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Review #1, by JohnnyPickAlot Malfoy and Granger-Weasley Secrets

19th April 2009:
Oooh, I'm so excited.
Please update soon :]

Author's Response: Thanks for stopping by and reviewing. Unfortunately, I don't know when the next update will be. There's only one chapter left, but my muse refuses to return. Hopefully, I'll have this done by summer. Thanks for being patient!

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Review #2, by JohnnyPickAlot The Malfoy Dilemma: Here and Now

25th November 2008:
Ook. Hm, very nicely written and you had me giggling at Draco's 'loss of hair'. :]
Ooooh horrible cliff-hanger. How dare you haha.
I would continue on and review the next chappie but I've run out of time. Feel free to request me to review it again.
Very good job!
Keep it up.

Author's Response: Haha, glad you liked it. Everyone seems to be noticing & commenting on poor Draco's graceful aging. Stop it, it makes him self-concious! =]

Thanks again for the review!


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Review #3, by JohnnyPickAlot The Malfoy Legacy

25th November 2008:
Mmkk here by request.
This was a pretty good beginning and well written. It is a bit choppy in places, but that can't really be helped seeing as it's a phone call.
Hm, I'm intrigued. LOL. Good job so far.
*heads to next chappie*

Author's Response: Hey there, thanks for the review! This piece was largely emotional, so I might've fell short on the descriptive end, but I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway. I'll see where I can improve the flow.


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Review #4, by Cedrics Blueyed Girl Malfoy and Granger-Weasley Secrets

24th November 2008:
Hey, I'm back =]

Well, I know you're nervous about this chapter so I'll do my best to be both constructive and helpful!

My criticisms: It seems to me that the connection between Draco and Hermione is only there because of some past childish affection. I don't think that this is a flaw in your writing, I just think that we should have seen more of their obviously strong connection earlier in their lives so that now we would have something to base their current feelings on. I'm not sure if I'm making myself clear but that's my only problem with the chapter.

Other than that, of course, this chapter was a flowing, easy to read, well-written, and "plot-moving." You're doign a great job of incorporating everything written into the overall plot, which I think is very important.

I hope I could help and please do let me know if you ever need any more reviews; it is a pleasure reading your work!


Author's Response: Hmm, I see. As I wrote on, I could feel the punch of the 1st chapter fade away, and you're saying it's because the current conflict has nothing from the past to support it?

That is definitely possible. Gosh, now I'm torn. I meant for readers to engage their imaginations in how they got together--I was afraid of butchering any attempt at a plausible start to Dramione--but maybe that's not strong enough to hold the story together. I think I'll just add one last chappie before it falls apart and end it with a bang!

Thanks for your insight and advice. I'll definitely consider a prequel. =]


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Review #5, by Cedrics Blueyed Girl The Malfoy Dilemma: Stay or Run?

23rd November 2008:

I see the plot moving along better now; this installment cleared that up a bit.

Your writing is still very clear and precise; it flows nicely and makes the story easy to read. Also, you've done an excellent job of conveying the worries both Draco and Hermione have about the various problems throughout the story.

So far, the story has been a pleasure to read!


Author's Response: Yay! Thank you so much! It means a lot to me, especially since this chapter took me literally MONTHS to write. I honestly don't know why it was so difficult, but I hope the end result shows the effort. Thanks again! =]


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Review #6, by Cedrics Blueyed Girl The Malfoy Dilemma: Here and Now

23rd November 2008:
Hi again...

Once more, your writing is brilliant and the characters are developing nicely.

My only criticism is: what is the conflict? I understand that there is still some unresolved tension b/w Hermione and Draco but they're both married with children so I'm a bit confused as to where we're going with this plot... Not a big problem really, just a comment =]

Well, moving on!


Author's Response: Well, as shown before, their relationship ended on a rather sour note. =] So imagine if you spent YEARS trying to forget somebody--and trying to be happy with what you now have--only to find out that your child has fallen in love with theirs. It's mind-blowing. haha.

So the conflict COULD be taken very lightly on one hand, but on the other, it's a huge deal. That's what makes this situation so volatile.

It will become clearer as you read on, I think. Thanks again for reviewing!


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Review #7, by Cedrics Blueyed Girl The Malfoy Legacy

23rd November 2008:
Hey, it's jetergirl!

This was a great first chapter... the only problem I had was that we don't have much of an idea where the plot is headed. It seems as though the story ends here. I think this was originally a one-shot so maybe that's why, but that's just my opinion =]

Other than that, I think this was a wonderful start. Draco/Hermione has never been one of my favorite pairings, simply because it's so cliched in all the stories but you seem to be changing it nicely to get away from that.

I'm happy to be reading your work again; I think you're an incredibly talented writer!


Author's Response: Thank you, that means a lot to me! And yeah, it WAS originally a one-shot, but people wanted to see an extension. I guess I meant for the ending to be obscure, to keep people wondering.

SO glad to hear that it's not cliche. Thanks for the review! =]


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Review #8, by dracoslover1 Malfoy and Granger-Weasley Secrets

14th October 2008:
I'm going to add your story to my favorites. I like your plot and how you are gradually are getting Dramione together. Great descripitions!

Author's Response: Well. I'm not going to ruin the ending, but I don't want you to be disappointed, either. So I will settle for saying that next chapter--the last--there will be somewhat of an upset. Whether Dramione gets together or not, you'll have to see.

Next chapter will be up whenever my muse in charge of this story decides to return. Especially being the ending, I don't want to put an unsatisfactory one up, so it's been on a brief hiatus.

Thanks again for your reviews.


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Review #9, by dracoslover1 The Malfoy Dilemma: Stay or Run?

14th October 2008:
I am growing to love your story more and more. Your descripitions and characterizations and you have your readings smypathizing for Draco and Hermione. Your story is one of the few that makes me wish that Draco and Hermione had actually gotten together in the books! Very good plot.

Author's Response: Haha, that's a big compliment. I am trying to make this as in-character and realistic as I can, considering the ship. I'm not an avid Dramione reader, but I do view writing the ship well as a challenge. =]

Thank you for another lovely review!


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Review #10, by dracoslover1 The Malfoy Dilemma: Here and Now

14th October 2008:
Your desciptions and characterizations are amazing! I love your plot idea and how you are taking the story. Extremely well done story you have done here.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Description has never been my strong point (or that's what I think) so that in particular means a great deal.


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Review #11, by dracoslover1 The Malfoy Legacy

14th October 2008:
I liked the discussion between Draco and Hermione. I liked the descripition that you and how the emotions are jumping off of the page. Your characterizations are good and I enjoyed the first chapter.

Author's Response: Emotion was a big thing in this fact, I think it is one of the most dramatic dramas I have ever written. =] I'm happy to hear that you think I've pulled it off without being too soppy.

Thanks for the review!


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Review #12, by LunaTuna 

24th May 2008:
I can't wait to read the next chapter. LOVE IT!

Author's Response: yay thanks for reviewing!
i'm aiming for ch5 to be out before i leave for july. yikes! =]

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Review #13, by nonentity The Malfoy Dilemma: Stay or Run?

21st April 2008:
I don't think they should get together, but make their peace with each other, which includes letting others know about their past romance. Would they really destroy good and happy marriages for the possibility of grand romance, but also the possibility of fights and bitterness?
I like that it's canon-compliant so far, seeing that nineteen years haven't passed yet. And I like how Bella manages to win Draco over.

Author's Response: thanks so much for your thoughts! vague canon-compliancy was a big thing here, but i do have another dramione that's a bit more far-fetched...anyway, glad you liked it, thanks for reviewing!!

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Review #14, by Fated_Love The Malfoy Dilemma: Stay or Run?

5th April 2008:
Wow. This was brilliant. You have to update soon. I'll be dieing of anticipation. 10/10

Author's Response: yay, thanks so much for reviewing! ch 4 will hopefully be done by may *crosses fingers*

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Review #15, by laurenb4harryp The Malfoy Dilemma: Stay or Run?

16th March 2008:
Nice story. But extremely heart-breaking *sniff*..

Author's Response: *sigh* it breaks my heart too, but dramione is pointless without some emotional depth...not a fluffy couple

thanks for reviewing!!!

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Review #16, by Karma101 The Malfoy Dilemma: Stay or Run?

11th March 2008:
aw i love it keep going!
it would be ironic but i still want them to be together!!

Author's Response: i do too, but we live in the real world, unfortunately...altho they do not =D

i'm glad you're liking it so far. thanks for reviewing!

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Review #17, by hermione165 The Malfoy Dilemma: Stay or Run?

10th March 2008:
well that's my real screen name but i got suspended so i'll just leave you a review like this! I really loved it! I think that maybe the kids should talk to their parents about what they heard and maybe, just maybe, let the kids get together for once. I would love to see how that goes from there. I really like this story so, i'll keep reading and hopefully be able to catch all of the chapters!

Author's Response: if i was olivia or scorpius, i wouldn't DARE confront draco and hermione about their...thing. =D however, they might get together in spite of it, you never know.

thanks so much for reviewing!!!

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Review #18, by Nay-Nay The Malfoy Dilemma: Stay or Run?

9th March 2008:
Wow! Very well written! Your characterizations are are spot on; especially considering the complications of their past and present, in regards to the way they are handling the unfortunate situation they now find themselves in. I found myself very emotional reading this fic, as it seems so realistic! I love the way that you have incorporated their children into this tale...witty, endearing, and bittersweet. I see many complications arising upon their recent rediscovery of one another; including, spouses, children, family, friends, and unresolved feelings for one another--ahhh, so many possibilities! I would love to see them reunited; but, I do see a tumultous path ahead of them before they reach the point of togetherness. This fic is so realistic, with depth and would be a shame for you to stop now! I do hope that you will continue on with this, as I am completely curious, intrigued, entralled, and eagerly awaiting more--Thanks for the wonderful, wonderful read!!! **10/10**

Author's Response: such a long review, i'm so excited! you're right, this story is much harder than my others exactly because of emotional depth and characters' complications. there ARE many possibilities, but i feel short vignettes will tell their story more effectively, even if i live in constant fear of turning this into a disorganized mess >.<

glad you're enjoying it this much so far, and hope you continue to read and review. thanks!!!

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Review #19, by Grania The Malfoy Dilemma: Stay or Run?

9th March 2008:
That was SO GOOD!!! Like seriously, very believable characters, I want to read more, please...

Author's Response: i'm glad you think so, i'm not a fan of non-realistic AU relationships...kinda defeats the point of using harry potter characters, don't you think?

thanks for reviewing! more is coming!

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Review #20, by louise2890 The Malfoy Dilemma: Stay or Run?

9th March 2008:
This story is so beautiful. I can't wait for the next chapter. you are writing a next chapter... you have to...
Keep on the great work.

Author's Response: i believe i will, if there are more REVIEWS
i'm glad you like it so far, and thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #21, by little_luna The Malfoy Dilemma: Here and Now

23rd January 2008:
i LOVE this story i cant wait 4 part 2:)

Author's Response: thanks for reviewing!

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Review #22, by PotterEntourage The Malfoy Dilemma: Here and Now

23rd January 2008:
wow, im really liking the direction this fic is taking. cant get used to a half bald draco though! keep it up!

Author's Response: oh yes, poor draco is aging slowly and gracefully, not that he'll admit it to anyone. i loved the idea of him still being vain after all those years :D

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Review #23, by K B Lynne The Malfoy Dilemma: Here and Now

23rd January 2008:
love it love it love it! can't wait for more! 10/10

Author's Response: thanks so much for reviewing! more coming as soon as i can write it, lol

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Review #24, by Hp Fanatic The Malfoy Legacy

23rd January 2008:
oh my effin gawd, Toby Hemingway is on your banner!1 Isn't he delicious? Mm mm good- just like Campbells >.< Haha cool sotyr, btw ^.^

Author's Response: yes he's muy caliente...i'm assuming you've seen the movie the Covenant (worst plot ever but sexy sexy boys) cuz that's where i saw him and my first thought was "now THATs what draco malfoy looks like!"

i'm glad you like the banner, i made it myself :D thanks for reviewing!

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Review #25, by coolcat1000 The Malfoy Legacy

14th November 2007:
this has to be the best thing i ever read!!! at first i didn't understand it but then i read on i got onto what was going on. i think u should to a prequel and a sequel.hehehe. but honastly i think that new readers would get the plot better. so yea.

Author's Response: thanks, it was supposed to be a bit obscure at the beginning

yay!! 10th review (double digits)!! :D

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