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Review #1, by DelilahBlueEyes Chapter Four

7th December 2007:
Your story gave a whole new meanign to the realtionships. I really can't wait for more and more, I'm just so gald that I found so many stories I liked on the web. I must say that this story and

In Holy Matrimony by ssb, and

Tears of True Love by Lottie66
are definitly my favorites. Do you have any others you reccommend?

Author's Response: You can see my list of favourite stroies can't you?!?! I'll happily recommend any on there... my favourite authors have lots o9f good stories too, although one of them is my best mate and she hasn't posted on her story in AGES... but that a loook... and more questions go to my author thingy in the forums...

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Review #2, by pottyandweezlbe89 Chapter Two

25th October 2007:
great chapy once again...i cried readin both chapys...r you adding more? i hope so...1000/1000 coz 10/10 or 100/100 didn't feel like enough

Author's Response: Yes I'm adding more :D glad you like it, sorry for making you cry though... I get really angry when fics make me cry... lol

Yeh so new chapter went up today... enjoy ;D

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Review #3, by pottyandweezlbe89 Chapter One

16th September 2007:
sounds good cant wait for more 10-10

Author's Response: and more will soon be on the way :D thanks!!

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Review #4, by Minerva Ann McGonagall Chapter One

16th September 2007:
oh this is a great beginning! I definitely cannot wait for more of this! ! ! !

Author's Response: Thanks... I was really unsure about whether or not to post this story now, cause its so AU... but I did as you can see... glad you like it... :D

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