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Review #1, by Gauti And So It Begins

8th December 2014:
I just love this story. When is the next chapter

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Review #2, by harrypotter4ever And So It Begins

15th July 2013:
I can't believe you just stopped there! I want to read the rest! This is an awesome story, and I really wish it were completed!

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Review #3, by Yana And So It Begins

29th June 2011:
I just rediscovered this story, i have been looking for it for sooo long! Love your characters and the plot. I am sad that Artifex died though :( he was my favorite character.

Great job btw :) Write more and soon please, I want to see how Sirius develops as a leader, his friendship with Remus (also James) and how he deals with his power.

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Review #4, by mayhem101 And So It Begins

13th February 2011:
I just rediscovered this story, and quickly remembered why I loved it so much! Your characters are deep, the conflicts realistic. There is no clear white and black, which I love, as its so hard to find now a days.

I want to see how Sirius develops as a leader. Who will become his fledgling? How will he deal with his new found power?

Update soon!

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Review #5, by its a me! The Prank

26th December 2010:
cmon... no one would have died. man, i would not have lasted long at hogwarts...

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Review #6, by harrylilyjames Blood and Sunlight

15th October 2010:
OMG!! What the hell took me two whole years nearly to get back to this story???! I'm so sorry, I really didn't think it was that long ago, I can still remember chapter one lol. So, at least I came back :)

I really like you Sirius, he sounds such like the stubborn, bold kid from the

But when he starts crying blood, I've cried blood before [no
joke] and you can see green when the tears fill your eye [don't ask me why it wasn't red].

When he runs out into the corridor, you might want to make a bit more heart wrenching for the reader by statomg what he felt when he was burning...because the first time I read it I thought he was just screaming in depair and not in agony.
I did feel sorry for him that nobody ran over to help him :( so so sad.

Just a little question, I thought Vampires didn't have a heart.That they were the undead?

Ooooh I wonder who the person was who found mysterious.

Ummm...I think it was a bit stupid of the Healer to fall asleep beside the fledgling who just tried to bite him a few minutes beforehand.

I really love the ending of this chapter. But I would have liked to have seen a bit more reaction to Sirius, probably have him upturn a few tables and stuff in anger and fruhstratios. Just an idea :)

Will read on when I get the chance, and I promise it wont be a long wait like before. :p

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Review #7, by strawberrydarhling Fledgling

5th August 2010:
A great first chapter! Can't wait to read some more :)

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Review #8, by a rollerball And So It Begins

24th June 2010:
amazing chapter, plz plz plz update sooner (: x

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Review #9, by Moonylupin Time is Running Out

2nd March 2010:
I think my jaw dropped open when I saw this had been updated!

I'm still mad at Sirius for sending Remus away like that and I really want to know what's going to happen as far as their friendship goes. If this fight between the werewolves and the vampires goes on (and it seems like it will) I find it very hard to believe that they'll remain friends and that makes me sad.

Then, on the other hand, I feel sad for Sirius. When he was remembering those times at school, it felt like he was just searching for a simpler time when he wasn't in charge of anything like protecting a bunch of students. I liked that he wanted to clear the castle in order to protect them (but of course Voldemort has to interfere. I'm really eager to see what happens next. Update soon!

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Review #10, by mystery_reader His Duty

17th January 2010:

this is an amazing and very interesting read. i like how sirius is now a vampire which is very interesting considering they are usually classed as dark creatures and he hates his familys support of the dark! but then again they are good vampires. sorry rambling now!!

i really like the story please continue


Author's Response: :) A review?!?! Wow!! Thanks :) I am planning to continue, I just need to get past my writer's block :s

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Review #11, by Moonylupin Preparations

2nd October 2009:
As much as I love Sirius... What the hell?!?! How could he do that to Remus?! Remus was better family than the vampires have ever been (as much as I love the vampires you made, I love Remus more). Nooo poor Remus! What are they going to do to him? Update soon!!! Does Sirius really value the fued between the werewolves and vampires more than he does his own friends? I thought Sirius shocked me the most when he said he'd join Voldemort... he just topped that. *Mutters angrily* I felt so awful for Remus when he heard what was going to happen, transforming on days when there weren't full moons. But if it's at will, doesn't that mean he won't have to if he doesn't want to?

Okay, in my rant about the coldness of Sirius, I forgot... it was awesome to look into my favorites list and see this had been updated! I missed reading it. Oliver is so adorable and Gwen is a really protective mother, I see. Hopefully Regulus will be alright, after Caius taking blood from him.

Update soon!!! The suspense! I must find out what's going to happen!

Author's Response: :) I'm glad you have such a reaction; it must mean the chapter was somewhat worthwhile XD

Thanks for the review, Sirius is freaking me out a little as well; he was never supposed to go all scary :s I'll update asap :)

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Review #12, by Natalie Trapped.

12th September 2009:
This is such a great story! It is really original and it has good characters, that you actually think about unlike a lot of fan fictions. It is exciting as well.
I have to say your story is the ONLY story on this website that I actually check on every day to see if you have updated it.
Are you going to write a second one?

Author's Response: Thank you!! That's so kind of you!! I love the characters; I'm always thinking about them XD The next chapter should be up soon, thanks for reading and reviewing :D

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Review #13, by evan Fledgling

9th September 2009:
this is not a review i am just hoping that the author of this will read this i would like to tell you that you are a unbelievably talented writer i have read all of the harry potter books 20 to thirty times and man this is awesome can you please turn this into a series it is a work of art in my eyes or start writing your own books i will be on that like white non rice thanks for putting up such a great story love it have a good day

Author's Response: :o Woah, thank you so much!!! =D

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Review #14, by Moonylupin Trapped.

7th September 2009:
Oh God, if you had killed Caius I would've been hysterical. That's what I thought was going to happen. Thankfully Regulus was there. I love your take on him, he's sort of noble and I imagine that's what he would've been like when he died trying to get rid of the Horcrux. I still hate Ambrose, he needs to die. I hope the vampires and werewolves don't go to war. I mean, I'd find it fascinating to see Sirius and Remus on separate sides, but I don't want them to be. Poor Sirius, that must have been so hard to do the initiation with Oliver and to decide whether or not to leave his brother behind. Update soon!

Author's Response: =D Lol I wouldn't kill Caius...I love all the vampires XD

Thanks for the review, the next chapter should be up soon!

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Review #15, by Reyes91 The High Vampire

3rd September 2009:
I think I may like Artifex (cool name). He doesn't seem mean. He just seems normal, but I can see him giving Sirius a run for his money if Sirius doesn't behave himself. It's interesting to see how far you're taking Sirius' vampirism. But, I'm still looking forward as to when James and Peter will find out. I definitely don't see James sticking to Sirius after that.



Author's Response: :D You'll have to wait and see! Thanks for RandR-ing :)

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Review #16, by Reyes91 The First Full Moon

3rd September 2009:
This chapter was so sweet!! I mean, I had a feeling that Sirius wouldn't have been able to turn into a dog, but I wasn't expecting anything that dramatic. Once again, it was sweet.

Also, I loved how you showed how close Sirius and James are. They wouldn't leave each other, and that was great.

Excellent chapter. 10/10


Author's Response: =D Thanks for such a kind review! I'm glad you liked it :)

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Review #17, by Melissa_Siriusx The Spoon

23rd August 2009:
I love this story and I'm definitley reading all the way to the end.
Just a few things you've slipped up on:
Sirius plays beater.
Lily can't play Quidditch, never mind make it on the team xD.

Otherwise great story, very original, keep it up :)

Author's Response: Really? I didn't think JK had ever said anything about Quidditch about Lily and Sirius? XD I might be wrong though.

My reasons were that it's different to see Lily playing Quidditch and I, personally, don't think she would have just fallen for James without knowing him somewhat so it was a little extra background for me XD And I thought about making Sirius a Beater and then thought that he'd probably knock the other players' head off if he hit Bludgers at them XD

Thanks so much, I hope you do read to the end!! :)

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Review #18, by Melissa_Siriusx Fledgling

23rd August 2009:
I enjoyed this chapter & am looking forward to reading the rest of the story, mostly because it's such an original idea, as many stories set in the Marauders' time are romance novels & although they are good, they get slightly tiresome after reading many.

Keep on writing please :).
- Melissaax

Author's Response: :D Thank you for reviewing! I'm glad you like the idea XD It just crept up on me one day and I couldn't resist because I love vampires XD

Thanks again!!

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Review #19, by Moonylupin His True Side is Shown

17th August 2009:
The irony of this was Regulus saying that Sirius has always been the most important one. I would never expect him to say it, yet Regulus is right. He may have been treated like the prince of the family, but Sirius was the oldest Black child, the one expected to inherit everything and by him throwing it all away, he became more important than Regulus in terms of who his parents thought of more - though maybe not for the same reasons. This was such a sad chapter to read. Sirius finding Artifex dead and then trying to save Caius, Gwen, Oliver and Regulus. I hate Ambrose, I wanted Sirius to kill him, but Caius was right - Sirius had to get out of there. I especially loved the final part with Regulus sacrificing himself for Sirius, I'm afraid to see what Ambrose will do to him. Ambrose is horrible, an amazing character, but just a horrible person. I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: :D Thanks for such a great review! Again!! lol

I'm glad you like the story! I love reading your reviews so thank you so much. The next chapter should be up soon :)

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Review #20, by Anna recksiek Loyalty

10th August 2009:
Oh no :( Very beautifully written but i am so sad :( Love Artifex

Author's Response: :( I was sad too...

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Review #21, by Moonylupin Loyalty

8th August 2009:
Wow, that was intense. The dialogue between Sirius and Regulus is great, I like that Regulus offered to hurt himself just to make blood for Sirius to drink. He probably doesn't fully understand just how much Sirius wants to save Artifiex, but he knows enough to help him do it. Poor Sirius, I wonder what's going to go through his head when he finally gets there. I loved the scene with Ambrose and Artifex, how Ambrose played the victim at first before showing what he really was. Artifex just behaved so... bravely, like he wasn't scared of what was going to happen, just disappointed in his fledgling. It was so sad, especially when the memories were playing for Artifex. Oh update soon!

Author's Response: Will do, thanks for reviewing!

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Review #22, by LynnHelven The Truth

3rd August 2009:
OR THIS ONE!! WHAT'S GOING ON!? I just don't understand it, I love this one even more than the other one! This one was so sad because of the torture and then so SCARY with Simaltis and... well I'm sure you remember the shock on my face when I was reading it!



Write 36!! FEAR ME!!

Author's Response: I remember the shock. As for the 36, see / below

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Review #23, by LynnHelven A Promise

3rd August 2009:
OMG I hadn't reviewed this chapter! I LURVE this chapter! It's all suspensey and awesome, which is made even more awesome by the fact that it was such an anticipated thing (at least, I was anticipating it!)!


Write 36 dammit!


Author's Response: I can't write 36 you fool!!! If I could I would but writer's block is hard to get over!

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Review #24, by Anna recksiek Too Late

31st July 2009:
OoH please tell me u are not gonna let that ass ambrose kill artifex are u ? I am sitting in front of my laptop screaming while writing this. Please just pretty please don't kill artifex, he is. Artifex for Gods sake. I am not angry or anything :P Just really really worried that my fav character will die :( Please don't kill him and i promise i will read every single story you ever write :) for as long i live.
Love Anna ^ ^

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing!! I love Artifex as well; worry not :)

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Review #25, by Moonylupin Too Late

31st July 2009:
Noo does too late mean Artifex is going to die? Or any of the vampires? I'll stealing a line from LynnHelven, if any of the vampires I like die, Ambrose and the Death Eaters go on my list of Impending Doom. Nolly, how on Earth did Gwenn come up with Nolly? I like Caius's suggestion a lot better. At least it's a closer variation of Oliver, and Ollie is fun to say. Oliver was cute when he said that his name was Oliver. He was probably like 'these people are crazy'. Caius is so funny, leaping into Artifex's arms. Poor Wendy the cat! I'd forgotten about her. So I guess Filch will be getting Mrs. Norris eventually. I feel awful for Remus, he must be in so much pain and shocked out of his mind. James's reactions were perfect. I can't imagine what it must be like to just jump in on your friends' detention and discover that one's hurt terribly and the other's missing. Odd that Dumbledore knew Sirius was flying, but then again, he's Dumbledore and knows all. Excellent chapter! I can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: lol, the Caius jumping into Artifex's arms was a mistake :blush:

Thanks, I'm glad you thought James' reaction was realistic; I was really unsure about how to do that :)

Thanks again for a great review! The next chapter is in the queue :)

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