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Review #1, by marauderqueen All Alone in the Moonlight

5th August 2009:
Really liked this!! Excellent

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I quite liked writing this one, and I appreciate the positive support.


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Review #2, by Paloma Patil All Alone in the Moonlight

22nd March 2009:
This is so poignant and sad and well-actualized. Brilliant piece. Well done.


Author's Response: Thank you. Your reviews have totally made my day today! Thank you so much! You have put an embarrassingly huge grin on my face! :)


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Review #3, by brunettesrule All Alone in the Moonlight

15th February 2008:
One of the most haunting transformation fiics I've read. I feel like crying!

Ferir drinking the wine and talking with his parents sent shivers down my back, and the last line... oh wow! "Dad.. Ferir bit me"... my GOD I love that line! The childlike innocence but sense of knowing that something is VERY wrong, and even to an extent his closeness with his dad.

LOVED IT! I demand more... I'm actually getting ADDICTED to your writing! It's a good thing. right?! *searches around for more* LOL
Jess :)

Author's Response: oh wow, thank you so much. I really enjoyed writing this one and there is a sequel on the way due to it actually being quite a popular request. It's actually going to be Remus' first transformation.

LOL!!! Don't worry, there will be more soon enough. :P I promise I won't pull a YOU and not update for several months. :P JUST KIDDING, you know I love you (despite your insane incapability of updating regularly) LOL

Thanks for yet another awesome review. I'm in such a great mood now, so good in fact you may have ruined any chance of an angsty fic I've been planning to write getting written. Hope your just as happy as I am now. :) :) :)

Have a superbly super day, 'ma dear!!! :) :) :)


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Review #4, by lunadragonfly All Alone in the Moonlight

11th February 2008:

Oh my goodness Shea, I haven't been over here to see what new you've got up in a long while and I come over for a quick check and I find this little jem.
The whole story felt natural, it flowed and you could so see this as the way it really happened. I loved how you had Remus so well very un-remus.. I mean that in a good way, He's very much that boy you'd really expect to be a friend of James & Sirius'.. And sometimes he would have been, but with the bite came a different person... you know what I mean??

I LOVED this part ~ Remus listened to the waves of the Atlantic Ocean roll smoothly together. The old lighthouse way down at the other end of the beach illuminated the night with its amazingly bright light. The last glimpse of daylight danced across the skies into the horizon, not to be seen again until the next morning. BEAUTIFUL!!!.. I WANT to go to england now Just so I can acttualy see that.

It was all around a TOP story, Totally going on my Fav list.
I think another one's in order. Like the first time he changes :D . lol I'm a suck up :p

Well catcha Laters girl

Author's Response: actually, this may or may not be good news, due to popular demand I'm doing a kinda sequelish thing to this. So far I'm planning on it being a novella and he falls in love with a vampire at Hogwarts. Kinda still working the kinks out in the plotline, but that's the basic idea. Or I may do a oneshot on the first time he changed. I don't know.

But you probably made my day with this review. (seriously, double math and double spanish make for a pretty bad day) I'm so glad you liked it as much as you do. This was one of my fave fics. So it really makes me happy when someone enjoyed reading it this much! Thank you, I really appreciate everything.

Thank you and have a great day


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Review #5, by Luckys_lucky_girls All Alone in the Moonlight

21st December 2007:
You should write another chapter. I love it. It's awsome. And thanks for reviewing my story.

Author's Response: LOL! I'm glad you liked it. And I'm glad that YOU reviewed me! LOL! :) Thanx!

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Review #6, by mum_weasley All Alone in the Moonlight

30th November 2007:
Oou!!! Awesome story!! Awesome awesome awesome!

Guess what!! I just submitted a chapter for your Narkiki fix!! YAY!! lol Hopefully in a couple days it will pop up.

Author's Response: oooh! YAYers!!! *jumps up and down* YIPPEE!!!! :) :) :) :) I'm like so excited, I can't wait to read it!!!! *hugs & kisses* THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR FINALLY UPDATING, MISSY PRISSY!!! It's about time there!!! hope you have a great day (I know you just made mine)


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Review #7, by The Last Marauder All Alone in the Moonlight

24th November 2007:
I really liked that story! I thought the ending was very effective!! Great stuff! Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm glad you liked my work. This fic was probably one of my favorites... even though it wasn't originally a fic and I wrote it for something else and just changed the character names... LOL! But thanks so much for such a lovely review.


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Review #8, by xlilyx All Alone in the Moonlight

22nd November 2007:
wow... i mean wow! that scared me a bit. it was fab writing :) i really like it i hope that you continue this soon ... please? also is you have time could you cheack out my fanfic?

Author's Response: oh, wow. First of all, YES!!! I will most DEFINITELY check it out!!! :)

Secondly... you're like the second person who wants me to continue this. :) So, based on popular demand... I guess I'm gonna HAVE to write a sequel. The only problem is, I have like no idea on how to go about it.

So, if you have any ideas on what I could possibly write to continue this, PLEASE let me know! :)

LOL! Thanks so much! I really appreciate reviews.


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Review #9, by bluemoonradiogirl All Alone in the Moonlight

21st November 2007:
This was pretty good, nice job! No one really knows Remus's full story of how he got bit, so this could be a possibility. I love how you put a bunch of detail into the story, making it paint a picture in your mind. Brillant story, ~10/10~

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much. I'm really glad you thought it was believable! :) Thank you; you really made my day today. :) :) :)

And a 10/10??? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You're awesome! :)

Have a great day!


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Review #10, by moonlit_roses All Alone in the Moonlight

20th November 2007:
that was scary.
but good.
although (personal opinion) i find it hard to believe that greyback and lupin Sr. were business associates.
and (personal opinion again) you might have used "caressed" one too many times.
and isn't it "fenrir"? with only two "r"s?
maybe i'm wrong.
all in all though, good job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing. And I (though it is my personal opinion) value YOUR personal opinion. Thanks for pointing that out to me. I'll be sure to try and reread and rewrite it soon! THANKS!!!

I'm glad you liked it though! LOL!

Thanks again for a review with more than just "good"



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Review #11, by noraxslytherin All Alone in the Moonlight

11th November 2007:
holymoly! that was purely AMAZING! aw poor Remus! he's such a CUTIE! i can just imagine him as a 10 year old- i could just pinch those cheeks! :D

i loved how you had Fenrir be this seductive (sp?) gentleman and how he got Remus' parents drunk. omg that was so sad when he killed Remus' mom and Kevin! :[ Remus doesnt deserve that much pain!

the end is like ":O" what will happen next! you should make a sequel deff! that was so awesome! i bet his dad feels like a dunce now. well thats what he gets for getting drunk in the first place.

so all in all, this was SO good! and deff deserves in a place of my evergrowing favorites. this is just so good! kep it up!! :D

xx nora

Author's Response: Thanks so much!!! I'm super glad you liked it!

It's going on your faves??? Well I am COMPLETELY honored! :) :) :)

And I hadn't thought about writing a sequel before, but now that you've mentioned it... my head it swirling with possible plot bunnies!!! LOL! So keep your eyes peeled!

Thanks again, nora!


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Review #12, by alternativerocker All Alone in the Moonlight

23rd October 2007:
i liked it very much :]
10/10 for complete awesomeness

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it sweetie. :)


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Review #13, by ginnypotternic5 All Alone in the Moonlight

10th October 2007:
Very well written, I love the banner and the title is great. Thanks for posting this!

Author's Response: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I love you so much, this review has totally brightened my day. :) :) :) THANK YOU! *huggles*


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