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Review #1, by J E P Andela By a Fraction

24th January 2014:
I think it was beautiful. And I must say I liked this version of Draco, Oh the agony. Wish they'll find each other in the end. At least in my mind, he will run for her. Maybe ride a white stallion ;) Prince charming isn't he?
Your writing is as lovely as ever!! I envy your talent.
When time, I'll read all of your stories. Can't seem to get enough!

Author's Response: Aww thank you!
I wrote this way back when I was a Dramione OTPer through and through, and wouldn't let HBP and everything that followed come between them haha. Glad you liked it! Thanks for reading and reviewing! Till next time, I hope.

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Review #2, by WeasleyGirl03 By a Fraction

1st July 2010:
Fantastic I do have a fondness for DM/HG stories...

What happened to Hermione?? :'(

Author's Response: Hermione?
Oh, I guess I sort of forgot about her...probably died I guess...
hahah, nah just kidding. The story continues as it does in the HP books, so Hermione is fine, if not a little heart broken ;)
Thanks for reading and reviewing this story too! If you like DM/HG fics, I have one other one, Price to Pay. ^.^

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Review #3, by SexyDoorFrames By a Fraction

22nd February 2010:
I really liked this. It was written really well. I liked the plot line. I really liked the flow. In all it was an excellent one shot :D

Author's Response: Thanks so much!
I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #4, by hogwartschick22 By a Fraction

14th December 2009:
i love this! you are truly brilliant!

Author's Response: aww shucks.
Thanks so much. Great to hear you liked it.

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Review #5, by Nicole By a Fraction

29th July 2009:
It was really good, but the page was 593.

Author's Response: thanks, glad you liked it.
About the page number, thats strange, because I just double checked my version of HBP and its definetly page 553. Maybe we have different publications of it...?
thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #6, by hogwarts_author_cs By a Fraction

3rd January 2009:
I liked it! :) I never really like Hermione/Draco fics, and I always tell myself that I'm not going to read them, but then I always do! :) I liked this one, though. It was totally different from all the others out there. I liked the way it was written, with flashbacks and everything. :) Liked it!

Author's Response: Haha, I think everybody has a soft spot hidden somewhere for HG/DM fics. Glad you liked this one. Thanks for reading and reviewing yet again!

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Review #7, by AmOrFoReVeR By a Fraction

26th December 2007:
that was a great story. very touching and sincere.

loved it

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #8, by turtle_toes By a Fraction

20th November 2007:
what can I say
Draco... Hermione... I'm at peace.

Author's Response: Thats good to hear.
ps- took you a while to post a review, didn't it? lol

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Review #9, by Remus By a Fraction

14th November 2007:
ahahaa! hey, look, they didn't cut my lurvely little ^_^. I be so glad.
No need to reply to this "comment" xD.
hey, they didn't edit the multiple "an"s in bananana.

Author's Response: I know you said not to reply, but geez, Remus, you're just too funny to not mention anything.
~Saint of Cheese...

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Review #10, by Remus By a Fraction

14th November 2007:
Ack, sorry, and I forgot to say that yes i liked the banner. It was the first thing I thought when I searched for holey like a saint, "Hey, I like the banner! Cool! She's so lucky she gets to make her own banners, can't wait to see the next one..." And stuff like that. They might cut of my happy face again, but meh: ^_^

Author's Response: =D.
*teehee* Banner. Yay.
Yeah, it's fun making them but I have no patience and I usually stop within like 15mins and leave it for later again and again when stuff doesn't fit or stuff...
Hmm, next one? I wonder what that will be...?

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Review #11, by Remus By a Fraction

14th November 2007:
what d'you mean, "thank you for /actually/ reading it"? Of course I read it! And Draco wasn't as out of character as you seem to think he is, I think it flowed perfectly well. I didn't find him to be whiny or anything. It's sad! *sniff* "A kiss of apology, passion and love. “I’m sorry.”" Aww! Goodness, Cheesy, I didn't know you had it in you xD

And, oy. I may not have figured out some random title taken from some random line in some random HP book--but I'm not the one who couldn't recognize email-sarcasm if it hit me in the face with a packet of Pop Rocks.

And the song! Of course. Glad you like it. I think Robin Hood came up once at your place. Possibly with Alan Rickman.

My last review, the edited my screwed up face, so that there is only one eye and a nose, like this: >.
I wonder if they'd edit "banana" What about with an extra "n". like bananana.

and i reviewed before you came to visit, obviously. one day, I'M gonna sneak up on YOU an' it's gonna be hilarious.

i wonder if there's a length limit on these things.

meh, whatever, me thinks i be done


Author's Response: well yes, thanks for reading it its self explanatory!
and thanks for reviewing again and again, it makes me smile, lol.
Of course I had it in me! I mean, sure I may be a tough cookie on the outside, but I'm really just a hopeless romantic at heart.
And yes! I totally knew you were being sarcastic and implying stuff and what not! I just decided to not be so obvious about it....
Alan Rickman...hmm, maybe I should write a story about him, I mean about Snape.
Ok. See ya, and I'll be waiting for you to sneak up on me!

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Review #12, by Remus By a Fraction

14th November 2007:
I just got the title.
It's, like, a half hour since I posted the last review, and I was coming back on the computer (this time at school), and I was like, Oh! By a Fraction! He lowered his wand by a fraction! I GET IT!!!

These new review formatting things are annoying. I can't properly express myself without the multiples o's or u's in an extended "luv", and the "uh" at teh end of "song" doesn't sound right if you don't know that i'd extended the o's for as long as my breath would allow me...
Do you get what I'm trying to say?
Anyways, yeah, this was sweet.
Ummm...I'd leave more by way of review, but I'm afraid of a teacher coming and asking if I shouldn't be using this time to finish the work due today...or the work due for the past two months, actually...>.

Author's Response: and you're supposed to be the smart one...??
just kidding, glad you understood the title eventually. Did you like my banner? *teehee* I was so proud of it.
Thanks again! =D

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Review #13, by Remus By a Fraction

14th November 2007:
zomg! Bryan Adams/Robin Hood song? Yes, yes, yes? I luv that songuh! Thank you! Your story got about ten times better in my eyes b/c of the song x)

ack, je dois go to catch the bus. see you at school, maybe. no way you're sneaking up on me.

Author's Response: *gasp* you recognized the song?!! YAY!
Yeah I love that song too, (which I'm sure you already figured out seeing as I put it in the story...)
lol, no I'm not sneaking up on you...but wait, I was there later wasn't I?
Thanks for actually reading it!

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Review #14, by Aparecium By a Fraction

13th November 2007:

Author's Response: wow, thanks!

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Review #15, by thecoolestdork13 By a Fraction

12th November 2007:
Sorry, I just don't like the Draco and Hermoine pairing. This almost made me change me min though, it was so well-written. A really good job!

Author's Response: Well then I'm impressed that you actually read it if you don't like DM/HG pairings.
**noted the "almost". Is there anything I can do to completely turn you to the dark side? lol.

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Review #16, by Salena By a Fraction

12th November 2007:
Oh.. I'm speechless, it's very... amazing.

Author's Response: Really? thanks!
My friend had said I might be getting evil glares, especially because of the whiny Draco, but this makes me feel good!
lol. thanks again.

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Review #17, by Krystle Lynne By a Fraction

12th November 2007:
Interesting twist on HBP. I like it.

Author's Response: Its not too weird?
lol, thanks and glad you liked it.

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Review #18, by reader101 By a Fraction

11th November 2007:
i really like it.

Author's Response: Thanks. =)

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