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Review #1, by MlJ The Beating...

19th February 2012:
I never liked Ron anyway...

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Review #2, by BrittJade The Beating...

14th November 2011:
Amazing absolutely amazing

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Review #3, by Ana The Beating...

8th August 2011:
oh my goodness! as sad as this is, it's so intense and good! your an amazing writer!

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Review #4, by arianpotter The Beating...

12th December 2010:
beautiful. nice one how i wish it was what the books wre

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Review #5, by American Ginny The Beating...

15th May 2010:
Absolutely Beautiful :)

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Review #6, by David The Beating...

7th August 2009:
While I would accept Ron has some of the personality traits of a wife beater I don't accept that Hermione would tolerate such treatment or be incapable of defending herself from him.

So nicely writen story but not one I find all that credible

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Review #7, by ElToroNegro The Beating...

13th July 2009:

I don't really know what to say about that, it's really a hard story... I mean, I'm not a real Ron fan, but that's heavy... But really good written, you may notice how shocked I am. Nice work.

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Review #8, by Nightrunner The Beating...

7th January 2009:
Great story! And all too plausible, I think. IMO, the canon version of Ron always seemd a bit "off" to me. Perhaps this story could explain why.

I am a little disappointed that none of the other Weasly's but Arthur and Ginny showed up for the wedding.
Surely that can't be so shallow as to hold Harry responsible for exposing Ron's cruelty. But, it's like that in real life, too, sometimes.

Now, when in the world are you going to finish Hermione Granger, Heaven Sent? Come on!



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Review #9, by LangstonWeasley The Beating...

28th October 2008:
amazing story...very well written!!

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Review #10, by Ellaoptimistic The Beating...

10th June 2008:
Stupid Ron. But that was really sweet, go harry! h/hr forever! =D 10/10

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Review #11, by Weasleys Forever The Beating...

23rd April 2008:
So very sad that Ron could do that to Hermione. Thank goodness (thank Merlin) that Harry saved her. And she saved him.

Very dark, but very well written.

Keep writing.

Author's Response: You should read trapped, I think you may well like it more than this one.

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Review #12, by skye The Beating...

11th March 2008:
I'm with you on the whole "JKR wrote the book for the film" thing. It doesn't fit; this does. Bizarrely, I always thought he had tendecies to be excessively violent, which gives the story immense credibility. Everyone bashed Harry, Hermione, Draco, almost anyone, but Ron seems to always get off scott free for some unknown reason. Thank you for filling the excessive void of anti-Ron fics which actually display the character rather than another dull love story where everything is pretty etc. (I have nothing against love stories, but there comes a point when an amalgamation of the same story becomes rather monotonous (that was a lot of long words).
Well written and interesting, 10/10!

Author's Response: Hi there, great comments.
Each aurthor embues their characters with human traits in order to make them more believable, JKR made Harry self sacraficing noble brave and full of love which geos to making him the hero, then for some odd reason she gave Ron all the traits of a wife beater, short temper, jealous, insecure, low self esteem, greedy, etc. Hermione she made loyal, etc, so adding these traits into the character and then allowing them to mature lead me to the conclusion that Ron Weasley would not be a good man to be married too and would most likely beat his wife, hence this story.

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Review #13, by goldfirebolt The Beating...

23rd February 2008:
Serouos ron bashing

Author's Response: Yeah Ron's true character revealed again by yours truly, I just enjoy it more every time.

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Review #14, by ROBERT__1958 The Beating...

23rd February 2008:
Great story.

Please add to this story?

Author's Response: I don't know that it could be added to really, I mean it is all said and done as far as I can see.
Thanks for reviewing

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Review #15, by Armand The Beating...

20th February 2008:
man, that damn Ron did a number on her. if i were Harry, i'd have killed him. great little one-shot. you and your wife are both great writers.(love her Ron bashing lol) i just don't get the R/Her ship in canon. where did that come from. i just think that Hermionie's brain(and heart) would have told her to take the better and more caring person. don't know what JKR was thinking on that one(i'll stick by my guns and say Love potion from the youngest weasleys)...

Author's Response: My honest opinion is that I am not convinced JKR wrote the last book the way she intended, I actually think she wrote it to comply with the film makers who have tried putting little scenes in the films that did not exist in the books, ie Hermione grabbing Rons hand during the Buckbeak scene, there has been at least one of these anomallies in each film, so I think she changed the book to fit. She also forgot to add the 'power he knows not' I dont accept that his dieing could be called a power. well thats my daily rant against book seven.

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Review #16, by something random The Beating...

20th February 2008:
i think this is a great story. i just couldn't see how JKR put Ron with Hermione and Ginny with Harry,it doesnt seem to fit, but when i read your stories they seem to fit really well especially seeing as they are Harry and Hermione.

Author's Response: It seems that JKR forgot all about the thing called natural selection, Hermione's genes would not allow her to marry some one so far below her own intelligence level, just take a look around how many really intelligent people are married to Duh brains. anyway I think my way is the correct one.

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Review #17, by HPlover_13xlizx The Beating...

20th December 2007:
aw,how sweet ron good guy but needs bashed sometimes

Author's Response: I couldn't agree more, thanks for the review.

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Review #18, by Xadro The Beating...

24th October 2007:
You know this was the first story I read here on and as stupid as I was I didn't have an account here to put it in my favorites or at least somewhere so I could read it again because I really loved this story when I read it got me hooked on this site. I tried to find this story again some time ago but I just couldn’t find it, so I’m glad I finally got to read it again!

Anyway great story! It doesn't surprise me that Ron is rather violent even to women, it wouldn’t surprise anyone who read between the lines of the books.

- Xadro

Author's Response: Thanks for taking the time to read my work and then to review it. I feel the same way about Ron having really studied every word by or about him in all the books. He has the traits that usually indicate a woman beater, and I dont care what JKR wrote in the epilogue of book 7, there is no way a highly inteligent woman like Hermione, who chose Harry when Ron ran out on him would then leave Harry and marry Ron. It seems that JKR made a big mistake here. I know that prior to book 7 I wrote some Harry Ginny fics, but I thought they were all a bit of poetic license as used by most writters, shame is that Ginny and Harry really just dont fit together.

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Review #19, by Potter n Mione The Beating...

20th October 2007:
Wow, this is awesome, Merlin! Ur fics are always soo true!

Author's Response: You should read the wifes, I have to ask her advise one heck of a lot.

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Review #20, by Cat 007 The Beating...

9th October 2007:
why didn't Molly go to the wedding?? great story 9.9/10

Author's Response: Well, I have considered your question and I think the answer would be 'shame'.
She would still be ashamed of her son having done such an awful thing. Well thats my excuse and I'm sticking tp it. thanks for asking...

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Review #21, by dennisud The Beating...

29th September 2007:
Maybe a sequel as to how the rest of the family and the Wizarding World takes this marriage!

the story itself was good!


Author's Response: I like the idea, thanks for the input

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Review #22, by HungryHippogriff The Beating...

29th September 2007:
I really don't get the whole Ron/Hermione thing. Bash away. Well done!

Author's Response: Well I didn't mind it to much when it seemed in the books that Hermione was much more into Harry, R/Her seemed a bit of fun, but then after book 7, after all that choosing Harry, hand holding etc then the epilogue, I decided JKR was not the brilliant author I thought she was.

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Review #23, by auror_snape The Beating...

29th September 2007:
Bashing Ron is one my favorite hobbies, and you bashed him mercilessly. Thanks! Though it sad Harry had to resign aftewards. Ah well, great story. 9/10

Author's Response: A sad angry little person like Ron needs a bashing now and then, though I do still get some good ideas for R/Her tales.

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Review #24, by thegillitine The Beating...

28th September 2007:
I never liked Ron anyways...

Author's Response: Nah nasty person alway having Hermione in tears. thanks for the agreement.

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