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Review #1, by RachaelMalfoy13 Well this ought to be interesting...

14th April 2008:
you should try to take out all the "you's" and make them "i's" it would sound better it sounds ackword with the yous instead of i . but other than that its good

Author's Response: Oh, yea I noticed that after I posted it, but didn't figure it mattered. I'll fix it if it helps.


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Review #2, by nina92 Huge Rats

18th November 2007:

i lyk ur fic at first i wasnt so sure about the writing style *sorry* but i really like the ideas that you've put into it and the way that you portrayed the different characters and no your not the only person wo says confuzeled lol

good job il try and stick with it

keep validating :]


Author's Response: Thanks. When I first started writing it was kind of hard since I've never really written anything. But reading so much more I think my style is getting a little better and I'm trying to be more vivid with the details. This story is posted on Quizilla, well up to chapter 8, and I've put the pictures of what everything looks like on there. Like the outfits and all the characters and the house. But anyways thanks for reviewing. I hope you keep reading.

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Review #3, by Padfoot7 Huge Rats

17th November 2007:
How do you add a banner? Can you answer through a review for me? Thank you!


Author's Response: Ya I had the same issue at first, but it's really not that hard. Once you have a banner made that's the right size, put it on Photobucket. Go to edit your story, not a chapter, and on the summary there's a little picture that looks like mountains and a sun. You click on that and put in the URL and you should be good to go.

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Review #4, by anonymous Ladies please avert your eyes...

28th October 2007:
hilarious, absolutely hilarious.

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Review #5, by Brooklyn What are muggles?

14th October 2007:
i love it!!! update soon, plz!!

Author's Response: Thanks! I have up to chapter 8 written and half of 9 but since it's taking so long to validate I can't update as often as I would like. Oh, if you know anyone good at making these kind of banners send them my way please.=]]


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