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Review #1, by HarlowKittie Forty-seven Footsteps

13th July 2012:
Aww very cute! I loves it.

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Review #2, by Jane.Emily Forty-seven Footsteps

5th November 2008:
This is really good but dont finish it here please!

Author's Response: Sorry, as of now - this story has ended :-) I'm happy you liked it though.

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Review #3, by *lani* Forty-seven Footsteps

23rd May 2008:
I can actually really imagine this happening!Really liked it congrats!

Author's Response: :-) Thank you

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Review #4, by blind_lover Forty-seven Footsteps

17th February 2008:
Great!! I hope you continue it when you have time!

Author's Response: we shall see about this one. I think it really might be a finished peice. Anyway - thank you for your review!

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Review #5, by JMB Forty-seven Footsteps

22nd January 2008:
Awesome Story! I keep coming back to read it if there's no new updates to go through.
Thank the rabid plot bunny for me.

Author's Response: The rabid plot bunny thanks you as well. ^_^

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Review #6, by music07 Forty-seven Footsteps

15th December 2007:
aw it has a sad ending! :( plzzz do a sequel!!!

Author's Response: Ah, yes...about that. It isn't liklely I'm affarid, but thank you for your review :-)

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Review #7, by Erudessa94 Forty-seven Footsteps

16th November 2007:
That was SOO sweet! I absoulutly loved it. You should reall write a sequeal :)

Author's Response: well there's no sequeal planned, but I won't say never ;-)

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Review #8, by joergensgirl87 Forty-seven Footsteps

12th November 2007:
i absolutly loved it, i mean most in draco ginny stories he's the horrible one, but at least in this one we see that he is vulnerable.

Author's Response: :-) I'd like to think that he is, underneath a layer of ice or two. Thanks for the review!

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Review #9, by KatieScarletOHara Forty-seven Footsteps

1st November 2007:
It was a good story and I enjoyed reading it. I am a big fan of Draco and Ginny stories however, many people may not believe that Draco could be like that as it seems Draco and Ginny have swapped bodies. But, it worked and it worked amazingly. well done for a good piece of fiction.

Author's Response: Well, maybe on the swapping of bodies. I think they both just go a lot deeper than we ever really got to see in the real story. I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #10, by sugarquill713 Forty-seven Footsteps

16th October 2007:

this is beautiful. i love this draco.
consider making a sequel? please? pleaseee? ;)

Author's Response: Oh dear, sequels and I do not go well. But all things can be considered. I make you no promises

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Review #11, by RoNwEaSlEyIsHOT! Forty-seven Footsteps

8th October 2007:
Aw, that was so sad. You should write more. Poor Ginny, well actually, she desereves it! But Draco should know better! She'll get in huge trouble if her friends and family ever find out about them! ARE YOU WRITING MORE? PLEASE DO!

Author's Response: I qm thinking about it, however it is not likely. Thans for your thoughs!

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Review #12, by lostmoon Forty-seven Footsteps

27th September 2007:
i have officially rejoined the fanfiction world!!! good job krisi

Author's Response: :-) thank you

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Review #13, by AussieAnatomy627 Forty-seven Footsteps

23rd September 2007:
you are right: ginny did mess up- big time!

I loved it!

Author's Response: I figure, it has to happen sometimes. :-) thanks for the review!

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Review #14, by njkecique Forty-seven Footsteps

22nd September 2007:
ahh this is good! :D

Author's Response: :-) Thank you, I'm very glad you liked it

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Review #15, by Allie Wood Forty-seven Footsteps

20th September 2007:
i love this
you should deffinatly keep going!

Author's Response: i shall think about it ;-) thanks for the review

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Review #16, by jeweled_jules21 Forty-seven Footsteps

19th September 2007:
That was really good! Sorry, I know that's not very helpful. I love D/G fics, but there aren't as many as other fics. I've found some good ones, and the rest either one of them dies, both die, or they end their relationship. Don't get me wrong, the writers (including you) are fantastic, but I hate sad endings. It'd be nice if you wrote a sequel! :D Anyway, I did really like the story though! Keep it up!

Author's Response: lol we shall have to see. I have a habit of writing sad stories

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Review #17, by innovativiper Forty-seven Footsteps

19th September 2007:
On the whole, a great story! Your sentence structure and grammar could use a bit of tweaking, but otherwise I loved it!

I need to remember to look up some of your other stories if you have any others published here.

Author's Response: thank you very much for your review, I'll be sure to take another look at the story!

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Review #18, by Kimz Forty-seven Footsteps

18th September 2007:
Ohhh Please Continue! Pretty Please, with a cherry on top?

Author's Response: Thank you for your review, but alsa this is only a one shot

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Review #19, by sweet gurl Forty-seven Footsteps

17th September 2007:
More? plz *puppy dog eyes flashing your way* PLZ?

Author's Response: lol sorry, that was it :-) But thanks for the review!

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Review #20, by Harryswife Forty-seven Footsteps

17th September 2007:
not bad for a one-shot. but it would've been nice having to read
nice job!

Author's Response: Thank you :-)

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Review #21, by Sing4theSole Forty-seven Footsteps

17th September 2007:
u shud continu

Author's Response: Thank you for your review, but this story is at it's end :-)

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Review #22, by 411Kingsley Forty-seven Footsteps

16th September 2007:
Way to go..That was a chapter

Author's Response: ...hehe...that was the story :-) Thank you for your review

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Review #23, by PrincessKathyBx Forty-seven Footsteps

16th September 2007:
Kool story, I realy liked it.One of my favs now ;o)

Author's Response: :-) Thanks

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Review #24, by Marauder33 Forty-seven Footsteps

16th September 2007:
Wow, that was really good. Porr Malfoy:( I felt bad for him, especially since he was willing to let the world know that he was dating Ginny. Nice job. 10/10

Author's Response: I felt bad for him too! Thank you for being my first review!

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