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Review #1, by Pheonix Potioneer The Award

26th October 2012:
I like this first chapter! Its very good. You portray Harry very well.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione definitely would have gotten the Award of Merlin, first class. They did very noble things.

Is the red- haired man and his wife Mr. and Mrs. Weasley? I think so, I just wanted to double check.

I feel sorry for Ginny. She finally started dating Harry, and then he abandonded her for a year.

Keep up the good work!

Can you please read my story? I don't have many reviews. Its only been up for a few weeks though, and I only have a few chapters up.


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Review #2, by Louis_Sang The Seer

18th January 2011:
So many interesting things are happening! Normally, the main plot is the defeat of the Dark Lord, and the everyday events of the characters make up a subplot, but you've almost reversed that here. The bigger events are happening in the background, while the focus is more on Harry's struggle to find a normal life. Well done, I can't wait to read more :D

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Review #3, by Louis_Sang Ginny's Vision

18th January 2011:
Ah, a return to Hogwarts. That's fitting, I think, as the three of them didn't technically graduate. And, of course, I can't wait to read about it :D

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Review #4, by Louis_Sang The Funeral

18th January 2011:
This is an interesting story. You do an excellent job of showing that even without a Dark Lord, life can still have its challenges. I'm intrigued by the idea that even Voldemort was working under someone more evil and powerful than himself, and I can't wait to see who this new "Dark Lord" may be. Excellent job, I can't wait to read more :D

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Review #5, by rooney10 Another Vision

24th January 2009:
What a cliff hanger!!! I hope you update soon, great story so far cant wait to finish it

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Review #6, by Cedrics_gurl The Award

5th January 2008:
Well. That was extremely well written. I love the way you managed to write a realistic thing to happen on the day after Voldemort's death, well done! It's the first ever story I've read about what happened immediately after the battle, and I'm glad I decided to respond to your request, albeit after quite a wait! Sorry about that! :D

The emotions you managed to include were very well written - when I try to write something emotional, it always become over-whelmingly unbelievable. You, however, seem to have enough talent to work by the "less is more" rule, which, I have to say, deserves a clap on the back!

Although I loved most of this story, change that, all of it - I have to say the ending caught me by surprise. I knew there would be tension, and, perhaps, some anger between Harry and Ginny, but I just assumed they'd work it out...obviously I was wrong. That is, unless they work it out in a later chapter.

I'm sorry this is such a short review, but I'm running out of time. So, well done! I love it!

Author's Response: You were right about the fact that Harry and Ginny work it out (chapter 2 to be exact). Read on to find out more.

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Review #7, by Time Shifter Another Vision

3rd December 2007:
Who the hell is that woman? Furthermore, who the hell is that creature? Ginny will need to tell Harry what she saw at some point; besides, as the Master of Death, I'm sure if anyone can survive, it will be him. Still, I'd think for an enemy like this, it might be in everyone's best interest if he were to go and retrieve the Elder Wand. While he certainly might not want to, it'd be better for him, Ginny, and the whole world if he had all the power he could.

Author's Response: Do you really think that I'm going to give up all my secrets in the first 7 chapters?
The story is just beginning, so wait for more.

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Review #8, by Hermes_Thrice_Great Teddy

15th October 2007:
I like the story thus far. Keep at it.

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Review #9, by star_and_crystal9 What just Happened?

12th October 2007:
Awesome story! I love it! You write very, very well. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot. I took me about a month to start the story off, but once I did, it took off pretty fast.

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Review #10, by pottyandweezlbe89 What just Happened?

11th October 2007:
o.great two chapys there...cant wait to see(sorry read) then nxt chapys and find out who the new dark lord is 10/10

Author's Response: tw chaptters down and many many more to come. I've already written 6 at this point, so you can expect the next one pretty soon.

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Review #11, by Hermes_Thrice_Great What just Happened?

11th October 2007:
Good story thus far. Well edited, which makes your creative effort worth it for your readers.

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Review #12, by AK Carmel The Award

2nd October 2007:
wow, nice job
keep writing!

Author's Response: My first review. I'm blushing. Just you wait until chapter 2 is aprroved.

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