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Review #1, by harryhermione4evah Lost twenty years of real Love

8th October 2010:
I love weasley bashing and I think harry should have ended up with hermione anyways. good story! i love all your stories and i really liked this one to

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Review #2, by jabarber69 Lost twenty years of real Love

25th September 2010:
hey that was rather good and the thoughts on the children of the situation was rather realistic.

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Review #3, by Tentrees Lost twenty years of real Love

30th December 2009:
Love the story. Never thought much of H/G or Hr/moRon. The littlest Ginger never made any sort of impression and was to close to Dumbvles for my taste.

Well written. Love it!

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Review #4, by PfiberOptik Lost twenty years of real Love

30th November 2009:
Love the story! Always hated Ron Weasley!

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Review #5, by marisalovesharry Lost twenty years of real Love

22nd November 2008:

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Review #6, by tyrosine Lost twenty years of real Love

14th November 2008:
i love weasley bashing!

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Review #7, by Lierian Lost twenty years of real Love

17th May 2008:
Great story. I'm just sorry it took 20 years for them to come up with the truth. One thing that I noticed in the epilogue is that Harry and Hermione don't talk to each other at all which is just very odd. So I can perfectly see something like your story happening.

Author's Response: Hi, I did not like the last book at all, I thought it all seemed rushed and ill thought out, in fact I thought I had bought me a fake at first. anyway thanks for the review.

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Review #8, by al Lost twenty years of real Love

17th May 2008:
very unrealistic view of how a mother would feel about her children after raising and living with said children 20 years. your argument about her being a victim and needing to heal doesn't fly either. she may have been technically raped, but in reality she was a willing participant, albiet via drugs. that would be what she would remember--not the violence of a rape. she has distastefuly memories, but they are nothing in comparison to a real rape victims.

Author's Response: Boy you have somme odd views, I suppose with your view of rape that all these drug induced date rapes are not really rape because they may have consented due to the influence of drugs, your views are the ones that do not hold water, sex with a woman who is only consenting due to drugs is still rape and not just a technicality. Also any one who had been systematicaly drugged and raped over a long period feels just as bad as some one who was grabbed and dragged into bushes, I know I have had to council some.

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Review #9, by jointhedarksidewehavecookies Lost twenty years of real Love

20th December 2007:
i love the thought about ron giving hermione Amortentia! :)

Author's Response: Yeah naughty boy Ron wasn't he, thanks again for the comments

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Review #10, by Icewolf_daph Lost twenty years of real Love

2nd October 2007:
great job
cuz they do suck and I hope it's all true

Author's Response: What!, you don't like the Weasleys, now theres a thing. they do take up a lot of space in the stories though. thank you for reviewing again

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Review #11, by Rock n Roll Lost twenty years of real Love

27th September 2007:
Hmmm...I didn't mind the ron or ginny bashing but I was a little bugged by the mrs. weasley bashing and the way hermione was feeling about her kids but over all its a good story so far. :)

Author's Response: Poor old Mrs Weasley, the woman who scares everyone and always gets her own way, as if she would do something naughty. Sorry but I just felt like a Weasley bash, Hermione's kids are the result of what she see's as rape, she needs time... just like any victim would.

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Review #12, by the odd one Lost twenty years of real Love

26th September 2007:
Great story. I like the way you made Harry and Hermione so strong. and that they did not back down Except for the twins I am not rhat much of a Weasley fan I especially don't care for the Ginny character

Author's Response: To be honest I did as my old fella told me, I reread all the books and wrote down all the good things like holding hands hugs etc between Ron/Her then Har/Her then I wrote down all the times they were nasty to her Ron topped this one by far, and actually from rereading looking for character flaws Ron comes out as a typical woman beater, so like my hubby I decided JKR wrote the epilogue after a long weekend on the tiles. as you said Hermione is strong, not a woman to pick a dimwit for a husband.

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Review #13, by DeliaDee Lost twenty years of real Love

26th September 2007:
Much as I love the Weasleys I have no problem with Weasley bashing if the plot is good and this was a good one. My only problem was that I don't see either Harry or Hermione taking a situation, if one this drastic, out on their children. Harry especially, with his own troubled childhood, would never deserted them. Most likely he would've considered them his kids - not Ginny's.

Author's Response: The reason I had the kids stay with Arthur was because niether Harry nor Hermione could be sure of not taking it out on the kids, any way if you like a bit of ron bashing you should read my old fella's work he loves it, find him under merlinsaprentice1

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Review #14, by ChiannaMalfoy Lost twenty years of real Love

26th September 2007:
That was cruel...but something in me smiled insanely and liked it! A LOT. Sequel maybe? I have grown fond of bashings of those who overuse love potion *cough...romilda vane...cough*

Author's Response: I will think about your suggestion, thanks for the input

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