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Review #1, by Christine_Nighting Magical Me

25th June 2011:

Best thing ever!

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Review #2, by jynx Magical Me

10th January 2011:
*snigger snigger*
love it

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Review #3, by InnocentlyFuzzy Magical Me

9th December 2010:
That story was disturbingly holariously awesome!;]

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Review #4, by PotionVials Magical Me

7th December 2010:

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Review #5, by Absolutelyspiffing Magical Me

24th December 2007:
Brilliant. It made me think he was slightly insane as I read this. Very well written.

Author's Response: Lol!! Only ever so slightly :p Thanks for reviewing

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Review #6, by Snitchsista Magical Me

17th November 2007:
You're very welcome! I remember it well.

So good Helen, and so funny! You had Lockhart's character to absolute perfection.


Author's Response: Glad you like it, hun.

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Review #7, by Hushabye_Mountain Magical Me

14th October 2007:
Awe, so cute Helen! And haha, having Rach sitting with you as you wrote this would've been interesting I'm sure :D

Was this based before or after he lost his memory? I'm a little confused with that part because it could be taken either way - his vanity before the accident or afterwards where he has to live with his mother because of the lack of memory, as it is slowly coming back to him and yea... Little confused about that part, but apart from that, I thought it was marvellous :D Man, so many new stories of yours that I didn't see before! I have a lot of them to catch up on now hehe :D I'm doing my best! *hugs* this was lovely, it really was :) Love, Kate xoxo

Author's Response: Yes, Rachel and I have weird ideas when we decide to sit down together and write . . . ^_^

This was based before he lost his memory, as I was afraid I might be making fun of, well, the people who er, go to St Mungos. If you catch my drift. :) Because that wasn't my intention at all. So yes, this is big-head Lockhart staring at himself in the mirror. Anyways, no worries as to catching up on my new stories (the majority are rubbish), but thank you for reading and reviewing!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx (I can't believe that you and Kate (Maji) talk on the phone. I read it on your website and I'm sat there jealously pouting. :D )

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Review #8, by Potter n Mione Magical Me

22nd September 2007:
This is absolutely hilarious! Excellent perspective! LOL

Author's Response: Lol, thank you!!

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Review #9, by inevitable Magical Me

16th September 2007:
Lockhart has been my fave character since ages,i heart his conceited and self-obtained personality. i was impatiently waiting for the fifth movie for lockhart to pop out with his arrogant blonde curls -dies- but turned out they didnt even have the st mungo scene


anyways moving to your fic,im seriously laughing madly especially the mirror of erised part. seriously classic yet original

great job i feel the richness of his character and i had several minute thoughts that he actually does that. it would be even crazier if he ended up muttering words in his dream and still thanking his fanghirls -hehe-

sheesh to his mom! let lockhart have his own narcissist time!

ps. about PW, i dug a deathbed for auxxel beside her brothers grave..poor kid

my own social scene in the RW is decreasing and i always hung up my RW friends JUST 4 the sake of PW,so i decided to stop. they are like drugs, addictive and deadly

but, writing fanfic during my spare time is rather fun. im starting to write something off-PW fanfic..even tried a slash!haha..i do them just to kill time and let out my mollycoddles out hehe..but anyways i talked alot

pss. write more stuff like this,its entertaining though i still love angst more.hoho

Author's Response: Oh, Lockhart is such a fool that I can't help but adore him. He's simply lovable for his idiocy. And yeah, I noticed that too!! I was in mourning, because I loved that part in the book.

Lol, this fic is insane . . . Lol, that would have been funny if he'd done that in his dream, typical Lockhart. And yeah, his mum telling him not to be so vain!! lol.

PS: Noooooooooooooo. Poor Auxxel. Well then, one day we shall just have to make a return with new chars. One fine day . . . meaning probably never, lol.

Yeah, I know what you mean. It is addictive, my friend was so thrilled when I left, although I wasn't so much so. But yep, good luck with writing your fanfic, I'll be sure to read it,, of course. And wow to slash!! I love writing and reading slash so keep trying to write some and I'll be there!!

Hah, I shall write more wierd stuff when my mind goes insane again. Anyways, glad you liked it and thanks so much for reviewing.

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Review #10, by LovelyMioneWeasley Magical Me

15th September 2007:
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh man. That was seriously soo funny.
You two are so funny together/ Great job!
xx Lindsey

Author's Response: *sniggers* When I'm with Rachel, we are officially insane. :D

Thanks for reviewing!!

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Review #11, by AK Carmel Magical Me

14th September 2007:
hahahahahaha loved it!
WOW amazing just hilarious!

Okay ummm... have you ever watched the movie "A Series of Unfortuanate Events" ? at the end count olaf does the SAME thing (with the miror and clapping for himself) or i thinks its in special features. its really funny to watch if you havent seen it!

anyways great job!!!

Author's Response: Ah, thank you!! *is proud*

Ehrm, yeah, I have seem it, lol!! Its utterly fantastic and for years now I've been meaning to write this fic just because its inspired by that. :D Thanks so, so much for reviewing!! *dances like a crazy wild thing*

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Review #12, by Girldetective85 Magical Me

14th September 2007:
“You’re the Mirror of Erised. And why don’t I see my desire? ... Oh yes. I know why. Because I desire me. I am . . . everything I need.”

LMAO. This was hilarious! The monologue at the beginning sounds exactly like something he would say and believe completely. This was so original and funny, I love it. 10/10 for sure

Author's Response: Haha, glad you think so!! -is on the wine - anyways, its my last day with my friend (snitchsista) before she goes to University, so who can blame me and -


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Review #13, by Hazel Potter Magical Me

14th September 2007:
this is good...very good it's diffrent too... I like it... I like dots.oh well write more soon please

Author's Response: Haha, different is a way to put it!! Ah, this story is finished, hun. Glad you liked it.

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