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Review #1, by Rose Ravenclaw Little House

15th June 2013:
guess what im call ava and as far as i cheaked im not dead

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Review #2, by mandapanda1234 Little House

14th March 2009:
OMG...I love it! It's one of the best I've ever read...

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Review #3, by Samii Little House

26th January 2009:
This is really mysterious and mystical. I love this style of writing, it's a nice fit on you. :]] I still love your "My Marauder" style, but you should shift over to this sometimes. :]


Author's Response: This was VERY different writing for me and it was a fun change from My Marauder, but i don't think i could write a whole story, like with chapters, like this. Too dark i think.
But i do like writing the occasional oneshot!
Thanks!! :)

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Review #4, by KiTkAt14 Little House

7th June 2008:
this is very different from My marauder and snow angel
i don't know if i'm reading challanged today
or if this story is too depressing for my taste
but i don't really understand
then again i liked the use of words
maybe it's just me being my immature self

Author's Response: yeah Little House was written during my one emo moment-they are few and inbetween, so don't worry MM won't ever be like that!
It was depressing and probably not your taste if you really like MM...
Thanks though for reading it and giving me feed back! I really appreciate it!
Thanks, ~Cady

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Review #5, by purple_panda Little House

15th April 2008:
I love that song and this fic. They're both really sad :(

Author's Response: Thanks.
Emo moment i think!
Thanks for reading and reviewing!!~Cady

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Review #6, by the_marauders_rock Little House

19th February 2008:
That was very deep...Very good though.
You pulled off the whole angst thing very well.
Very well written. 10/10

Author's Response: is totally different than My Marauder, and yes, more angsty.
Glad I can accomplish deep!
Thanks for reading and reviewing!!~Cady

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Review #7, by jamie_and_fred123 Little House

24th November 2007:
I had an emotional, ah, 'moment' once. It was more like a couple of months and I wrote the most depressing story in the world, all but one girl died. Everyone was murdering everyone else. God.

BUT, this totally gripped me, again- MY STYLE! But I really just loved it. Sounds a BIT like something I wrote once. It was less 'emo-like' but it was kind of like this. I was thinking about writing it to fit the marauder era and post it up as my first story. but yours was amazing anyways.

Love Forever,

Author's Response: well...*clear throat* that is a bit depressing, *shudder*
well we match in styles i guess! cool my story was emo...emotastical!! (thank you Gred(my BFF, if anyone cares))
Totally write and post stuff, i'd totally read them!! especially if our styles are that close!!
Thanks for reading and reviewing!~Cady

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Review #8, by Book077 Little House

23rd November 2007:
That was a sad one-shot.

Author's Response: yeah i was in an emo mood...
wait do u mean sad as in wow that was totally a sad attempt at writing...or wow that was sad tearful heart wrenching sad? like lifetime movie sad-oh those always get me...
i'm just paranoid, sorry!
Well thanks for reading and reviewing!!~Cady

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Review #9, by Gred Little House

10th November 2007:
does this have anything to do with you wanting to convert to emonism? (cause this story was definantly emo-tastical!) it was great, of course. but do me a favor-DO YOUR HOMEWORK FIRST NEXT TIME!

Author's Response: U READ A MATURE STORY!! *gasp*
yes i am becoming EMO-TASTICAL! and you totally sound like a happy blonde there!
It was different and everytime i heard that song i needed to write about it, and of course being me have to have Sirius in there!
eh do i have to?
FINE *pout* ~Forge

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Review #10, by The5Potters Little House

25th October 2007:
oh. my. God.
Even better reading it the second time. (I seriously just downloaded this song too xD) You're seriously an amazing writer, that's for sure. You really capture a lot of emotion in this- and it's totally breath-catching type of emotion. Amazing :D


Author's Response: THANKS!
you have no idea how much your reviews mean to me. Honestly i doubt my own writing skills and emotion becuase i try so hard to make them right but i feel like they're cheesy. but hearing this is great becuase soon we dive into soooo many emotions and stuff so i'm glad to hear that they work and it's readable.
Again i LOVE your reviews(and AMAZING banners!! *hugs*) so thanks SO much for reading and reviewing!!~Cady

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Review #11, by xX mOoNdAnCe Xx Little House

18th October 2007:
Wow, I liked it! It was very intense and emotional, you did a great job! Everything flowed easily and it was wonderful to read =)
Love xX mOoNdAnCe Xx

Author's Response: wow what a great 1st review! thanks i was very unsure of the whole topic and stuff cuz usually i don't write like that but i am so glad you liked it!
thanks for reading and reviewing!!~Cady

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