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Review #1, by edenvirg The Song that Made the Potters

31st May 2010:
OMG. OMG! This was really sweet and perfect, from the first scene, with James talking to his parents, and to the last. Amazing. You know, it's so difficult to write James/Lily in a new way, since they are probably the most fanfic-ed couple, but this was really good! :)

Author's Response: Haha, there ARE so many James/Lily stories out there, it's hard to write an original one. I'm glad you think this made the cut. =] Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #2, by LindaSnape The Song that Made the Potters

6th March 2010:
It was very sweet, I must admit. I've always held a soft spot for James/Lily and I think that the way you characterized his parents was nothing short of incredibly adorable! One thing that bothered me, though, was the whole 'cd' issue. Cd's weren't around back in that day of age.

Another thing that bothered me was James calling Lily 'flower', but I think that's a personal preference. I know some people are quite fond of him calling her 'Lily Flower' to me, it's just redundant and overused.

I did enjoy this little ficlet, however. I don't want you to get the impression that, I didn't. Just those couple things bothered me. :-)

I didn't find any blatant or glaringly obvious grammar or spelling errors, which is quite nice. I find those awfully distracting.

I think you placed the song lyrics in at quite appropriate times. It didn't stick out like a sore thumb but rather melded quite nicely with the tale!

I quite liked this. It was simple yet beautiful and eloquent, at the same time. I liked the flow and the word choices.

Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you very much for reviewing! I'm glad you liked it overall. I agree that "Lily flower" is overused in fanfiction, but I still think it's cute and appropriate. As for the CD thing, I'm cringing just thinking about the anachronism. This was one of my first HPFF pieces ever, written nearly 3 years ago when I had no concept of the HP timeline or the difference between canon and fanon. Of course, that's no excuse now. I'll go back and rework that part as soon as I get a chance!

Once again, thank you for reviewing. I really appreciate it! =]

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Review #3, by Kitty The Song that Made the Potters

1st August 2009:
Aw, I love this! You're a great writer. I love your characterizations of James and Lily.

BTW, who is used for Lily in your banner? That's probably the best Lily I've ever seen.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing, Kitty! I actually don't know for sure who that is. She looks like Rachel Hurd-Wood, but I've never come across that photoshoot while looking for Lily-pictures for my graphics, so...I don't know, sorry! =]


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Review #4, by AmberEyes The Song that Made the Potters

19th June 2009:
AW!!! That is the cutest thing ever! Oh, the fluff! Great job!

Author's Response: Ahah oh the fluff indeed. I don't know what got into me. I'm glad you think it's cute, though. Thanks for reviewing! =]

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Review #5, by SiriusxRemus4life The Song that Made the Potters

1st March 2009:
Aw that was so sweet. If only everything ended that way. 10/10

Author's Response: Yeah, I wish. Glad you liked it. Thanks for the review! =]


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Review #6, by ginevrahermione The Song that Made the Potters

22nd November 2008:
awww ... how very sweet! it's really nice to read something original for a change! check out my song fic! it's about how snape finally gets over lily and's called Angel, by ginevrahermione. PLEASE REVIEW!!! It would mean the absolute WORLD to me!

Author's Response: Thanks for your review. I'm glad you liked it.

I have a review thread on the forums, so if you'd like me to review your fic, just drop the link there and I'll put you on my list! =]


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Review #7, by dracoslover1 The Song that Made the Potters

14th October 2008:
I like the story and the plotline you have. I also like how you had James gradually thinking about his feelings for Lily throughout the story. I like your charcaterization, especially the characterization of the Mauraders.

Overall, good job.

Author's Response: Yay, I'm glad you enjoyed it! It was one of my few purely fluffy stories. I heard the song at a friend's wedding and fell in love with it.

Thanks for the review!


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Review #8, by PhoenixPhire The Song that Made the Potters

6th October 2008:
That was extremely cute, and well written! Made me sigh happily!

Author's Response: YAY A REVIEW!!! *squee* you've made my day!

and the review-fest hasn't even started yet. i will return the love soon, i promise. but for now, i must write my history essay *sigh (unhappily)*

thanks so much for the review! =]

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Review #9, by I luv Lily and the Marauders The Song that Made the Potters

25th May 2008:
SO SWEET! So one of my favourites!

Author's Response: thanks for revewing!

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Review #10, by ginny_weasley_54 The Song that Made the Potters

10th March 2008:
aw. i love it. amazing story.

Author's Response: yay thanks for reviewing!!!

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Review #11, by brenda The Song that Made the Potters

30th December 2007:
cute luvedit well written will definitely be a fav.

Author's Response: thanks so much
i love writing cute stuff!

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Review #12, by Divine_Till_Night The Song that Made the Potters

27th October 2007:
Loved it! It was very well written. I like it. You should keep it up. Byes!
10/10 ~Ginny~

Author's Response: aww, thanks for reviewing!

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Review #13, by Chillereds The Song that Made the Potters

23rd October 2007:
Awww! I love it! Goregous! So cute!... I think you get the picture now... I LOVE IT! I have made it a favourite! 10/10!

Author's Response: thanks! i have these "cute fluff" moods and then i have "angst! emotion!" moods

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Review #14, by Torn Between Red The Song that Made the Potters

22nd October 2007:
This is a really good, well written story, and I love the song you chose to fit it to. It's one of the best song fics I've read in quite a while.

~Torn Between Red

Author's Response: aww thanks that means a lot, especialy cuz its my 1st song fic!

(maybe i'll write another one...;D)

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