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Review #1, by Writer's Guide 101 Three simple words. {Prologue}

17th September 2012:
Hey, there. I've got to say your story is quite interesting so far and it's only the first chapter. It's very important to get the reader's attention in the beginning of your story and you did that.
Going to carry on reading the story. Later.

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #2, by lindsay1220 Surprise! Or not. {Part 2}

27th October 2009:
Sniffle. It was..SOOO GOOOD!! WWAAAHHH! 10/10, my friend. Do me a favor, will you? Read my stories. Sigh, I will miss this story, or at least reading it the first time! 19635/10 :=(

Author's Response: Thanks for the kind words. I shall def read your stories!

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Review #3, by lindsay1220 Surprise! Or not. {Part 1}

27th October 2009:
Woah! You got me with the Sirius/Ariadne thing. Heehee. Aw, I'm almost done. 10/10, I really liked this one. ;)

Author's Response: Aww thank you!! Honestly I was leaning (a brief spilt second) towards Sirius/Ari but then it would never work out plus that is what everyone else does. So I voted against it and her and Severus are happy. Only thing which matters.

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Review #4, by lindsay1220 Karma

27th October 2009:
Bleh. Really. That's it. Bleh. 9/10, though. :l

Author's Response: Aw sorry, I was trying at least.

Can't expect to make everyone happy. :P

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Review #5, by lindsay1220 I shall believe

27th October 2009:
Aww, Wolfie's adaorable! 10/10 ;)

Author's Response: Yeah I thought it might be a little comic relief. :D

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Review #6, by lindsay1220 Ugh...no

27th October 2009:
I liiike iiit. I said, III liike iiit! That's the themesong for readers of this chapter. Just, AAAW!!! 10/10, w-hoo! :)

Author's Response: Haha great! I'm glad you liked it. It was sort of my fav chappie. Lol.

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Review #7, by lindsay1220 Lakes

27th October 2009:
I likey. I DEFINATLEY likey. :) 10/10

Author's Response: Yay I'm glad! Its always nice when people say this so thanks, hugs!

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Review #8, by lindsay1220 Called fairy tales.

27th October 2009:
AAAW! Why was Snaverus being so jerky if he likes her? WHHHY? 10/10 :)

Author's Response: Haha its like when boys used to pull your hair because they like you or when they tease you. Sort of hard to deal with their emotions in that way.

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Review #9, by lindsay1220 Broomclosets and Snape

27th October 2009:
Just a small error I saw, it's "run his hand THROUGH his dirty hair", not "run his hand THREW his dirty hair". Good chappie though. :) 10/10

Author's Response: Haha sorry, when I write quickly I always end up making mistakes. thanks for pointing it out though, I hate mistakes like that.

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Review #10, by lindsay1220 Three simple words. {Prologue}

27th October 2009:
Tad short, I think. Good, though. 9/10.

Author's Response: Yup, but its only a prologue so its meant to be short. Thanks for reviewing though.

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Review #11, by Miriam Three simple words. {Prologue}

18th October 2009:
It is pronounced : Air-ee-ad'-nee. I think that's what you meant, but that is it for sure.

Author's Response: Depends on the person but yeah, sounds about right. :D

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Review #12, by ally34435 Surprise! Or not. {Part 2}

1st August 2009:
aw sniff sniff snape is stupid but i understand that what so sad
i love the story though im crying

Author's Response: Aww! I'm sorry it made you cry but I'm glad you understand. I considered having them end up together, happily ever after but it just wouldn't be right. Severus chose becoming a Death Eater and I reckon Ariadne didn't understand the impact of something like that until it happened which happens when you fall in love. It makes you blind to everything around you and in the end she just couldn't handle it.

I'm glad you liked the story. :)

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Review #13, by ILuvSev4Evr7 Family Gatherings

11th July 2009:
Sevie? Attack? This is going too fast.

Author's Response: Well, he was defending Ariadne, so I guess he had no choice in the matter.

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Review #14, by ILuvSev4Evr7 Broomclosets and Snape

11th July 2009:
I like it, but it's really fluffy and Sev is out of character.

Author's Response: Yeah, any sort of love shown by Severus is out of character but I try to keep his dark self in there even though it may not be canon. :)

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Review #15, by The Kyo Kind Called fairy tales.

25th November 2008:
I denfinitely like it. I like that I don't really know how to feel about Severus... that he's both nice and stupid.. And I really like that it's a story which paints a better oicture of him and that there's a girl who actually kind of likes him :)
I'm looking forward to seeing where this is going! so keep it up :P

Author's Response: Well I wanted to be original and I wanted to show more of his good side seeing as how we all have two sides.

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Review #16, by Little Rebel Surprise! Or not. {Part 2}

1st November 2008:
very funny chapter. loved it!
keep writing, and Happy (late) Halloween!

Author's Response: Aww thanks :D

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Review #17, by abigail Family Gatherings

31st October 2008:
she has the most horrible gather ever! but if i was her father its not like i would want my daughter dating snape.

Author's Response: Yeah her father is a complete ass but then again, he's an ex-Auror and he knows Snape is bad news so I don't know really.

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Review #18, by Gottaluvmarauders Surprise! Or not. {Part 1}

31st October 2008:
hanging off a cliff much!
haha plz plut the nxt chappie on soon
i reply wanna no what happens next!! =D

Author's Response: :D Thanks for reading, got the new chappie up now and everything.

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Review #19, by Gottaluvmarauders I shall believe

30th October 2008:
yeww free candy!
aww haha they kissed!!
so sweet
p.s. LOVE the story.

You've actually gotten Snape to be a nice kind of guy in a different kind of way if you get my drift haha

Author's Response: Well, i suppose he does have a good side and I didn't want to make him a complete jerk to her.

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Review #20, by Gottaluvmarauders Three simple words. {Prologue}

29th October 2008:
aww that would so suck to have profesor slug as your uncle and teacher!
he's not nice...i'd want him to let me bludge the lesson
lol its a great chappie and i can't wait to read more =D
snape rescuing her??!?! haha i was like wow no way!
lol keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Yeah it was a tad bit ooc for Snape but you need a starter and that worked so :D

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Review #21, by IamLexandLexisMe Surprise! Or not. {Part 1}

19th October 2008:
What is taking so long to update??? I am dying here!!

Author's Response: hehe sorry, was having computer troubles as usual. :P

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Review #22, by IamLexandLexisMe Surprise! Or not. {Part 1}

19th October 2008:
BTW, great way to end the chappie, for you. I hate it. it means i have to wait longer to read it :(

Author's Response: Aww sorry about that but its finished now :D

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Review #23, by IamLexandLexisMe Surprise! Or not. {Part 1}

10th October 2008:
Wait - What? When did they have sex?

I tried to answer that question myself by going back and re-reading the whole story twice, but I couldn't find it. And UPDATE SOON!!! ;)

Author's Response: I was thinking about writing that scene in but I did a draft of it and it was completely and utterly horrible and sucked the humour out of it completely so I thought I would just leave it out and let everyone decide on their own how it happened :D

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Review #24, by Padfoots Property1217 Three simple words. {Prologue}

3rd October 2008:
hey.OMG! thats an awesomo story! i lurved it! tho i never thought of writing about snape myself...i dont have the patience 4 him...its definitely working well 4 u.hehehehe.really good.update asap.PLZ

again awesomo story.that poor girl! hehehehe.the lake scene was hilarious! LOL.sirius is so annoying sumtimes!

p.s thanks 4 answering my review...can i have ur email and ill send u one 2 talk about the banner? if you can get bak 2 me asap it'd be really good! thanks so much..

Author's Response: Aww im glad you liked it!

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Review #25, by dimezlilsis2006 Marshmallow Walls

26th May 2008:
Interesting. Very interesting. I likey! Post the next one ASAP!

Author's Response: :D thanks alot

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