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Review #1, by GeminiTriton How Could This Happen To Me?

17th April 2013:
I like it, but please make it longer if you have WIP books?

Author's Response: I've Been going through and editing I am NOT lily Evans and I have been working on fixing my laptop to get my other stories. I have all the progressed chapters On it and I hate rewriting. But I've got summer coming up so that means lots of fan fiction time!!
Thanks for the review. I may go back and edit my one shots.

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Review #2, by EileenPrince How Could This Happen To Me?

5th November 2007:
"Nowadays, people would joke and say Voldemorts name, just to check if the Taboo was still there, whereas many years ago, people feared even saying the first syllables."
I really liked that line. I can imagine that happening. ^^

Author's Response: Yeah, thanks. I was thinking about book seven, when Harry was bein stupid and got them caught. And I remebered reading a story a year ago I read a one shot wit Harry as a teacher, and the first thing he wanted everyone to do was to say Voldemort's name, because he was already dead. And this oneshot was out, like before right after book 5.

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Review #3, by TheFalk How Could This Happen To Me?

29th September 2007:
i liked it a lot.
If Harry only ended up as a teacher in the end..
I also love the song to so that was a major + for me.

Author's Response: Thanks for your review! I know, I kinda wished he did....AW! I love the song too!

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Review #4, by Militarized How Could This Happen To Me?

27th September 2007:
It was a good mind set about who the heroes are untill you got to the "the heroes are the ones that died". Technically that would definatly make Harry a hero, especielly since he sacraficed himself willingly. Also don't really see Ron and Hermione in America and Ginny just running away... but eh, it's your story :D.

I always thought this mind set for post-DH was more of a 5th year Harry, the Harry in DH was a lot more mature and realized that it all really wasn't his fault. I give it a 7 for the quality though

Author's Response: Thanks for your thoughts. Its just one of his mood swings that he goes through! Lol. We know he has many of them.

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