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Review #1, by mMalfoy Muddled Hope

31st December 2010:
Really good story, I liked it very well :)

Author's Response: Thank you, it was my first attempt at slash so I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #2, by Rachel Muddled Hope

13th December 2008:
that was really good you know how to write this stuff well. You should write stuff like this more often. :)

Author's Response: Thank you for taking the time to review

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Review #3, by Rachel Muddled Hope

13th December 2008:
that was really good you know how to write this stuff well. You should write stuff like this more often. :)

Author's Response: I've done another femmeslash one shot and a slash one shot since this one. I'm just getting comfortable with writing slash so you're comment has really made me happy!

Thank you for taking the time to review

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Review #4, by Jynx_Finnigan_ Muddled Hope

24th January 2008:
Aw. Really sweet chapter.
Ten out of ten.

Author's Response: Oh thank you very much!

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Review #5, by saphireprincess Muddled Hope

27th December 2007:
good story.i don't like ginny but i kinda feel bad for her.
stupid draco.


Author's Response: I'm not a huge Ginny fan either, but this fic was totaly out of my comfort zone in writing as I've never wrote slash before and I don't usually read it unless the plot really jumps out at me. & as I don't write Ginny I thought I'd combine the 2 lol.

I don't think he does marry Pansy does he? Which is a good thing lol.

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Review #6, by stacii Muddled Hope

27th November 2007:
I really like this.
So much infact, that I added it to my favourites.
Great job.

Author's Response: I'm so releived that this fic has had only good comments, as it was my first attempt!

I'm so flattered you would do that! Thanks so much!!!!

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Review #7, by chiQs09 Muddled Hope

26th October 2007:
Hi, so here's my review. Sorry for the long wait, but I've been really busy and exhausted when coming home from work the past days.

To your story:
I like it a lot. You have depicted Ginny's fear and worry amazingly. And that she found comfort in the least expected person, who felt the same like her. The kiss in the Room of Requirement was brilliant. ^_^ It was just sad that Draco returned the next day. But I felt happy that Pansy didn't pretend as though nothing between them had happened.
Aside from that, I think you have to fix your dialogues. There were some scattered errors, which were a bit distracting when reading.

I have a femmeslash about Ginny during battle, too, where she missed Harry and stuff, and found comfort in Cho. But I didn't depict Ginny's feelings as good as you did. Maybe you'd like to read it and drop a review? ^_^

(PS: Let me know if you have new femmeslash stories in store.)

Author's Response: No worries about the wait, I thought you were pretty quick!!

Like I've said slash isn't something that I've ever written before so I wanted to explore the emotions more than the fact it was too girls thrown together & I'm thrilled everyone who has reviewed has had only good things to say.

I'm so happy you thought it was ok seeming as femslash seems to be soemthing you write a lot of.

I've popped over to your page to have a look and I will def read some of your work!! Ginny & Cho sounds like an interesting pair.

I don't have any femmslahs plans at the moment but if I think of something I'll let you know.

Thanks for reviewing!!

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Review #8, by i_want_to_be_ginny Muddled Hope

22nd October 2007:
I dont usually read slash fics but today i thought oh well. So i read it. IM SO GLAD I DID CUZ THAT WAS JUST GREAT

Author's Response: Oh wow! Thanks for the positive comments on this fic. I don't usually write slash as you might see from my other stuff, but I saw this challenge so I thought I'd give it a go and see what people thought.

I'm thrilled that you liked this especially as it's not something you usually read. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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Review #9, by LizzardLife Muddled Hope

8th October 2007:
I was weary at first, but was persuaded to read it because of how good you are at writing unusual ships.
so sad for Ginny, but i don't if i would liked it as much had it ended with Ginny and Pansy hooking up. Great story

Author's Response: I didn't want them to be together in the end either (obviously)lol. The story wouldnt have had the same effect.

I'm thrilled this one came out ok and has had only positive feedback as it's way out of my comfort zone with writing but I thought I'd give slash & Ginny/Pansy a whirl lol.

Thanks for the review & thanks for taking a peek at my other stuff. I'm glad you seem to like it. xx

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Review #10, by sunshinedreamr Muddled Hope

4th October 2007:
OMG!! You have officially turned me into a Ginny/Pansy shipper, lol. AMAZING!! Wow. Haha, I don't really know what else to say, other than this was so well written! The way you brought them together seemed so believable, as if it could really happen. Such a bittersweet ending though ... *sigh* Poor Ginny. But yeah, this was extremely well written, flowed really well, and I think the characterizations were good too.

10/10 and a spot in my favorites.

Author's Response: OMG!! Thank you so much. I never write slash & I don't write Ginny either lol so this was rather nerve racking and totally out of my comfort zone.

I figured there would have to be a very good reason for these two to end up as friends & they needed something, no matter how small in common.

These two girls are boy crazy we know that lol, so I figured I wouldnt actually have them together as a couple, just a moment of weakness/ support for each other & they had to end up back with the one they really loved. But I thought it would be way to sugary sweet if Harry turned up as well lol.

I'm flattered your favoriting this one. Thanks for the positive comments.

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Review #11, by blackthoughtsredwriting Muddled Hope

4th October 2007:
Ok first let me say the coupling you did in my opinion was pretty repulsive. I don't see how you make such a great story out of something like this. It was prolly the best slash story I have ever read. The emotions and everything were perfectly portrayed and even though I hate Pansy/Ginny this story just jumped out at me. It was amazing. 9.5/10

Author's Response: Oh thank you so much!!!! I was really worried about this fic having NEVER even attempted to write slash before plus I don't really read it. That's not because I'm against it, I've just hardly read any.

I wanted to concentrate more on emotions, as to why these to I admit extremely odd pairing lol would end up sort of thrown together, & I'm thrilled you thought it turned out so well.

Thank you for the encoruagement and positive feedback!

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