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Review #1, by Hopeless 19: LOST

17th March 2012:
Ok Brenda! I am all caught up again in the story. I know you've had a lot going on and congrats on making it thru college! I REALLY hope you finish the tale. I'd be willing to be your beta if that helps!!! This story is worth it.

This chapter was amazing, just enough madness with a lot of touching moments. I loved it, great job!
~Hopeless aka Colleen

Author's Response: Thank you very much for all the comments, I'm very touched by your dedication to read it and actually comment. I'm going to use this to respond to all your comments.

I'm not the best with grammar and spelling... my best friend and writing partner (for a personal project) says so all the time.

I'm a little stuck on the next chapter, but I promise I will get on it and try not to disappoint. So far I had to re-start chapter 19 because I wasn't happy with it but I think the new beginning is better. I would like to speak to you about the beta offer if you have an email I can use to contact you, that would be great.

thank you;

Brenda(g)p ^O-O^

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Review #2, by Hopeless 06: KING'S MANOR

15th March 2012:
I spotted a few grammar and spelling issues, but I really, really liked this chapter. Again we have poor, stupid Harry and I don't blame Ron for the way he reacted. You do have these characters down pat. Nice job!

Author's Response: Using this to rectify something I commented before, I'm behind on chapter 20... not 19.

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Review #3, by Hopeless 04:THE GHOST

15th March 2012:
I am really enjoying this all over again. Poor, stupid Harry! Oh and I think Alan is an a$$ LOL. You write him really well.

Author's Response: Alan is an a$$... sometimes I think he can't help it, he thinks he's too good.

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Review #4, by Hopeless 01:HOW INCOMPLETE

15th March 2012:
Hey you! I was so surprised to see an update! Of course I have to read the whole thing again LOL so while I'm here I'll review this chapter.

Loved it! HAHAHAHA but you already knew that, Hopeless

Author's Response: Well... I just uploaded another chapter (chapter 20) which you will be able to read in a few short days once it goes through validation... enjoy...

brenda(g)potash ^O-O^

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Review #5, by AriesGirl40 19: LOST

12th March 2012:
I vagely remember this story, have to re-read to understand this chapter. Try to update just a tad sooner. Otherwise the chapter was interesting.

Author's Response: Thank you for taking the time to review, and I thank you for the complement... sorry for the wait, graduated college and moved cross-country just getting back to my writing recently.

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Review #6, by Mrs HJ Potter 04:THE GHOST

4th May 2010:

Where are you? I had to go back to a chapter I hadn't reviewed in order to find out where my fantastic writer is hiding. This is one of the best, best, best stories, I hope you are still working on it and haven't given up on it yet. I love it and want to know what happens update soon for us please.

Mrs HJ Potter

Author's Response: Sorry Mrs HJ Potter... I'm currently in my last semester of college and its hard to do anything that does not involve school or work. As soon as I get some time I'll finish the chapter I've been working on. thank you for being so supportive of my work, and no I wont stop writing, I just get set back sometimes. Thank you once again

Brenda(g)p ^0-0^

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Review #7, by Mrs HJ Potter 19: LOST

18th November 2009:
There is nothing wrong with this story, it has been one of the best I have read since day one. It is my most recommended AU fics to all my friends just getting into HPFF. The story line is complex and rich in character development. I was so excited to see the update tonight, I yelled to my computer "yes, Incomplete Updated". I am very curious with what Alan is planning, this man is a menace and will not go away. (Although, I have to say at the beginning of the story I thought had Ginny trully loved him they could have been happy), good God what was I thinking way back then. I hope we get to see more of Charlie/Mason interaction next chapter as well as Harry and Ginny. They may be grandparents but they are also very much in love and I think it will be great to see that again around Charlie and his son. Anyway, I hope Morph gets the heck out of the forest soon. I am ready for the Weasley and Potters to begin plotting their attack on Alan once and for all. Keep up the great work and know how much I trully enjoy your story.

PS. What Ginny told Tonks about missing your child and all the things you think of about them was some of the best dialogue you have written so far.

Author's Response: thank you very much, your comments mean the world to me... I know this is only a side project of mine, but I really enjoy writing these fics, its purely fun.

thank you about the comment of the dialogue between Ginny and Tonks... at first it was going to be Harry who was going to find her, but then I realize that he wouldn't know what to say, Ginny would be able to relate a lot more than Harry could, so it would mean a lot more, and it would help Tonks really understand.

I hope you like the next Chapter, you'll see a lot more of Charlie and Mason in the next two chapters, and also Harry and Ginny, although they have been pre-occupied with their kids, they very much love each other...

thank you very much for the comment once again.

yours truly;
Brenda(g)p ^O-O^

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Review #8, by Mrs HJ Potter 18: LUCY'S COUSIN

11th October 2009:
After all this time, I am stunned. What a wonderful chapter. Introducing David added the missing element to the story. I agree with David Lucille and Charlie's relationship borders the "you shouldn't have done that" scale. Having their parents portrait as the eyewitness was fantastic. I am really curious to see what Harry and Ginny's feelings are to having a grandson. Hope we get to see real soon.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it. I always thought of Lucille as misguided, more so than "bad" people might not see it but she was very young and grieving when she left with Alan.

David I find one of the my favorite OC characters, next to Alan, who is stunningly gorgeous and evil (worst combination possible)

I'm working on the next chapter, might have to wait a little to get some answers though.

thank you for reading, you seem to be the only one doing so, and commenting. Thank you again.

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Review #9, by Mrs HJ Potter 17: Demented

6th October 2009:
Its been so long, and I was thrilled to see the update. I am not surprised that Charlie is Maison's father but the story of the diary and the reasoning for taking Charlie for all those years is mind blowing. Don't make us wait so long for an update. I really want to see what happens with Harry, Ginny and Charlie and how Maison will adapt to the family.

Author's Response: thank you, I'll try my best, I'm already working on chapter 18, hopefully I can keep up with your expectations.

I'm glad you liked the story of the diary, I was afraid I had over done it, but then I needed some real magic in this story.

once again, thank you for reading and commenting.

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Review #10, by Mrs HJ Potter 16: THE THIRD COUSIN

7th August 2009:
Alright enough is enough, where is our update!!!This story is simply wonderful.please update soon. Who is Mason, is it Charlie's son from Lucille.I would have to say it is since he has dark hair. Please don't leave us hanging any longer.

Author's Response: I haven't forgotten, but with school and work I literally only have like two hours free a day besides the time I sleep, sorry... I will finish it, I've been working on it.

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Review #11, by Mrs HJ Potter 15: HISTORY OF CHAOS

7th August 2009:
What a great story your are writing.I know this was written a while ago but don't quit you are doing a wonderful job.

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Review #12, by Mrs HJ Potter 14: THE PRODIGAL SON

7th August 2009:
Back up and reading...this is such a great story I hope you complete it.

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Review #13, by jo_92 02:HE'LL NEVER RETURN

12th June 2009:
this is really good. I already added it as a favorite.

Author's Response: thank you. sometimes it takes me a while to continue writing but I always continue and post... eventually..

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Review #14, by Hopeless 16: THE THIRD COUSIN

15th April 2009:
Hey Snoopygonewilder! It has been a long time, but in a way that was good because I read the whole story again and I think I liked it even more the 2nd time around. What a great tale, I can't wait for the next chapter. One thing I did notice is the last line of this chapter seems to be cut off. . Dwight half smiled as he watched his uncle stare at the ? LOL.

Author's Response: yeah, I know its been a while... i'm a horribly slow writer... and I'll fix that mistake at the end, I didn't notice that when I posted it. and thank you for reading it again, I read it over and over to make sure the story is going smooth and not in all weird directions, I might know it by hard now. haha

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Review #15, by leezdz 10: THE LOOM AND THE DISTURBANCE

21st March 2009:
I like your story but all the spelling and grammatical errors make it really hard to read.

Author's Response: Thank you, and sorry about that grammar.. I'm very weak in that sense, but I try my best, hopefully the story is good enough that that part can be overlooked. thank you for reading and commenting.

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Review #16, by Lordyu 15: HISTORY OF CHAOS

15th February 2008:
This Just getting better and better. It sims that all of Ginny's sins are coming to hunt her.

Did harry do what Ginny did while he was away?

Two thumbs Up!

Author's Response: Thank you, Ginny has always suffered for her sins.

And im not quite sure I follow your question, but if I get it correctly. Your asking if Harry went out with a lot of women before he returned to England. The answer is no. Harry is the kind of man that likes to keep the pain to himself. He knew Ginny loved him, since he was the one that did the leaving, in Ginny's case she didn't know what to think. She thought that by being with other men she was hurting Harry, like he hurt her by leaving.

Hope I answered your question... If not sorry...

and thanks again for the review and for reading.

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Review #17, by Feist 15: HISTORY OF CHAOS

15th February 2008:
Very good :) I hope you finish the next chapter soon.

Author's Response: Thank you, I got started already, and hoping to finish soon.

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Review #18, by AriesGirl40 14: THE PRODIGAL SON

11th February 2008:
Enjoyed reading your work so far. you do have some simple spelling mistakes in this chapter (missing letter or added 1), otherwise PREMO WORK!

Author's Response: Thank you, and yes spelling is my weakness. I appreciate your review, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the story.


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Review #19, by Mrs HJ Potter 13: THE NEW LIFE

7th February 2008:
I have been waiting for this update.thanks. I like that although they miss Charlie they have moved on with life in some ways. Update soon I can't wait to see where things go.

Author's Response: Sorry I took so long, the next chapter is very close... thanks for the review.

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Review #20, by Lordyu 13: THE NEW LIFE

7th February 2008:
will charlie comeback as an act of revenge. I like the way the story is going so far. keep it Up!!

Author's Response: Ha, im glad your asking questions... but the answer will come in the next chapter, well at least part of the answer... And thank you for the review.

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Review #21, by Lordyu 12: THE BROKEN

12th January 2008:
update soon!! It is getting good. your kind of leaving us hanging.

Author's Response: I will, I kind of got side tracked with the new school semester, and work.

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Review #22, by kandib293 12: THE BROKEN

9th December 2007:
great chapter update soon plz

Author's Response: thank you

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Review #23, by kandib293 11: THE TIGERS ROAR

9th December 2007:
great chapter

Author's Response: Thank you very much.... I appreciate your review.

-brenda(G)p- ^0-0^

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Review #24, by Rashel Quinn 12: THE BROKEN

8th December 2007:
hey she didnt even file a divorce or break off the marriage ? does dat mean she is still leggally married to Alan ?

Author's Response: She was going to, but he didn't give her time... I guess I should have mentioned it, but yes they are divorced, or they will be soon. Since he's gone, there's no need to get him to sign anything, the court will just accept it... Alan could have done the same thing to her when she left and gotten Charlie that way, but he wanted to be cruel, like he felt they were being to him.

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Review #25, by forzabella 12: THE BROKEN

6th December 2007:
Good chapter, does the round faced kid mentioned at the end have any significance to the next chapter?? Is is Neville's son?

Author's Response: thank you for the review, maybe he is, who knows, you'll have to wait and see.

-brenda(G)p- ^0-0^

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