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Review #1, by regin It's too green

18th April 2010:
I Like, I Lust, I Love!! Please Update Soon!!

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Review #2, by evanlyn Peacocks?

6th January 2010:
This is so damn good. I had no idea how good this story was. Really, you know how great you are, don't you?? You know how BRILLIANT this is?? I actually feel honoured to know you and work with you.this was pretty much the most bestest thign I've ever read.

Sent things to me for betaing in the future there are so many punctuation mistakles it's driving me crazy ;)

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Review #3, by evanlyn Body Enigma

6th January 2010:
WHAT?! Now you'vegot draco and hermione getting frisky in bed with ginny watching???

Wow. This story is

I LOVE the way you've written draco by the way.

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Review #4, by evanlyn Perception

6th January 2010:

Thanks Heather. No honestly, thank you.

Tha's the best image I've had all day.


Are you still making my banner?? Do you even go on this site anymore?? I'll be lookign for your response!

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Review #5, by evanlyn Newt Scamander

19th September 2009:
Oh, Heather, why are you making me read a Dramione?? Curse you and your addictive writing technique that one must simply keep reading, curse you!

This story is quite good actually. I hope you had a fun holiday in syd.

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Review #6, by evanlyn 10 pound marshmellow

16th September 2009:
Wow...I hate Dramione with a passion but will read and review this story for you. I really love it, my only upset is you seem to skip words sometimes, i guess you're typing it too fast or something. But this is really're such a betetr writer then me heather!!

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Review #7, by heidi_gurrl It's too green

13th March 2009:
Wow, this story is just soo captivating! Although I'm not sure what to think of Hermione's comment in the second last parragraph; ' it's too green ' ?

Anyway, love you; please write some more soon! xo Heidi.

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Review #8, by _Saphira_ It's too green

1st January 2009:


Update soon PLEASE!

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Review #9, by me_? It's too green

22nd November 2008:
awww! that's so cute!
Really loved the story :)
Hope u update asap

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Review #10, by Jennnnnnnifur It's too green

11th June 2008:
aww so cute!


this is really good!

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Review #11, by starriblue It's too green

9th June 2008:
that was kind of really precious in a weird way. I liked it, great job :)

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Review #12, by Myaaz It's too green

8th June 2008:
CONTINUE SOON!! PLEASE!! i really liked. very good.

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Review #13, by Jayde189 It's too green

8th June 2008:
hm I wonder have you read twilight ? haha loved the update

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Review #14, by OMGBBQ It's too green

6th June 2008:
just wanted to let you know that i caught that twilight reference!

Author's Response: what are you talking about...? :D lol jokes yeah ive been rereading it alot lately and it was stuck in my head so i figured why not? lol my stories not really going anywhere fast due to my schooling so i had a borrowed idea :)

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Review #15, by nox Swoon

7th April 2008:
hermione maybe a little too OOC in this scene.. i mean come on who would straddle someone in the middle of a classroom?? apart from tht it was ok

Author's Response: well this is a little late but i'll elaborate for you, I think with what Harry, Hermione and Ron went through, entitles them to the quiet lives they yearned for, and this obstruction in Hermiones plan is pushing her over the edge, but still that's just my interpretation but thankyou you for your input its always nice to hear from people who are willing to give it to you straight :)

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Review #16, by meghan Boom

7th April 2008:

p.s. loves it mucho

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Review #17, by fiestysnowboarderchick Boom

11th March 2008:
I love it. I can't wait to keep reading

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Review #18, by shizzle Boom

3rd March 2008:
i love it

is it possible to send me upcoming chapters?
my email:

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Review #19, by Spivian Boom

2nd March 2008:
Finally! This is my favorite story, and I thought for awhile you had given up on it. I'm glad you didn't

PS. It just keeps getting better, 10/10 =)

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Review #20, by vicki d Boom

27th February 2008:
so cool! please write more!!

Author's Response: thanks :)

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Review #21, by sparkle15 Boom

24th February 2008:
Haha harry was drunk before everyone else. Please update soon!

Author's Response: i figured he deserved a break from trying to save everyone :D

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Review #22, by breakaway494 Boom

24th February 2008:
with the title of the chapter being "boom" and the fact that there was a male character nicknamed the same, i was so worried that something was going to get in the way of draco and hermione. thank goodness it didn't! very funny to see a drunk hermione actually, who would've thought? lol. i'm so excited for the next chapter!

keep up the great work!

Author's Response: lol thankyou, i didn't mean for it to come across that way sorry lol, it just made sense to me, and it sounded a little more original than 'party' so i went with it, thank you for the review lol i love that u love it! xoxo Amais

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Review #23, by brooklynsam3_ Boom

24th February 2008:
I love it! :) ahaha. Ron, Harry, AND Hermione drunk! hahaha. THat's just too funy. :) hmm. I wonder what's going to happen next. :) Anyways keep up the great work and update ASAP. Thankz.

PS 10/10

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Review #24, by sammieoxox Boom

24th February 2008:
haha a drunk Hermione how niice ;)

Author's Response: thought it would be funny :)

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Review #25, by KaraBlack Boom

24th February 2008:
this is really great :) love it!

Author's Response: thankyou!

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