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Review #1, by jenkent Tarty Tricks

7th October 2010:
Interesting.very nice Dramione action. LOL. I like how you kept Draco true to his Slytherin ways as well. Very nice job. ~Jen

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Review #2, by DancingDisaster Tarty Tricks

17th April 2010:
I just love this fic. It's so well written and just plain awesome. And Draco in this fic.. Oh my God... I would patrol with him anytime;)

And I just don't know why, but I love this line:

Oh, you two are still patrolling. I could have sworn I heard someone moaning up here.

Only if she would know... I can just guess how shocked she would be:)

Author's Response: Hehe well I loved writing this! It's so different from my usual morbid and sinister numbers, so I'm glad it was received so well. I do like writing fluff, I just find lack of inspiration sometimes, but I will keep trying! Thanks very much for your review. =)

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Review #3, by baletgir Tarty Tricks

24th February 2010:
Very fluffy, that's for sure. Great job. Well written as usual and extremely enjoyable to read!

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Review #4, by some random person Tarty Tricks

12th January 2010:
Good story, Interesting, but... what happens next. I think it needs a sequil.

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Review #5, by Dramoine for life Tarty Tricks

15th June 2009:
OMG can u please write another part to this story like maybe what happens tomorrow night PLEASE i abosolutely love this stor

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Review #6, by i_love_harry_12721 Tarty Tricks

1st June 2009:
weird. draco's so mean - but sexy and ugly at the same time. have i ever mentioned how i hate dramione?

Author's Response: Um. Well, okay.

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Review #7, by tashmash Tarty Tricks

18th May 2009:
i would like to say HOLY FUKC! that ia one hell of a fluffy! i like it and i think you should write some more like this one. but hemione being the one to make the move!

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Review #8, by Ellaoptimistic Tarty Tricks

28th December 2008:
Awesomeness! I love it. Except I read the sequel thing first. Now it makes more sense.

Author's Response: Haha. A mistake many have made. Ah well. It's not extremely important to read the first one before the sequel. xD

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Review #9, by Narcissa  Tarty Tricks

6th December 2008:
Another amazing story, I love how Draco's character was in control. It was hilarious too XD


Author's Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed it! =)

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Review #10, by jenrabbit Tarty Tricks

17th May 2008:
Cute, but I think I liked the Christmas one better, still excelent though. Totaly a 10/10!!

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #11, by BrendonUriesGirl Tarty Tricks

15th April 2008:
It was well written, but a little racy. Still, 8/10 for your hard work.

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it. =)

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Review #12, by Lovely_Disaster Tarty Tricks

11th April 2008:
Great job, I loved it. (:

Author's Response: I'm so glad!

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Review #13, by groteskq_fatality Tarty Tricks

2nd March 2008:
lmao.loved it.
short and sweet. :]

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad! =)

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Review #14, by SilverEssence Tarty Tricks

2nd March 2008:
I love the smugness and ability to control of Draco Malfoy :) it's just so hot!!
this fic is great
just like all your other ones danielle!


Author's Response: I sure do love a hot Draco Malfoy! -grins-

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Review #15, by draco's girl Tarty Tricks

26th January 2008:
this was so good!! are there going to be more chapters? i certainly hope so! please hurry and post some more! i cant wait!

Author's Response: -grins- I honestly don't know, but, being the pushover I am, I will most probably write another one. Just keep checking back! =]

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Review #16, by Ms_Malfoy Tarty Tricks

22nd January 2008:
before i forget, i really like your banner! the story was equally fabulous! it had the perfect amount of bickering, suspense, lust, and fury. you're a great writer! fabulous job!

Author's Response: Aw, thanks so much hunny!

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Review #17, by hpdude_4life Tarty Tricks

8th January 2008:
hehe, yeh ur usual stories r depressing! i luv the change of heart!
haha, draco is such a devilish creature... isnt he perfect? =P
hpdude_4life aka amy =D

Author's Response: Lol, well you know, it was Christmas. I couldn't write something depressing for Christmas. Thank you so much, Amy! =]

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Review #18, by kissedbyavampire Tarty Tricks

6th January 2008:
I can really see this happening. Though I love Draco/Hermione, they do seem to be a bit sappy and overrated some of the time, so this was highly refreshing!


Author's Response: I'm glad to hear that! I, myself, am getting rather tired of the same old Dramione cliches. Thanks so much for the review, hun!

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Review #19, by HPlover_12 Tarty Tricks

17th December 2007:
okay,um,okay.oddish but funny sort of good

Author's Response: Thank you.

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Review #20, by xxSorcereSSxx Tarty Tricks

16th December 2007:
that was interesting-pretty cool

Author's Response: Thank you.

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Review #21, by al3x Tarty Tricks

11th December 2007:
Brilliant =]...which was all i was going to put cos i could think of no other way to describe it, but it would seem my review now has to be 20 characters long. Anyhoo, it was simply brilliant...wish i could write these two in a scene like that =/


Author's Response: You can. Just write random things and eventually it will turn into a story. That's what I do whenever I've lost my muse. =] Thanks, Alex!

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Review #22, by Lynn Delacour Tarty Tricks

10th December 2007:
Hehehe. Similar. Ahhh, I read the sequel before this one... Which I think I shouldn't have... >.

Author's Response: Haha. Oh well, it doesn't really make a difference. =]

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Review #23, by tbhasker Tarty Tricks

10th December 2007:
oohhh..that was fantastic! tell me there's more to this...please tell me that! i loved it, as usual, i like all your stories!

Author's Response: Ah, there is! -giggles- 'Nargles && Mistletoe'. Enjoy!

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Review #24, by comeon359 Tarty Tricks

9th December 2007:
yu shuld do along story and get them together or something like that

Author's Response: Oh, I've got plenty of those. =]

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Review #25, by hogwarts_girl Tarty Tricks

9th December 2007:
That was a great piece of writing! I think the sequel is much sweeter, but this was more realistic and dark, somehow. I like it! Great work(= And fantastic writing.

Author's Response: Aw, thank you hun! xD

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