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Review #1, by ILoveYouChristopher Special Delivery

9th December 2011:
Very very very good. I am glad that they are all good and healthy right now!

Author's Response: Yes...for now.

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Review #2, by Nicolelovesdraco It Happened One Night

19th November 2011:
OH GOD THAT DID NOT JUST HAPPEN:O omg i am in love with these stories, i'm sorry i haven't reviewed AT ALL. i feel bad but this chapter is fantastic.

Author's Response: Haha I'm glad you enjoyed it! Keep on reading, hopefully it only gets better from there. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #3, by Sirius Black Dog Gone Baby Gone

1st June 2010:
NO! OMG Shay? I'm crying how dare you make me cry. That's so awful, i feel sick

But its your awesome writing skills that made me feel those things

i love this story but not right now :(


Author's Response: Sorry, but thanks!

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Review #4, by Sirius Black Dog Powerful

1st June 2010:
Loved the last line.it was perfect :)

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #5, by Sirius Black Dog It Happened One Night

1st June 2010:
WOW that's so powerful. Upsetting and beautiful. it touched a part of me that i had hidden behind a wall...it was touching and i truly loved it


Author's Response: Thank you very much!!

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Review #6, by Sirius Black Dog A Night To Forget

31st May 2010:
OMG i had tears in my eyes. That was beautiful and turned awful

Author's Response: Thanks. Weirdly, that's the response I was looking for.

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Review #7, by Sirius Black Dog The Giant Purple Balloon

30th May 2010:
HAHAHAHA i;m meant to be in bed but wanted to keep reading and had to bite my fingers to stop from laughing out loud :)

Author's Response: Well, thanks for risking it!

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Review #8, by showme48 Gone Baby Gone

21st April 2010:
YOU BITCH! how the hell could you do that?! to Sirius?! to Remus?! Lily?! James?!

Author's Response: You won't like me when I'm angry!! Somebody went a little Hulk there...

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Review #9, by xxMxx Gone Baby Gone

15th August 2009:
NO! you bring more and more heartache. Great story but horrid ending!

Author's Response: Yes, but read on, there may be some hope.

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Review #10, by xxMxx A Night To Forget

15th August 2009:
NO! NO! NO! That's so horrid! I can't believe their dead! Poor Remus!

Author's Response: I'm sorry that you're so upset.

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Review #11, by dark_angel_14 Blame It On Me

1st April 2009:
OO I was scared it was Lily and James.
But you would have said something about Harry bring born.
Still way jacked up on sugar
lollipops are good.


Author's Response: a birth after death would not be a good thing.

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Review #12, by dark_angel_14 Trying To Get Along

1st April 2009:
Harry doesn't have parents anymore.
But it was very good!!!

Sorry still jacked up on sugar.


Author's Response: wrong potters sweetheart!

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Review #13, by dark_angel_14 Rejection

1st April 2009:
I loved it!
I really just want to spend all this energy.
I loved it, again!


Author's Response: I read your really big word and the first thing I saw was "fart". it really shows you how mature I actually am.

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Review #14, by dark_angel_14 Adjusting

1st April 2009:
Poor Sirius. He cares so much about Cillian and Shay's so mad, things better not fall apart missy!!! OH and I loved it!


Author's Response: you should pay for their therapy.

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Review #15, by dark_angel_14 Special Delivery

1st April 2009:
I totally loved it!
I love the name and it's not Gaylord. Good good.
I feel like running a mile right now! Sorry kinda random.


Author's Response: I'm glad someone appreciates it.

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Review #16, by dark_angel_14 The Giant Purple Balloon

1st April 2009:

"Personally I'm offended. I can't believe she likes Snape more than me. No wonder she's marrying the giant purple balloon. Your sister has horrible taste."

it just made me bust up!!!


Author's Response: James Potter. Constantly creating laughter in my head.

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Review #17, by dark_angel_14 Introductions

1st April 2009:
Loved it! It was really good!!! Sirius is so protective of Shay and the baby it's so cute. But Gaylord? He has to be kidding. I don't know if I can read a story that's constently going Gaylor this, and Gaylord that. Na I think I would read it anyways.


Author's Response: but it would be greatness. I know my readers would have loved that. some of them have a hard enough time with cillian

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Review #18, by dark_angel_14 TB's

1st April 2009:
Hey I read the last one and didn't post. But it's one of my fav's literally. And so is this one!


Author's Response: thank you very much!

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Review #19, by Jessie Gone Baby Gone

27th March 2009:
sorry to bother you, but when do you think the new story will be up??

Author's Response: Soon. It's the best response I can give right now.

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Review #20, by picnic Gone Baby Gone

21st March 2009:
i hate you for not updating, whens the story coming??

its the best story i've ever read.
Please update.

btw don't take the 'i hate you' badly, because i really love you and just want you to update :)

Author's Response: my eyes went really big when I read the "I hate you". I kinda hate myself right now. I can't believe how fast February and March went. Life is kinda hectic right now. Three jobs and school can be pretty rough. I write whenever possible, like right now, so it takes me a while to finish a chapter. And I never seem to like what I write so that doesn't help either. My new goal is to get this installment started before April. Hopefully I will accomplish that.

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Review #21, by ingeborgsk Gone Baby Gone

15th March 2009:
I've been waiting for the sequel for weeks, when does it come? You said you would publish it in february ;__;

Author's Response: don't be too mad. I've been working on it slowly. It's almost done and ready to come out. I just want to make sure it's really good for you guys.

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Review #22, by Gemlovessirius Gone Baby Gone

7th March 2009:
Great story! I have just read through the whole 2 installments.
You have done a fantastic job with all your characters. And i think these last few chapters have been awesome. They are the best! I am definatley reading your next installment! This story is proberly the best Marauders story i have ever read ( and there have been alot) Update really really soon :) i already can't wait!

Author's Response: thank you very much. I'm finishing the first chapter of the next installment right now. kind of crossing the i's and dotting the t's short of thing. I want it to be good so my awesome readers like you can enjoy it!

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Review #23, by spotty pyjamas Gone Baby Gone

20th February 2009:
hey.:) i love your story! Shay is the best she cannot die. YET! Will you update before march? Please do!

Author's Response: Yes I will definitely update before march.

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Review #24, by Eliza Gone Baby Gone

16th February 2009:
i LOVE this story
its great
can't wait for the next installment!!!

Author's Response: Thank you! It should be coming soon so be sure to check back

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Review #25, by Baileigh Gone Baby Gone

6th February 2009:
NO no no no nono!!
You can't leave me hanging like that! -sob-
I've been reading since chapter one. augh.

Do you have any idea when the final installment's first chapter will be coming out?
keep up the great work.

Author's Response: It will be sometime this month. I'm actually working on it right now and I'll be working on it the next couple days too. So hopefully I'll get the first chapter out next weekend I'm thinking, maybe sooner, maybe later.

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