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Review #1, by heidi_gurrl Chapter:1

17th March 2009:
Well how about you try it like this:
Hermione is oblivious to Draco's feelings for her, right?
So, to make the ending more interesting you could, still flash forward but instead of making it many YEARS later you could just say many MONTHS or WEEKS. And that way you'd get a chance to create an incident in which Draco gets quite jealous of Ron, (i.e. have him walk in on them kissing or create a scene where their laughing together in class or at dinner and Draco gets really jealous and angry and makes a plan to get Hermione's attention - WARNING - Take care not to go too out of character with this one! Although you've already done that quite a bit with the rest of the story, so I guess it doesn't matter)

But, yea; you could have Draco create a plan to win Hermione over, have Blaise Zabini or someone nearly foil it halfway through as they too realise just how beautiful she has become. Then, have Draco make hermione see reason, and help her prove his good nature to her friends so they can be with eachother without the secrets and lies.
Another option being, you could also re-arrange it so that Draco & Hermione are looking back on their child-hood as they begin preparations to send their own children to Hogwarts.
Just a few suggestions, hope you like them.

All my love, Heidi. xox

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Review #2, by MalfoyMisery Chapter:1

6th October 2007:
Sarah I like the ending.

Things picked up for him.
LIke they always do.

I just wish you would put more details into your stories..

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