk this.10/10. :). .btw i bet (and hope) that Vic end with johnny

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Review #7, by broken_rainbow Fairytale Metaphors

24th January 2011:
really love this story! keep updating xo

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Review #8, by ravenclaw_chill22 Hogwarts: The Next Generation

6th December 2010:
I can't wait to move on to the next chapter, I love this! :)

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Review #9, by potterhead444 Fairytale Metaphors

25th November 2010:
awww this story's so cute so far. i really want teddy with victoire soon though, although i kinda like how jealous he is.

can't wait for your next chapter :)

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Review #10, by a rollerball Fairytale Metaphors

2nd May 2010:
great great great story, plz plz plz update soon :) x ;) i like triples :L

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Review #11, by Missoni005 Fairytale Metaphors

17th April 2010:
I really like your fan fic and think you should continue writing it becuase i have been waiting forever.

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Review #12, by Violet Fairytale Metaphors

28th February 2010:
Please continue writing!! :O

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Review #13, by Natures Nobility Fairytale Metaphors

28th January 2010:
I'm still here!!!
If you can, please update.
I always adore you're stories... I just re-read.
Best parts are the chunks of rumour. 'why do you talk in fairytale metaphors?'
Funny as hell.

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Review #14, by byebyebaby Fairytale Metaphors

18th January 2010:
Update it is soo goood but you need to update you haven't for months and months and i am going mad

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Review #15, by IceColdFireyAngel Fairytale Metaphors

10th January 2010:
I love this fic! Really good characters and can't wait for the rerturn of harry potter originals. You write really well and I love your Lily Evans story on fanfic. Update soon :D

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Review #16, by IceColdFireyAngel Marauders Return

9th January 2010:
Really love this idea! Brilliantly written! :)

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Review #17, by IceColdFireyAngel Hogwarts: The Next Generation

9th January 2010:
OMG -IM IN LOVE WITH THIS STORY ALREADY!!! That is totally like normal school with the hierarchy and you write soo well!

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Review #18, by Missoni005 Fairytale Metaphors

26th December 2009:
Write more please I really enjoy this story!

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Review #19, by Jasmin Evans Beneath the Surface

21st December 2009:
Team Johnny
Team Teddy
Team Marauders
Favorite V- victoire
Favorite Marauder- teddy
Favorite couple- victoire and teddy

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Review #20, by GinnyWeasleyPotter Fairytale Metaphors

16th November 2009:

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Review #21, by em Beneath the Surface

1st November 2009:
favorite v? umm. the head seer one :]
no displays of great marauder pranks as of chapter 11.
eh stud muds
fav couple ace and the girl
keeping track of the names is difficult with all the vs!
all of your storys are fantastic :]

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Review #22, by nene Fairytale Metaphors

27th October 2009:
please update soon, im dying to read more.

Author's Response: Dear nene,
I shall try my hardest to update asap ;) Sorry for being such a pain and an awful updater. :(
Your Obedient Servant,
The Phantom

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Review #23, by singerhotti24 Hogwarts: The Next Generation

3rd October 2009:
Well, you got me. ; )
you really and truly did.
I like it. It seemed like a HUGE leap into it, but I like it! : ) Of course as far as introductory chaptes go. there was no action, other than a sweating hormonal teenage boy, but you already have me hooked. AH! What have you done to me?!? lol. As always, your writing steals me. Love it!


Author's Response: Dear Greta,
My writing steals you as do yours steal me (does that even make sense?). Well, point is across. And thank you so much for leaping into my other stories! I still have yet to update on this one (it's been nearly a year since I've updated eek!), but I shall do it nonetheless! Thanks again for your positivity!
Your Obedient Servant,
The Phantom

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Review #24, by Slytherin_lover Fairytale Metaphors

20th September 2009:
OMg, im dying to read what happens next.
I love the couple Ace and Veronica, please more of them=D

PLease update sooon =]

Author's Response: Dear Slytherin_lover,
I'm trying to finish typing up the new chapter--but so sorry for such an unexpected hiatus :( Hopefully the next chapter will be good enough apology to you readers;) Thanks again!
Your Obedient Servant,
The Phantom

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Review #25, by HarrietHopkirk Beneath the Surface

5th September 2009:
Team Johnny
Team Teddy (OBVIOUSLY)
Team Marauders
None...sorry. Marauders for life.
Teddy and Victoire (closely followed by Lucas and Vivian)

Author's Response: Dear HarrietHopkirk,
Thank you!
Your Obedient Servant,
The Phantom

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